Note on processing refunds
April 12, 2003.
As of this date, we're still processing through the refunds– some have gone out, but not yet all. Again, our apologies for the delays, but since getting the book out is still our highest publishing priority, it's been dividing our attention and finances. But no pre-order will go unrefunded!
Chris Adams

Greetings to everyone--
This is a message for everyone who's pre-oredered the Chi-Chian Roleplaying Game from Aetherco.
For a number of internal reasons, the publication of Chi-Chian the Roleplaying Game has been delayed-- delayed to the point where we feel we can no longer legitimately hang onto the money that folks have sent in for pre-orders. Therefore, over the course of the next 4 weeks, we will be mailing refunds to everyone who pre-ordered the game.
We still hope to publish the game; when that happens, every retail customer who pre-ordered the game will receive their copy free of charge.
Winners of the Chi-Chian flipbook will receive their prize along with their refund check.
We apologize for any inconvenience or anxiety this may have caused-- feel free to contact us at; please put "Chi-Chian" somewhere in the subject line. Aetherco's telephone number is (212) 423-0407.
Chris Adams, VP
January 15, 2003.

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