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Welcome to The Big List of over 750 time travel movies & shows.
Movie and videomakers have machined, tracked, policed, stopped, tunneled, mastered, shifted, stolen, kept, looped and travelled time for a century. Which is why our list of vids is so huge.

Many of these vids have multiple titles, but are only listed once– use your browser's FIND function to search our entire list.
Know of a time travel movie or time travel show not listed here? Let us know.            
Updated 2012.06.12


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Not Reviewed  A spasso nel tempo
  1996 Dec 13 - Italia
IMDb  YouTube  IMDb: "While visiting Universal Studios in Hollywood along with their respective families, two Italian tourists get on a real time machine and got lost in time. Professor Mortimer effort to rescue them result in trips through various ages of ancient Italy." MagicDragon says: "One of the few Italian Time Travel films."

Not Reviewed  A spasso nel tempo: l'avventura continua
  1997 Dec 11 - Italia
IMDb  YouTube  ...and yet it was good enough to make another, apparently.

Series  The ABC Afterschool Special
  series; 1972 Oct 04 - 1996 Oct 24
 IMDb  TV.com  IMDb: "'ABC Afterschool Specials' was the umbrella show name for various educational shows that were shown in the afternoon, occationally. Each episode was produced by a seperate company."

4  "My Mother Was Never A Kid"
  Season 9; Episode 53; 1981 Mar 19
IMDb  TV.com  Dailymotion  TV.com: "A 13 year-old girl with a fetish for trouble takes a trip back to the 1940s, when her mother was her age."
Dennis Higgins writes: "You have a great list. There is a good one missing and very rare. I have a taped copy on VHS which is not very good and have been looking for this for years. It's called 'My Mother Was Never a Kid' and it originally aired as a ABC after school special and then went to Nickleodeon. From there it was lost. It was based on Francine Pascal's novel called 'Hangin' Out With Cici'. I'm sure I was responsible for getting it on IMDB and my review is still there although the email listed there is long gone." Excellent catch, and thanks for sending it in to Timelinks!

Not Reviewed  A.J.'s Time Travelers
  series; 1994 Dec 03 - 31
IMDb  TV.com  A.J. Malloy takes his time machine, the "Kyros", into the past for educational excursions. After the first four episodes on Fox, the series went to syndication... and to court. The series seems to have made it to video anyway.

6  The Adjustment Bureau
  2011 Mar 04
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  official  Smartly-dressed gentlemen wield power over fate, rubbing Matt Damon's politician character the wrong way. A promising opening half eventually chases down a simplistic moral at the end. Based on "Adjustment Team" by Philip K. Dick.

Not Reviewed  The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.
  series; 1993 Aug 27 - 1994 May 20
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  fan site   Short-lived series, the main story arc involves a villain from the future posing as a villain in the Old West, attempting to gather all the scattered time-controlling Orbs for himself.

Animated Series  The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  animated series; 2002 Jul 20 - 2006 Nov 25
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BCDB  fan site  The hyperintelligent CGI wunderkind invented three time machines in his first season alone...

Not Reviewed  "The Big Pinch"
  Season 1, Episode 3; 2002 Sep 13
TV.com  BCDB  Time Warner Cable: "Jimmy uses his Time Pincher to bring Thomas Edison into the present."
Not Reviewed  "Time Is Money"

  Season 1, Episode 4; 2002 Sep 20
TV.com  BCDB  TV.com: "Through the wonder of time travel, Jimmy goes 15 years into the past to a time when his parents were swinging sweethearts."
Not Reviewed  "Sorry, Wrong Era"

  Season 1, Episode 20; 2003 Sep 05
TV.com  BCDB  Jimmy invents yet another time machine, trapping himself and some friends back with the dinos.
Not Reviewed  "The Tomorrow Boys"

  Season 3, Episode 2; 2005 May 23
TV.com  BCDB  Jimmy gives some liquid megalomania to Libby, which a trip to the future proves was a bad idea.

Not Reviewed  Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim
  series/shorts; 1974 - Canada
Premise  IMDb  YouTube  Young Timothy discovers a trunk that magically transports him back and forth to 1875, where he helps a snake oil salesman come unstuck in time.

Not Reviewed  Against Time
  2001 - aka All Over Again
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  official  Teen meets his elder self, a senior citizen from the future, who warns him of impending bad decisions.
Timelinks fan 'Michael' writes: "For the longest time, (no pun intended), I searched out the movie 'All Over Again' which appears on your List, but to no avail. Just this past week, I found a movie named 'Against Time' in the bargain bin of my local KMart. What I found out is that 'Against Time' is actually the very movie you list as 'All Over Again'!" —Sad, since the DVD only came out under that title on 12 June 2007. But we've switched the title and the aka—thanks for the heads up!

Not Reviewed  Alcatraz
  series; 2012 Jan 16 - Mar 26
IMDb  TV.com  YouTube  Hulu  official  The prison on Alcatraz Island wasn't closed in 1963, the occupants simply vanished. Now they reappear in the twenty-teens, ready to get up to their old tricks. The government seems to have been expecting them.

Series  The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
  series; 1962 Sep 01 - 1965 May 10 - retitled continuation of Alfred Hitchcock Presents
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Anthology of dark mysteries hosted by the original deadpan commercial-despising British auteur. Rarely diverted into science fiction, the entry below is a notable exception, and likely made the cut due to the inclusion of murder...

7  "Consider Her Ways"
  Season 3, Episode 11; 1964 Dec 28
IMDb  TV.com  Under the influence of a Venezuelan narcotic, Dr. Jane Waterleigh awakens in a future where only women exist, and thrive in a caste system inspired by ant colonies. She learns who was responsible for creating the virus that vectored off and killed half the human race, and upon her return, hunts down and kills him. There is a small gendered problem with the time travel that she does not first consider. Based on the 1956 novella by John Wyndham.

Not Reviewed  Aliens in the Wild, Wild West
  1999 Aug 17
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Two teens visit a ghost town, are transported back to 1880, and have run-ins with said aliens.

Series  The All New Alexei Sayle Show
  series; 1994 Jan 06 - 1995 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Broad-humored British comedy/variety show.

5  "Drunk In Time" sketches
  Season 2?; 1994?
YouTube  Internet Archive  Six tiny MPEGs of Sayle's Time Tunnel parody are still hiding at the Internet Archive of NeoLASE's pages: "For this affectionate spoof, the BBC painstakingly recreated the Project: Tic Toc set, from the Tunnel itself right down to the hourglass symbol on the floor."

Not Reviewed  Always Will
  2007 Mar
 IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  official  Young Will uses a relic to change events in the life of even younger Will.
Another Timelinks tip from Mike H. --thanks!

Not Reviewed  The Amazing Mr. Blunden
  1972 - UK
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Ghosts ask for help from two children who prepare a potion to travel back in time.

Series  Amazing Stories
  series; 1985 Sep 29 - 1987 Apr 10 - aka Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  fan site  Anthology showcase of Spielbergian wonders.

Not Reviewed  "Alamo Jobe"
  Season 1; Episode 3; 1985 Oct 20
TV.com  YouTube  fan site  Message-bearer from the 1836 battle arrives in the 1980s.

Animated Series  American Dragon: Jake Long
  animated series; 2002 Jul 20 - 2006 Nov 25
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BCDB  Jake Long, high school weredragon, spends his downtime saving the pretrnatural inhabitants of Manhattan.

Not Reviewed  "Hero of the Hourglass"
  Season 2, Episode 8; 2006 Aug 12
TV.com  BCDB  YouTube  Wikipedia: "Jake discovers a time traveling device and decides to travel back to June 27, 1986 to give the note from his teenage mom to teenage Dad telling the truth about being a dragon."

Not Reviewed  Amityville 1992: It's About Time
  1992 Jul 16 - aka Amityville: It's About Time
IMDb  YouTube  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  A timepiece provides a link between an unsuspecting family and that überevil house on Long Island.

Series  Andromeda
  series; 2001 Oct 02 - 2005 May 13 - aka Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Internet Archive  Dylan Hunt is stuck near a black hole for a couple centuries, and discovers his interstellar commonwealth is gone bye-bye. One of the several new crewmembers he acquires is Trance Gemini, a colorful alien babe with special insights into causality (played by Laura Bertram, who resembled a youthful version of exec producer Majel Barrett).

Not Reviewed  "Under the Night"
  Season 1; Episode 101; 2000 Oct 02
TV.com  YouTube  Internet Archive  The opening episode where Dylan finds himself in the dark future with his work cut out for him.
5  "Angel Dark, Demon Bright"

  Season 1; Episode 106; 2000 Nov 06
TV.com  YouTube  Internet Archive  Andromeda slipstreams back to before the Nietzschean attack. Many "tough" decisions result in the predictable non-altering of history, and the inevitable return to the dark future.
5  "The Banks of the Lethe"

  Season 1; Episode 108; 2000 Nov 20
TV.com  YouTube  Internet Archive  Dylan is able to communicate with his wife in the past, but dare he join her there? Didn't we just sit through the inevitable agony of irresolute TV time travel two episodes ago?
Not Reviewed  "The Lone And Level Sands"

  Season 3; Episode 305; 2002 Oct 21
TV.com  Internet Archive  The Andromeda encounters a lightspeed Earth ship launched 3000 years before.
6  "The Unconquerable Man"

  Season 3; Episode 310; 2003 Jan 20
TV.com  Internet Archive  Gaheris Rhade, Dylan's traitorous first officer, is shown as the captain of Andromeda, trying but failing to restore order in a future Dylan is no longer alive in. Trance meets herself, and after a few knowing words, tells Rhade he has to go back and let Dylan kill him in the first episode after all.
Not Reviewed  "The Dark Backward"

  Season 3; Episode 312; 2003 Feb 03
TV.com  YouTube  Internet Archive  Trance does her stuff, and sorts through a variety of timelines.
6  "Abridging The Devil's Divide"

  Season 4; Episode 417; 2004 Apr 12
TV.com  Internet Archive  Harper is forced to build a time bridge, and in come the Magog of the future.

Series  Angel
  series; 1999 Oct 05 - 2004 May 19
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  Joss Whedon's Buffy spinoff, set in the City Of.

Not Reviewed  "I Will Remember You"
  Season 1; Episode 8; 1999 Nov 23
TV.com  Wiki  Hulu  Wikipedia: "Angel spends a day with Buffy, but makes a deal that takes him back to the beginning of the day."
Not Reviewed  "Happy Anniversary"

  Season 2; Episode 35; 2001 Feb 06
TV.com  Wiki  Hulu  Wikipedia: "Angel and The Host search for a physicist who plans to freeze time."
6  "Quickening"

  Season 3; Episode 52; 2001 Nov 12
TV.com  Wiki  Hulu  Sahjahn, "just your average time-travelling demon," coaches an Eighteenth Century vampire hunter on the Twenty-First– for the hunter seeks revenge on Angel and Darla.
Not Reviewed  "Birthday"

  Season 3; Episode 55; 2002 Jan 14
TV.com  Wiki  Hulu  Wikipedia: "Cordelia learns that she will die unless she goes back in time and chooses a different path in life."
5  "A New World"

  Season 3; Episode 64; 2002 May 06
TV.com  Wiki  Hulu  Connor left Angel as an infant, but soon returns from hell as a grown teen. Even Joss Whedon couldn't make babies and children coexist inside an ongoing dramatic series.
Not Reviewed  "Time Bomb"

  Season 5; Episode 107; 2004 Apr 28
TV.com  Wiki  BBC  Hulu  Illyria becomes so mighty, she unsticks herself in time, ultimately resulting in her embarrassment.

6  An Angel for May
  2002 Aug 10
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  EOFFTV  YouTube  Boy discovers a storm-swept path into the past, and into lives that are to be damaged in World War II.

4  Another Day
  2001 Dec 04 - Canada/USA
  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Shannen Doherty left Charmed to star in this interminably slow TV movie. She wakes up on Friday May 12 (probably 1995) some five years before she conked out. Some standard time travel bits, like shock at seeing the dead alive again, and unheeded Cassandra warnings, but generally not worth anyone's time.

  1994 Feb
  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    What could possibly go wrong with sending a robot, armed to the teeth, back in time to spook around? Yeah. That.

Not Reviewed  Argaï: La prophétie
  animated series; 2000 Sep 02 - France - aka Argai: The Prophecy
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  In AD 1250, Prince Argaï's bride-to-be falls under an evil spell cast by Queen Orial. Orial's from 2075, so he goes there to kill her.

7  Army of Darkness
  1993 Feb 19 - aka Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness; Captain Supermarket; The Medieval Dead
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    It's a 7 o'clock based on Bruce Campbell at his intense finest, not the time travel content.

5  Arthur's Quest
  1999 Mar 03
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes    Merlin sends boy Arthur to the 20th Century to escape Morgana, then arrives 10 years after to discover his king has become a cynical hipster teen.

Not Reviewed  Ashes to Ashes
  series; 2008 Feb 07 - 2010 May 21 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  TV.com  officialBBC  Sequel to Life On Mars wherein police psychologist Alex Drake, studying the post-coma stress and suicide of Sam Tyler, suddenly wakes up from her own brush with death—in 1981, and facing down DCI Gene Hunt.

Not Reviewed  Ausgestorben
  short; 1995 - Deutschland
 IMDb  (Title is German for "Extinction") Reviewer from Munich, torsten.dewi, writes at IMDb: "This one has it all: a great story (a scientist of a plague-ridden world goes back to dinosaur times to find an extinct plant that might hold the key to a cure, but bungles up the timelines in doing so...)"

6  Austin Powers in Goldmember
  2002 Jul 22
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube    Mike Myers lampoons his own creation as well as the 1970s in this third installment of the time travel/spy spoof film series.

7  Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
  1999 Jun 08
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Dr. Evil's inability to get with the decade reaches an hilarious fever pitch as he explains his new "time machine" to his minions, all of whom have a far better grasp of what to do with it than he does.

Not Reviewed  Aventuras en el Tiempo
  series; 2001 Mar 19 - Aug 24 - Mexico
IMDb  Wiki  Alma Latina  YouTube  official  Typical Mexican soap opera, only geared for children, and with the added bonus of watching five kids pop around time. (Time Warner: "Cinco niños aventureros viajan a distantes lugares en el tiempo.")


 B   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z - top

Series  Babylon 5
  series; 1993 Feb 22 - 1998 Nov 25
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  Chronology.org has a list of all Bab 5 episodes involving prophetic dreams, visions, and time travel, including:

5  "Babylon Squared"
  Season 1, Episode 20; 1994 Aug 10
TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Babylon 4 resurfaces, being caught in an unexplained time warp. Includes odd prophetic moments like Garibaldi dying in some future firefight screaming, 'I understand now! This is what I was born for!' The series has better eps.
Not Reviewed  "War Without End, Part 1"
  Season 3, Episode 16; 1996 May 16
TV.com  Wiki 
Not Reviewed  "War Without End, Part 2"
  Season 3, Episode 17; 1996 May 23
TV.com  Wiki 

7  Back to the Future
  1985 Jul 03
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  bttf.com  YouTube    In 1985, Marty McFly flees Libyan terrorists in Doc Brown's Delorean, and finds himself stranded in 1955, and messing up his parents' timeline.

5  Back to the Future Part II
  1989 Nov 22
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  bttf.com  YouTube    Weakest of the trilogy, partially because of the incomplete nature of the plot, which carries over to the next sequel. But the saddest bit is that Doc's (perfectly reasonable) explanation of how to travel along a split timeline has already been broken earlier in the film, when Old Biff returned the Delorean. (Oh yeah, and why would a villain return a working time machine?) The scene where Marty gets a Western Union delivery is effective, though.
Split-screen synch of the "Enchanment Under the Sea" sequence from Parts I & II.

7  Back to the Future Part III
  1990 May 25
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  bttf.com  YouTube    Marty heads to 1885 to rescue a stranded Doc, who is falling in love with a local schoolmarm.

Not Reviewed  Back to the Future: the Animated Series
  animated series; 1991 Sep 14 - 1992 Dec 26
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BCDB  bttf.com  YouTube   
The cartoon series featured all-new adventures and a Tannen in every time zone.

5  Back to the Planet of the Apes
  1981 (1974) - aka The New Planet of the Apes
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  1981 TV movie spliced from two 1974 episodes of the Apes series. More astronauts arrive in the simian future, circa AD 3085. Why do we keep sending them up? Maybe this is why the space program was scaled back in the mid-seventies.

Not Reviewed  Barbie and the Rockers: Out of This World
  animated short; 1987 - aka Barbie and the Rock Stars: Out of This World
IMDb  BCDB  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Mattel's favorite daughter travels through space to find rock 'n roll fame, but returns to Earth in the 1950s. A case of Back to the Future envy if ever we saw one.

6  Barbosa
  short; 1988 - Brasil - aka Curta os Gaúchos- Barbosa
IMDb  YouTube  A man's childhood disappointment drives him to try and change the outcome of the 1950 World Cup (Brazil vs. Uruguay), in this short film.

Not Reviewed  Beasties
  1991 - aka The Bionaut
IMDb  Wiki  Rogue Cinema  - Self-proclaimed "worst movie of all time", Beasties is the story of a spacetime traveller who uses gremlin-like critters to do his recon.

3  Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time
  1991 Aug 23
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Marc Singer's barechested nature boy Dar comes to battle his evil brother on modern-day Earth. Succeeds with help of animal pals; wins girl, car.

6  Being Erica
  series; 2009 Jan 05 - - Canada
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Hulu  official  Dr. Tom sends Erica back into her past to events where she had a persistent sad, and fix them. Notable for reachng beyond the genre expectations of coming to terms with one's past, the series also explores the ramifications of its central conceit, as Erica begins to discover how this network of time-psychiatrists really operates.
Another Timelinks tip from Mike H. --thanks!

5  Beneath the Planet of the Apes
  1970 May 01
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Another astronaut shows up in AD 3955, runs afoul of apes, and discovers mutant humans worshipping a supernuke underground. It all ends in tears.

6  Berkeley Square
  1933 Sep 15
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  A 20th Century American is whisked off to 18th Century London.

6  Between Time and Timbuktu: A Space Fantasy
  1972 Mar 13
IMDb  Wiki  Vonnegutweb  YouTube  YouTube  Chris Huber's Vonnegut pages (now vanished): "A made-for-tv film based on several short stories of Kurt Vonnegut, and pieced together in a screenplay for a public television broadcast on March 13, 1972."

Series  Bewitched
  series; 1964 Sep 17 - 1972 Jul 01
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Hulu  official  One of the quintessential 1960s sitcoms, often parodied and criticized for making light with the black arts. Time travel frequently played a part...

5  "I'd Rather Twitch Than Fight"
  Season 3; Episode 82; 1967 Nov 17
TV.com  YouTube  Endora draws Freud into the Stephens house to help their marriage, and the sage Viennese gets into a fistfight with a contemporary psychiatrist. Title is a play on the old Tareyton cigarette ads ("I'd rather fight than switch").
6  "My Friend Ben"
  Season 3; Episode 85; 1967 Dec 08
TV.com  YouTube  Aunt Clara summons a 60-odd-year-old Ben Franklin, who gets himself in trouble in the 20th Century.
Not Reviewed  "Samantha for the Defense"
  Season 3; Episode 88; 1966 Dec 15
TV.com  YouTube  Franklin's modern-day trial.
Not Reviewed  "Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory"
  Season 3; Episode 98; 1967 Mar 09
TV.com  YouTube  This time, Aunt Clara brings Victoria, Queen of England and Empress of India, into modern America.
Not Reviewed  "Samantha's Thanksgiving to Remember"
  Season 4; Episode 117; 1967 Nov 23
TV.com  YouTube  The Stephens and Gladys Kravitz are whisked off to 17th Century Salem, where Darrin winds up getting tried as a witch.
Not Reviewed  "Samantha's Da Vinci Dilemma"
  Season 4; Episode 122; 1967 Dec 28
TV.com  YouTube  Aunt Clara summons Leonardo, who gets upset at his work being appropriated for toothpaste ads.
5 "Samantha Goes South for a Spell"
  Season 5; Episode 142; 1968 Oct 03
TV.com  YouTube  Sam is transported to 1868 New Orleans, where she contracts amnesia; Darrin has to go rescue her.
6 "Paul Revere Rides Again"
  Season 7; Episode 204; 1970 Oct 29
TV.com  YouTube  Paul Revere is dropped from 1776 into 1970, and mistakes 20th Century market capitalism for a British invasion.
Not Reviewed  "Samantha's Old Salem Trip"
  Season 7; Episode 206; 1970 Nov 12
TV.com  YouTube  Esmerelda sends Sam back to Salem in the 1600s, where she again contracts amnesia, and Darrin again has to go rescue her.
Not Reviewed  "How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII (Part 1)"
  Season 8; Episode 227; 1971 Sep 15
TV.com  YouTube  Sam tries to rescue a nobleman trapped in a painting, and is cursed to wander around 16th Century England, yet again with amnesia...
Not Reviewed  "How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII (Part 2)"
  Season 8; Episode 228; 1971 Sep 22
TV.com  YouTube  Darrin's attempt at rescue is jeopardized by King Henry's intent to make Sam his next bride.

3  Bewitched
  2005 June 04
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  At one point, well into this headache of a remake, Samantha (Nicole Kidman) decides everything has gone wrong, and casts a spell, rewinding the entire movie.
  No one involved with making this picture took their own hint.

5  Beyond the Time Barrier
  1960 July - aka The War of 1995
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Veoh  Mid-20th Century pilot is surprised when he finds his experimental jet has landed in 2024. Then he discovers he's the only fertile guy around.

6  Biggles
  1986 Jun 19 - UK - aka Biggles: Adventures in Time
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  W.E. Johns' WWI ace has a "time twin" in a 1980s adman, and swaps places with him throughout this odd film.

6  Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
  1991 Jul 19
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  official  official  They thought they'd get away with a title like that, and not have to pay. Has some good bits and all, but Bill and Ted don't work as well facing Death, Satan, and God as they do goofing on historical figures.

9  Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
  1989 Feb 17
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  YouTube  official  official 
The tongue-in-cheek premise that a rock band will save the future of mankind is just the beginning of the absurd mayhem in this surprisingly tightly-scripted piece. A gem of time travel playfulness in a shining display case of eighties slacker sensibilities.

Not Reviewed  Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures
  animated series; 1990 Sep 15 - 1992 Sep 05
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  official  BCDB 
The time slacking continued, courtesy Hanna-Barbera. Then DIC bogarded the license for the second season, and the franchise got totally wasted, dude.

Not Reviewed  Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures
  series; 1992 Jun 08 - Sep 09
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  official  fan site  The time slacking struggled on for eight more live action episodes, on Fox.

5  Black Knight
  2001 Nov 15
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube    Martin Lawrence gets the Twain treatment in this screwball comedy.

Not Reviewed  Blackadder: Back and Forth
  1999 Dec 06 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Rowan Atkinson's beloved family-of-one finally gets ahold of a time machine in this pre-millennial special.

6  Blue Moon
  2000 Jan 16
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Wish creates time warp causing an older couple to encounter their 1959 younger selves.

Not Reviewed  The Blue Yonder
  1985 Nov 17 - aka Time Flyer
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  A more sympathetic view of the grandfather paradox: What if little Jonathan borrowed his neighbor's time machine to go back and stop his grandfather from a deadly attempt to fly solo across the Atlantic?

Animated Series  The Brak Show
  animated series/shorts; 2000 Dec 21 - 2003 Dec 31
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BCDB  officialCartoon Network[as] 
Some of Space Ghost's nemeses in their own spinoff family sitcom.

6  "Time Machine"
  Season 1; Episode 3; 2001 Sep 02 - aka "Diff'rent Braks: Time Machine"
TV.com  BCDB  [as]  Brak and Zorak keep stealing Thundercles' time machine to try and convince their junior selves that they have to do their homework. Predictably, this results in hundreds of Braks and Zoraks with incomplete homework. 

Not Reviewed  Brick Bradford
  serial; 1947 Dec 18
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  Blip  Internet Archive  fan site  Based on the 1930s comic by William Ritt and Clarence Gray, it features two-fisted Brick and his Time Top. DoCMuZiK writes at IMDb: "Brick and company travel to the far side of the moon which suddenly has an atmosphere and a lost civilization that other people from Earth have PREVIOUSLY visited. They also travel back through time to the days of the pirates to find a lost scrap of paper with an equation relating to nuclear physics on it."

6  Brigadoon
  1954 Sep 08
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    A mighty prayer saved the Scottish village of Brigadoon from evil witches in 1754– but with the devilish twist that it only appears for a day once every hundred years. When an American falls for a local girl, their love seems doomed. Will Tommy ever be reunited with his Fiona? Is this a classic '50s musical?

Not Reviewed  Brigadoon
  1966 Oct 15
IMDb  YouTube  TV version of the musical. Marta Dawes at IMDb writes: "Very different than the Hollywood version, this Brigadoon was quietly romantic and vividly atmospheric."

Not Reviewed  Brødrene Dal og mysteriet med Karl XIIs gamasjer
  miniseries; 2005 Jan - Norge
IMDb  official  The Brothers Dal return for more wacky time travel, messing up Norwegian history in 1716, 1718, 1814 and 1905.

Not Reviewed  Brødrene Dal og spektralsteinene
  miniseries; 1982 - Norge
IMDb  YouTube  The Brothers Dal build a time machine from plans left by an alien.

6  Brother Future
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  YouTube  official  1990s Michigan teen is purchased by someone in 1822 South Carolina, and becomes entangled in the plans of a doomed slave rebellion.

Not Reviewed  Bu Bu Jing Xin
  2010 Dec 06 - 2011 Mar 22 - Zhōnghuà Rénmín Gònghéguó - aka Scarlet Heart; Startling by Each Step
Wiki  Viki  YouTube  official  "Bu Bu Jing Xin" Induces Time Travel Scam in China  
[JayneStars, 2012.02.15]
Wikipedia: "Zhang Xiao, a young woman from the 21st century, suffers a near-fatal accident that sends her back in time to the Qing Dynasty during the Kangxi Emperor's reign. She finds herself trapped in the body of one of her previous incarnations: Ma'ertai Ruoxi, the teenage daughter of a Manchu general."

Not Reviewed  Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
  series; 1979 Sep 20 - 1981 Apr 16
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  SyfyInternet Archive  Buck is frozen in his spacecraft in 1987 and returns to Earth 500 years later. We don't think he time travels ever again in that faraway Century... but we can't bring ourselves to see it again after all these years. Because all we can remember of the movie or series... is Twiki. And we're not looking at that devilspawn of Artoo and Mel Blanc ever again.

Series  Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  series; 1997 Mar 10 - 2003 May 19
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  fan site 
Joss Whedon's iconic masterpiece about a young woman destined to save the world, a lot.

Not Reviewed  "Life Serial"
  Season 6; Episode 105; 2001 Oct 23
TV.com  Wiki  Evil spell puts Buffy in a time loop, serving the same Double Meat for eternity.
Not Reviewed  "Get It Done"

  Season 7; Episode 137; 2003 Feb 18
TV.com  Wiki  Buffy falls through a time portal to confront the Shadow Men, who created the Slayers in the first place.

8  The Bullwinkle Show
  animated series; 1959 Nov 29 - 1973 Sep ? - aka The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle; Rocky & Bullwinkle and Friends; Rocky and His Friends
IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  Andy's  YouTube  Hulu  fan site 
The regular segment "Peabody's Improbable History" was home to the original time squad: Sherman, Mr. Peabody and their WABAC Machine.

Not Reviewed  Bùnéng shuo de mìmì
  2007 Jul 27 - Zhonghuá Mínguó - aka Secret; The Secret That Cannot Be Told
IMDb  Wiki  fan site  The secret is that something in the protagonist's school allows time travel. We should really tell you what it is, but you can just look it up online.

7  The Butterfly Effect
  2004 Jan 23
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  official  Trailer 
Young man has inherited the power to send his consciousness momentarily into his junior self, and tries to use it to undo the deaths and maimings of those he loves. Naturally, he keeps messing up. One nice touch is that his brain keeps getting denser as he remembers all his different pasts whenever he snaps back to his "present"... Not to be confused with A Sound of Thunder (2005), the plot of which partially inspired the term "butterfly effect".

Not Reviewed  The Butterfly Effect 2
  2006 Aug 10
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  official  Sequel released in the US direct-to-DVD, October 10, 2006.
Fitted808, an astute observer on YouTube, noted: "....No one from the first movie is in here."

Not Reviewed  Butterfly Effect: Revelation
  2009 Jan 09 - aka The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Another boy travels time to discover who murdered his girlfriend.


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Animated Series  Captain N & The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
  animated series; 1990 Sep 01 - 1991 Mar 01
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BCDB  Mario needed no help from upstart Nintendo employee Captain N, and went on to more seasons and series without him.

5  "Toddler Terrors of Time Travel"
  Season 1, Episode 8; 1990 Sep 29
TV.com  Wiki  BCDB  YouTube  Kooky Von Koopa invents a time machine in order to stop the Mario Bros. from ever entering the fateful drainpipe to the Mushroom Kingdom. Wikipedia: "...as a result of the turbulence, the Time Tube malfunctions and de-ages the bodies of the Mario Bros., Toad, Bowser, and Ludwig into baby bodies."

4  Captain Z-Ro
  series; 1951 Nov - 1956 Jun 10
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  fan site  fan site  fan site  YouTube 
An important message from Captain Z-Ro
Captain Z-RO and Jet go forth in the ZX-99, exploring space and time! TVAcres.com sez: "The Captain's time machine featured an Electro Generator, a Trillatron, and the Lectric Chamber with Spector Wave Length..." Good luck, in Time and Space!

Not Reviewed  Carnivale
  animated; 2000 Feb 09 - Ireland/France
IMDb  BCDB  Rotten Tomatoes  Fable of children drawn through time to an evil carnival where visitors turn into still life.
Beats being a donkey in Italy.

Not Reviewed  Catweazle
  series; 1970 Feb 15 - 1971 Apr 04 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  fan site  fan site  YouTube  11th Century wizard accidentally ensorcels his way into the 20th. Humorous mistakes are made. Thanks to Timelinks reader JB for sending this one in!

Not Reviewed  Cave Girl
  1985 May
IMDb  YouTube    A crystal with power over time is used by a chess nerd to try to get laid. Sounds all too sad.

4  Cesta do pravěku
  1955 - Československo - aka Journey to Prehistory; Journey to the Beginning of Time
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Kids enjoy a trip to the Museum of Natural History, then take a Central Park boat ride into the distant past. There seems to be some suggestion that the lake opens onto the Hudson, which itself runs through the Land That Time Forgot. Czechs are landlocked, so you can kind of forgive them for not knowing that North American rivers don't empty into the Paleozoic.

Animated Series  Challenge of the Superfriends
  animated series; 1978 Sep 09 - Dec 23
IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  The mighty rainbow coalition of justice, in their third effort at a series.

Not Reviewed  "The Time Trap"
  Season 1, Episode 4; 1978 Sep 30
TV.com  BCDB  YouTube  fan site  The Legion of Doom gets ahold of a time machine, and strand Superfriends all across whenever. But then Superman shows off that ability to travel time, all on his lonesome. 
Not Reviewed  "Secret Origins of the Superfriends"

  Season 1, Episode 8; 1978 Oct 28
TV.com  BCDB  YouTube  The Legion attacks the mightiest of the Superfriends' origin timelines. Then they get slapped back! 
Not Reviewed  "Conquerors of the Future"

  Season 1, Episode 11; 1978 Nov 18
TV.com  BCDB  YouTube  The Legion decides to conquer Earth in AD 3984! They are discovered and defeated because the Riddler tipped the Superfriends off again. Time travel and blabbermouths don't mix. Someone should seriously look into shutting Riddler the hell up. 
Not Reviewed  "The History of Doom"

  Season 1, Episode 16; 1978 Dec 23
TV.com  BCDB  YouTube  The Legion finally succeed in destroying life on Earth. But then some time-travelling aliens arrive and open up a can of deus ex machina.

Not Reviewed  Cha-ojí Xuéxiào Bàwàng
  1993 - Hong Kong - aka Super-School Tyrant; Future Cops
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  YouTube  Street Fighter characters from 2043 descend upon an unsuspecting 1993.

Series  Charmed
  series; 1998 Oct 07 - 2006 May 21
 IMDb TV.com  Wiki  official  Not to be outdone by Bewitched, the long-running WB series also dabbled in the chronomantic arts.

Not Reviewed  "That '70s Episode"
  Season 1; Episode 17; 1999 Apr 07
official  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  The Three go to the Me Decade to stop a warlock from making a pact with their mom. 
Not Reviewed  "Morality Bites"
  Season 2; Episode 24; 1999 Oct 07
official  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Prue and Piper travel to 2009 to save Phoebe from a latter-day Inquisition.
Not Reviewed  "All Halliwell's Eve"
  Season 3; Episode 48; 2000 Oct 26
official  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  The Three find themselves in the 17th Century aiding a pregnant witch.
Not Reviewed  "A Knight to Remember"
  Season 4; Episode 72; 2001 Nov 01
official  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Paige summons a mediaeval knight, then the Sisters get sucked back with him to his time.
Not Reviewed  "A Paige From the Past"
  Season 4; Episode 76; 2002 Jan 17
official  official  TV.com  YouTube  Piper: "Darryl, I'm sorry, but what do you want me to say? My sister was just possessed with a supernaturally born killer and my husband is in 1994, and I do not mean in the fashion sense. He time traveled back with my other sister so the only one left to help me is you."
Not Reviewed  "The Three Faces of Phoebe"
  Season 4; Episode 80; 2002 Feb 14
official  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Phoebe summons her past and future selves to help her decide if she'll marry Cole.
Not Reviewed  "A Witch in Time"
  Season 5; Episode 96; 2002 Nov 10
official  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Efforts to defy the deadly fate of a boyfriend leads demons and witches into a time travel mess.
Not Reviewed  "Witchstock"
  Season 6; Episode 122; 2004 Jan 11
official  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Paige travels to January 13, 1967, and threatens to alter the past. 

Not Reviewed  Cheon gun
  2005 - Daehan-minguk - aka Heaven's Soldiers
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  A comet causes a time rift, sending seven Korean nuclear scientists into the 1572 war zone of... Korea.

6  The Chronology Protection Case
Premise  YouTube  Director Jay Kensinger's take on Paul Levinson's Nebula-nominated novelette. Is physicist-turned-coroner Phil D'Amato just being paranoid? Or is everything really out to get him...?

Not Reviewed  Click
  2006 Jun 22
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  Adam Sandler vehicle where a remote lets him fast forward and rewind his life. Plus other silly business.

Not Reviewed  Clockmaker
  1998 - USA/Romania
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Kids discover a time machine, and sure enough, mess up the space/time continuum. Then they work on fixing it.

5  Clockstoppers
  2002 Mar 17
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Internet Archive  Teen acquires time-stopping watchlike device. Evil government contractor wants it back. DJ Wackiness ensues. Jammin' franchise announced! Audience yawns.
–If the teen pandering doesn't annoy you, the inconsistencies and made-up fixes likely will. In the shiny climax, lead teen Zak Gibbs, already in "hypertime" suddenly uses the watch to enter an even faster plane of existence (über-doober-goobertime?) where he can pass through walls, but never the floor, and still hit people.
Unexplored plots include the government of Venezuela knowing the US has a time machine.

7  Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  1977 Nov 16
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    First, they were returning various boats and planes in perfect working order. But as the visitors at Devil's Tower disembark the humans they've already guested– a tally of the missing shows that even those gone for decades haven't aged a day.

Not Reviewed  The Cold Room
  1984 Mar 24 - UK/Deutsche Demokratische Republik - aka Cold Room - Kalter Hauch der Vergangenheit; The Prisoner
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  At least four different sites have this synopsis: "A young woman visiting modern day East Berlin with her father is plunged into the barbaric horrors of Nazi Germany when she enters a strange room located behind her hotel wall. She is somehow transported back in time."

7  Colonial House
  miniseries; 2004 May 17 - 25
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Rotten Tomatoes  officialPBS  26 modern people are thrust into hardscrabble English colonial life circa 1628, courtesy WNET and a clutch of corporate sponsors. Inspired by 1900 House and its sequels.

Not Reviewed  Come Back, Lucy
  1978 Apr 23 - May 28 - UK
IMDb  YouTube  fan site  WillieGetaway at YouTube: "When Lucy's Dear Aunt Olive dies, orphaned Lucy is sent to live with her riotous cousins. Shocked by unhappiness and unwilling to accept her new-found family, Lucy meets the mysterious Alice who lived in the house 100 years ago."

Not Reviewed  Conceiving Ada
  1997 Sep 10 - USA/Deutschland - aka Leidenschaftliche Berechnung
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  Fandor  official  Emmy Coer attempts to bring 19th Century Ada Byron King, Countess of Lovelace, into the late 20th Century using computers and the code trapped in her DNA.

Not Reviewed  A Connecticut Yankee
  1931 Apr 06
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Will Rodgers is more an Oklahoma Sage than some New Englander in this charming outing of the classic.

Not Reviewed  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
  1921 Mar 14
IMDb  1920s youth dreams of travelling back to Arthurian times, and there invents nitro and motorbikes.

Not Reviewed  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
  1949 Apr 07
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Hank Martin (Bing Crosby), a pre-WWI mechanic, is bumped on the head and awakens in AD 528, where he starts putting all that know-how to use in taking over Arthurian Britain.

Not Reviewed  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
  1989 Dec 18
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Young black girl falls off a horse, and into Arthurian England. Lancelot thinks she's a demon. Sure enough, her career path is technological sorcery.

Not Reviewed  Les Couloirs du temps: Les visiteurs 2
  1997 Sep 10 - France - aka The Corridors of Time: The Visitors II
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Godefroy de Montmirail has to come back to his future to reclaim his family jewels and his fertility (Is that a joke in French? Gotta be) in this sequel to Les Visiteurs.

Not Reviewed  Crime Traveller
  series; 1997 Mar 01 - Apr 19 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  fan site  Internet Archive
Short-lived series about cops with limited time travel capacities. They have "Ten Rules of Time" that seem to be made up as they go along.

7  Los Cronocrímenes
  2007 Oct 11 - España - aka Timecrimes
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube 
Suburban homeowner has to cope with inexplicable brutality around him, and then hides in a nearby time machine. Its creator has to have a few words with him. DreamWorks-crafted American remake titled Time Crimes is on the way.

Not Reviewed  Ctrl
 series; 2009 Jul 13 - Aug 25
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Hulu  official 
NBC web series about a Nestea-soaked keyboard that allows an office worker to Ctrl-Z RL.

Not Reviewed  Cube 2: Hypercube
  2002 Jul 29
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Internet Archive   
Eight strangers awaken in a cubic tesseract, "a perverted funhouse world ... where time is sped up for one person and slowed for another, with no way to say who is at 'normal' speed ... and where alternate realities, different what-ifs, play out with results both poignant and repugnant."

5  Cyborg 2087
  1966 - aka Man From Tomorrow
IMDb  fan site  YouTube  Michael Rennie vehicle about time travellers struggling for a future free of thought control– and their time travelling enemies out to keep history the way they prefer it.


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Not Reviewed  Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
  1966 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Will Doctor Who (Peter Cushing) and his companions be able to stop them? What do you think.

Animated Series  Danny Phantom
  animated series; 2004 April 03 - 2007 Aug 24
IMDb TV.com  Wiki  BCDB  official  Nickelodeon's tale of a half-ghost boy. Only Nick could get away with making an entire series out of what others would dismiss as a one-line riff on impossible genres of meta internet memes.

Not Reviewed  "The Ultimate Enemy"
  Season 2; Episodes 28 & 29; 2005 Sep 16
TV.com  BCDB  YouTube  Danny comes under the unyielding eyes of the Observants, who send Clockwork to ensure that Danny doesn't trick corporate America become evil by cheating on his school aptitude test. Cheating on an exam gets you a visit from a time-travelling ghost? Time was, you had to live a lifetime as a miser to get that kind of attention.
Not Reviewed  "Masters of All Time"

  Season 2; Episode 36; 2006 Mar 24
TV.com  BCDB  YouTube  Wikipedia: "Fed up with Vlad, Danny asks Clockwork to travel back in time to prevent the accident that caused Vlad to be half ghost..."
Not Reviewed  "Infinite Realms"

  Season 3; Episode 42; 2007 Jul 09
TV.com  BCDB  YouTube  Danny gets ahold of the Infi-Map, and gets his chuckles bopping around Ancient Rome and Puritan Salem.

5  Dark Shadows
  series; 1966 Jun 27 - 1971 Apr 02
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  The travails of the Collins family are played out in three different centuries, with various time trips via the dark arts.

Not Reviewed  Dark Shadows
  series; 1991 Jan 13 - Mar 22 - aka Dark Shadows: The Revival Series
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Remake follows Victoria Winters to 1790, where the confused girl gets accused as a witch.

Animated Series  Dave the Barbarian
  animated series; 2004 Jan 23 - 2005 Jan 22
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BCDB  Disney attempt at making inroads into Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon edginess with a mock-Conan family vehicle.

6  "Ned Frischman: Man of Tomorrow"
  Season 1; Episode 3; 2004 Jan 23
TV.com  BCDB  YouTube  21st Century nerd tries to conquer Udrogoth via video game addiction. 

Not Reviewed  Day Break
  series; 2006 Nov 13 - Dec 13
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Fandango  YouTube  Hulu  Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide: "The surrealistic ABC cop drama Day Break was aptly characterized by most observers as '24 Meets Ground Hog Day.'" Cop wrongly arrested for the murder of a D.A. keeps being shown the death of his girlfriend, and then sent back to beginning of the same day, only to fail in stopping her demise again.

Not Reviewed  The Day Time Ended
  1980 Nov - aka Earth's Final Fury; Time Warp; Vortex
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  A solar-powered house only leads to trouble, as its occupants discover when they are visited upon by spaceships and dinosaurs.

7  Déjà Vu
  2006 Nov 22
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes      Internet Archive  Denzel Washington as an ATF agent given the chance to travel back and stop a terrorist attack. The plot is surprisingly well-scripted for a Jerry Bruckheimer production, (despite the transparent apologias for discarding liberty that, say, Minority Report refuses to sanction,) and the time travel is pretty tight, too.

Not Reviewed  The Devil's Arithmetic
  1999 Mar 28
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Gary Hoffman writes: "A teenaged girl cared little about her Jewish heritage until she was transported back through time to a Nazi death camp." Works every time. Please don't bring any Nazis back with you, though. That's never good.

Animated Series  Dexter's Laboratory
  animated series; 1995 Feb 23 - 2003 Sep 26 - aka Dexter's Lab
IMDb TV.com  Wiki  BCDB  officialCartoon Network  Cartoon Network has shown their penchant for time travel (see Samurai Jack and Time Squad) –and it showed up here on Dexter's first.

Not Reviewed  "Dee Deemensional"
  Season 1, Episode 4; 1996 Apr 28
TV.com  Wiki  BCDB  BCDb: "Dexter sends Dee Dee back in time to save him from attack when he releases an inter-dimensional monster. But the Dexter of the past doesn't believe Dee Dee..."
7  "Morning Stretch"

  Season 2; Episode 49; 1997 Aug 06
TV.com  BCDB  Dexter invents a helmet that stretches 30 seconds into 30 minutes... but only for him. Dexter waiting for his shower water to fall from the spigot is a gem of the genre.
Not Reviewed  "sdrawckaB"

  Season 2; Episode 91; 1998 Apr 01 - aka "Backwards"
TV.com  BCDB  TV.com: "Dexter creates a belt that can have its wearer do everything backwards, only to get in trouble when Dee Dee manages to get control of the time directional switch."

Not Reviewed  Dimension 5
  1966 Oct - aka Dimension Four
IMDb  YouTube  Agents Justin Power and Kitty are all that stand between the Chinese and their plans to blow up L.A. Luckily, our heroes have access to a time-travel belt.

Not Reviewed  Dinosaur Valley Girls
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Rotten Tomatoes: "The discovery of a magic stone catapults Hollywood action hero Tony Markham backwards through time, into a mysterious prehistoric land populated by fierce, predatory dinosaurs...and nymphomaniacal cave vixens in strangely modern animal-print underwire bikinis."

Not Reviewed  DNA2: Dokokade nakushita aitsu no aitsu
  animated series; 1994 Oct 07 - Dec 23 - Nippon - aka Dumb Nerd Always Astray
IMDb  Wiki  BCDB  YouTube  Time traveller Aoi Karin tries to prevent the rise of the male "Superlover" to mastery of the world, but winds up creating him through her incursion on the life of a maladjusted nerd. Oversexed hilarity ensues.

Not Reviewed  Do Over
  series; 2002 Sep 19 - Dec 05
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's 
YouTube  Time-travel comedy series, quickly cancelled by the WB. Four episodes remain unaired.

7  Doctor Who
  series; 1963 Nov 23 - 1989 Nov 22 - UK - aka Doctor Who: The Classic Series
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  BBC  BF  Doctor Who News  fan site 
Beloved cosmic meddler uses his TARDIS to aid various civilizations in trouble. Until its cancellation, the longest-running SF series in the world. New official audio adventures have been released by Big Finish.

5  Doctor Who
  14 May 1996 - USA/UK - aka Enemy Within
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Sylvester McCoy returns to hand the reins over to Paul McGann... for this single, dull movie. The Master is a CGI snake who wants the Doctor's remaining regenerations; there's shouting and chase scenes in San Francisco while the new Doc slowly infodumps as he gets his memory back. The expensive sets make the otherwise typically simple Who plot look tawdry, and the hype that December 31, 1999 could be the End of the World simply doesn't resonate anymore. In this film, it never did.

8  Doctor Who
  series; 2005 Mar 26 -   - UK
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  YouTube  BBC  BBC America  Doctor Who News  Internet Archive 
The classic returned with all new episodes, three new Doctors (so far), and a much more dark and mature tone.

Not Reviewed  Doctor Who and the Daleks
  1965 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Peter Cushing as the good Doctor, here imagined as the "inventor" of the TARDIS. More space travel than time travel, though, much like the series that inspired it.

Not Reviewed  Doctor Who: Dimensions In Time
  1993 Nov 26 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Thirteen-minute "charity skit" featuring many faces from the classic series. dr_foreman at IMDb: "Overall, a fun time-killer that was more than welcome when it debuted during Doctor Who's long (and mercifully over!) period of purgatory."

Not Reviewed  Doctor Who: The Missing Years
  1998 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  fan site  Tribute and showcase to what remains of 110 episodes of Doctor Who destroyed by the BBC in the 1970s.

9  Donnie Darko
  2001 Jan 19
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube 
Young Donnie Darko is having prophetic visions of a devil-faced rabbitman, despite taking his meds. In this amazing film, set in 1988, the intricacies of fate and parallel worlds slam up against the sensibilities of a postpunk/Lynchian America.

Not Reviewed  Don't Fool With Love
  1990? - Mexico - aka Don't Fool with Love: The Two Way Mirror
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Trio of stories, including "The Two Way Mirror"— IMDb: "...when looking into the glass, Susana is startled to see the image of a handsome soldier, Nicolas (from 1863), instead of her own reflection."

Not Reviewed  The Drivetime
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  "When the dreamtime and the daytime overlap, you're in THE DRIVETIME..."

Animated Series  Duckman
  animated series; 1994 Mar 05 - 1997 Sep 06
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BCDB 
Eric Duckman was a minor icon of nineties postmodernism, but ironically never knew it himself.

Not Reviewed  "Once and Future Duck"
  Season 3; Episode 34; 1996 Apr 13
TV.com  BCDB  Andy's  YouTube  Andy's Anachronisms: "Ajax... opens a rift in the space-time continuum with his clock radio. Duckman discovers from a future version of himself that his future hangs on Charles and Mambo's... tuba recital." 

Animated Series  Dungeons & Dragons
  animated series; 1983 Sep 17 - 1985 Dec 07
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BCDB 
Eighties D&D would not have been complete without this bizarre cartoon take on the game, which ran for three seasons. Occasonal fits of unhelpful prophecy occured, as any fiendish Dungeon Master might dangle, but one episode stands out in the time travel genre, as the effort to stop Hitler suddenly falls to a set of children's player characters:

Not Reviewed  "The Time Lost"
  Season 3; Episode 23; 1985 Oct 12
TV.com  BCDB  YouTube  Wikipedia: "Venger... uses his Crystal of Chronos to pull both a futuristic plane and a WWII Nazi fighter pilot who crash lands his Stuka into the Realm. Venger intends to send Josef Mueller, the pilot, back to Earth to win the war for Germany and by changing earth's Timeline prevent the Kids from ever coming into the realm, but after meeting the kids, Josef has other plans." 

5  Durango Kids
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    AOL: "Children battle crooks and a corrupt sheriff for gold after time-traveling to the 19th century."


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Not Reviewed  Early Edition
  series; 1996 Sep 28 - 2000 May 27
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  YouTube 
Cat delivers tomorrow's newspaper to Gary Hobson, providing a new ethical dilemma each week.

Not Reviewed  La edad de piedra
  1964 Dec 24 - Mexico
IMDb  EOFFTV  YouTube  EoFFTV: "Viruta and Capulina travel back in time to the stone age in search of a rare element." Mexican comedy duo Viruta y Capulina in their own brand of on-the-road buddy picture.

Not Reviewed  Electric Blue 37
IMDb  IMDb: "A nerdy college student accidentally gets sent back to 1959 when his equally nerdy roommate's time machine malfunctions." Straight-to-video, and presumably, soft porn.

Not Reviewed  11 Minutes Ago
  2007 Apr 26
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  EOFFTV  YouTube    A "time-tumbler" from 2050, searching for clean air, becomes an inadvertant wedding crasher. Film Threat: "Even when you think you might be getting confused, and worried about losing your place (which can happen with this genre) it becomes obvious that the confusion is intentional, and that you are in the hands of a clever storyteller."

4  Eliminators
  1986 Jan 31 - USA/España
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  Evil scientist intends to use time machine to usurp ancient Rome; only a band of mighty misfits– including a cyborg dubbed "Mandroid"– can stop him. Stars Denise Crosby of Tasha Yar fame, before her brief stint on Trek.

Not Reviewed  Erasmus Microman
  series; 1988 Mar 03 - 1989 Dec 15 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  SciFi Television Database: "Erasmus Microman is a 1005-year old cross between Dr. Who and a mad scientist who takes two children on an educational time-trip through their TV set."

6  Escape from the Planet of the Apes
  1971 May 21
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Cornelius and Zira travel back to the 20th Century, and discover that all this time travel has made them a human's uncle.

Not Reviewed  Escape Through Time
IMDb  YouTube  A ring that sends its users through time with a word leads to hijinks in predictably visitable eras of history (i.e. Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, and the American West of the 1800s.) Marclinn1 has posted it on YouTube with the explanation: "'Escape Through Time' was shot in 1992 just after we completed High School as a last hoorah with all our friends before we all went our seperate ways to college. Shot in only 8 total days..."

Not Reviewed  Escape to Grizzly Mountain
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Millennial boy Jimmy brings 19th Century mountain man Jeremiah forward through time to rescue a circus bear cub. Sequel to the family cockle-toaster Grizzly Mountain.

Not Reviewed  Eureka
  series; 2006 Jul 18 -   - aka A Town Called Eureka
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Syfy  Syfy series about a small town full of mad scientists and those who love them.

Not Reviewed  "I Do Over"
  Season 3, Episode 4; 2008 Aug 19
TV.com  Wiki  Sheriff Carter experiences all the joys only a time loop can bring. 

Not Reviewed  The Excalibur Kid
  1999 Mar 23
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Another modern teen, another King Arthur, another Merlin, another evil witch.

Not Reviewed  The Exotic Time Machine
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes    Soft porn for the chronally challenged.

3  The Exotic Time Machine II: Forbidden Encounters
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes    More soft porn. The plot is better than the porn, so beware. AOL: "To save their time-travel technology, voyagers must plant beacons that will destroy any government attempt to steal their program."

Not Reviewed  Eyes of a Cowboy
  series; 1988 Mar 03 - 1989 Dec 15 - Canada
IMDb  Lonesome Cooper plies his blues from here to the 1870s, and learns the consequences of singing across time.


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Animated Series  Family Guy
  animated series; 1999 Jan 31 - 2002 Feb 14; 2005 Jul 01 -
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  officialCartoon Network[as] 
Once cancelled, the misogyfest returned in 2005, due to high DVD sales.

Not Reviewed  "Mind Over Murder"
  Season 1, Episode 4; 1999 Apr 25
TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  Andy's Anachronisms: "After his blueprints for the time machine are accidently circulated throughout Peter's basement bar, Stewie decides to use his device to go back to a time when no one was aware of his plans." The episode's Narnia reference doesn't hurt, either.
6  "Death Lives"

  Season 3, Episode 6; 2006 May 21
TV.com  Wiki  Death takes Peter on a review of his past.
7  "Stewie B. Goode"

  Season 4, Episode 28; 2006 May 21
TV.com  Wiki  First of three parts of the reedited straight-to-DVD Family Guy movie, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (see).
Stewie has a near-death experience that sets up the time travel in the next two eps.
7  "Bango Was His Name Oh!"

  Season 4; Episode 29, 2006 May 21
TV.com  Wiki  Second of three parts of the reedited straight-to-DVD Family Guy movie, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (see).
Stewie sees a man he believes to be his father on the TV, and connives to find him in San Francisco. But it turns out he's his elder self, on holiday.
7  "Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure"

  Season 4, Episode 30; 2006 May 21
TV.com  Wiki  Last of three parts of the reedited straight-to-DVD Family Guy movie, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (see).
Stewie struggles to rescue his elder self from his acceptance of ennui, and get his destiny as world dictator back on track.
Not Reviewed  "Meet the Quagmires"

  Season 5, Episode 18; 2007 May 20
TV.com  Wiki  Death sends Brian and Peter back to the 1980s, and the single lifestyle of their youths.
Not Reviewed  "Road to Germany"

  Season 7, Episode 3; 2008 Oct 19
TV.com  Wiki  Mort, Brian and Stewie take a time machine to 1939 Poland, and get chased by Nazis.
Not Reviewed  "The Big Bang Theory"

  Season 9, Episode 16; 2011 May 8
TV.com  Wiki  TV.com: "Stewie and Brian go back in time to stop Bertram from killing Leonardo da Vinci."
Not Reviewed  "Back to the Pilot"

  Season 10, Episode 5; 2011 Nov 13
TV.com  Wiki  Stewie and Brian return to 1999, and begin trying to stop 9/11. And writing Harry Potter.

Series  Family Matters
  series; 1989 Sep 22 - 1998 Jul 17
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  Sitcom that soon centered around the curious exploits of one Steve Urkel, the quiet mild-mannered lad of whom all nerds pay silent thanks to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that they were never as horrific as.

Not Reviewed  "Father Time"
  Season 8, Episode 16; 1997 Jan 31
TV.com  Urkel invents a time machine, goes to the 1970s and tweaks history to become a billionaire.
Not Reviewed  "A Pirate's Life for Me"

  Season 8, Episode 24; 1997 May 09
TV.com  TV.com: "Another trip in the time machine lands Carl and Urkel on a pirate ship."

Not Reviewed  The Fantastic Journey
  series; 1977 Feb 10 - Jun 16
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  20th Century scientists blunder onto an island in the Bermuda Triangle that is rife with rifts in time. There they team up with one Varian from the 23rd Century, and his tuning fork of many wonders.

Series  Farscape
  series; 1999 Mar 19 - 2003 Mar 21 - USA/Australia - aka Far Horizon; Space Chase
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  Internet Archive  The adventures of John Crichton and the crew of Moya, their struggles against oppression, and their fresh takes on old SF standbys– including time travel. A return miniseries ran, beginning 2004 Oct 17.

Not Reviewed  "Back and Back and Back to the Future"
  Season 1; Episode 5; 1999 Apr 02
TV.com  Crichton gains visions of possible futures, but each attempt to stop bad things from happening makes things worse.
6  "The Locket"

  Season 2; Episode 38; 2000 Aug 25
TV.com  YouTube  Moya becomes trapped at the edge of a pocket universe (a "senta-hole"), resulting in Aeryn aging 165 cycles and having lived an entire life elsewhere. Crichton goes to rescue her, and winds up stuck there, growing old with her. The time anamolies are solved by Zhaan and Stark meditating really hard and reversing the engines.
7  "...Different Destinations"

  Season 3; Episode 49; 2001 Apr 13
TV.com  YouTube  Most of the crew fall through an odd rift in time into the midst of a siege which they have to guarantee to turn out just as history says– they fail constantly, of course, but discover that what's in history books isn't the same as what actually happens...
7  "Unrealized Reality"

  Season 4; Episode 77; 2002 Aug 23
TV.com  YouTube  A mysterious being seizes and tests John to see if he can handle his wormhole knowledge, or should be killed. The alternate-universe scenes range from profound to silly excuses for more character-swapping by the cast– but the ep is ultimately redeemed by John's learning the "correct answer" as to how one should face time travel.
9  "Kansas"

  Season 4; Episode 78; 2002 Dec 30
TV.com  YouTube  Crichton succeeds in getting the crew to Earth– in October 1985. Another tour de force of the series' trademark ability to make a tired SF plot– in this case, fixing a personal timeline– into something original and real. Also notable for its broadcast barely a month before the Columbia disaster, the plot revolves around John keeping his father off the doomed Challenger mission.

6  Fetching Cody
  2005 Sep 12 - Canada
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  Hulu  Internet Archive  A junked time machine/Barcalounger is Art's only chance to stop the events leading to his girl Cody being thrown into a coma. Neither melodrama nor comedy, it's notable for an unapologetic view of life on the street, and for showing the struggles of an ordinary kid of that background to try and use time travel to improve other people's well-being. Barbara Manui describes it as "Near Dark, only for time travel instead of vampires."

Not Reviewed  Fiddlers Three
  1944 Oct - UK - aka While Nero Fiddled
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Three sailors (two guys and a gal) step into Stonehenge and out into ancient Rome in this wartime romp.

Series  The 5th Quadrant
  series; 2002 Jan 20 - Apr 14 - Canada
IMDb  TV.com  official  Second City vet Lee Smart parodies the paranormal in this short-lived series.

Not Reviewed  "Dream Soda/Time Traveller's Cheques"
  Episode 8; 2002 Mar 10
TV.com  TV.com: "The 5th Quadrant uncovers troubling evidence of invaders from the distant future, and their perverse and alarming agenda."

6  The Final Countdown
  1980 Jul 09
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Kirk Douglas leads an all-star cast and a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier back to the Pacific just before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Well acted and thoughtfully written, but the outcome is as predictable as it was when we watched it the first time...

Not Reviewed  5 Days to Midnight
  miniseries; 2004 June 07 - 10 - USA/Canada - aka 5ive Days to Midnight
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Internet Archive  Man discovers briefcase filled with information from his impending autopsy.

Not Reviewed  The Flash
  series pilot?; 2004?
Internet Archive  Yep. If he lost the tights, he'd be fast enough to travel time. The "series" announced by the WB was removed from the Fall 2004 schedule. Possibilities of a movie are mentioned at Wikipedia.

Not Reviewed  FlashForward
  series; 2009 Sep 24 - 2010 May 27
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Hulu  Wikipedia: "A mysterious event has caused nearly everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for 137 seconds, during which time people see what appears to be a vision of their own life approximately six months in the future".

5  Flight of the Navigator
  1986 Jul 30
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Kid is shanghaied by a spacecraft, and is returned a few years late. Misadventures with a markedly evil NASA, and some now-creepy puppy love scenes between the kid and Sarah Jessica Parker leave much... undesired. Not to be confused with the truly excellent The Navigator: A Mediaeval Odyssey (see).

Animated Series  The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang
  animated series; 1980 Nov 08 - 1981 Nov 28
IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  YouTube  Jean-Marc Rocher writes at IMDb: "Richie, Ralph, The Fonz and Mr. Cool (The Fonz's dog) meet a time traveler named Cupcake and accidentally get stuck in her time machine."

6  For All Time
  2000 Oct 18
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Pocketwatch allows an unhappily married executive to travel between the millennium and March 1896 on a St. Louis-Somerville express train, where he discovers a new love.

Not Reviewed  The Forbidden Kingdom
  2008 Apr 18 - Zhōnghuà Rénmín Gònghéguó/USA
aka Gong Fu Zhi Wang; Gung Fu Ji Wong; King of Kung Fu; The J & J Project

IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  official  Martial arts movie fan travels back to ancient times to rescue the Monkey King in this fantasy starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

6  The 4400
  series; 2004 Jul 11 - 2007 Sep 16
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  official  A Ball of Light deposits four thousand four hundred people who have been missing from various times over the last 60 years, near Mt. Rainier. Homeland Security debriefs them and lets them go before their spooky new powers are discovered. The spookiest: An eight-year old girl from the 1940s who keeps predicting events.

7  Frankenstein Unbound
  1990 Nov 02
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  John Hurt as a 21st Century physicist who winds up driving his car to 18th Century Europe, and taking Mary Shelley for a spin. MagicDragon writes: "Fine adaptation of the even better novel by Brian Aldiss."

4  Freejack
  1992 Jan 17
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Loosely based on the novel Immortality, Inc. by Robert Sheckley. Emilio Estevez' racecar driver is transported from 1991 to November 23, 2009 because Anthony Hopkins' rich guy needs the young "meat" to download his old mind into. Mick Jagger's distracted performance only underscores the absurdity of the whole thing.

Not Reviewed  Frenchman's Farm
  1987 Dec 15 - Australia
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  EOFFTV  Internet Archive  Woman travels back to 1944, witnesses a murder, and upon return finds she has to investigate it on her own. Calvacade of Schlock says: "Frenchmen in Australia? Another Aussie horror film? Where are these movies coming from? Please don't answer that... It's a fairly intriguing setup, and for the most part reasonably well executed."

6  Frequency
  2000 Apr 28
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube    official  Millennial cop tries to save the life of his 1960s firefighter dad when freak atmospheric conditions allows a ham radio set to communicate to itself across time.

6  Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel
  2009 Mar 13 - UK
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Internet Archive  Three pubmates discover Anna Faris has fallen in from the future via a portal in the men's loo.

Series  Friday the 13th: The Series
  series; 1987 Oct 03 - 1990 May 26 - Canada - aka Friday's Curse
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  While the cursed items once sold by Curious Goods always required a human sacrifice to activate, some of them allowed for time travel...

Not Reviewed  "The Baron's Bride"
  Season 1; Episode 13; 1988 Feb 20
TV.com  YouTube  Micki and Ryan chase a vampire back to the 19th Century to recapture his evil brooch, and run across Bram Stoker.
Not Reviewed  "13 O'Clock"

  Season 2; Episode 35; 1989 Jan 07
TV.com  YouTube  A pocketwatch that can stop time for an hour is being abused by a couple– until Ryan is alerted.
7  "Eye of Death"

  Season 2; Episode 39; 1989 Feb 04
TV.com  YouTube  Antique dealer Atticus Rook uses a cursed magic lantern to travel to Civil War battles, and clean up. His primary target: Robert E. Lee's sword, lost at the Battle of Sharpsburg, 1862.
Not Reviewed  "Hate On Your Dial"

  Season 3; Episode 59; 1989 Nov 18
TV.com  YouTube  A racist tries to save the life of his Klan father by using a cursed car radio to drive back to the 1950's South.
Not Reviewed  "The Charnel Pit"

  Season 3; Episode 72; 1990 May 26
TV.com  YouTube  A double-fac painting allows a professor and the Marquis de Sade to trade notes and bodies. Micki gets caught in the past, and attempts to leave a note to her friends in the future... but her evil uncle Vendredi winds up intercepting it, and so learns of the painting's power in the first place. Last show of the series.

Not Reviewed  Fringe
  series; 2008 Sep 09 -
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Hulu  official  While largely having to do with a parallel universe, it seems that temporal incursions are entering the mythology of the Fox cult hit.

Not Reviewed  From Time to Time
  short; 1992 Apr 12 - France/USA - aka Timekeeper; Le Visionarium
IMDb  Wiki  Disney theme park ride featuring Robin Williams as the Timekeeper, who makes his flying robot travel time for some reason. All-star cast.

Not Reviewed  From Time to Time
  2010 Sep 24 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  official  Young teen travels between the 1940s and the Georgian Era, unravelling a family mystery.

7  Frontier House
  miniseries; 2002 Apr 29 - May 01
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  officialPBS  WGBH Boston takes three real modern families to the Montana wilderness to relive conditions circa 1884. Inspired by 1900 House.

Animated Series  Futurama
  animated series; 1999 Mar 28 - 2003 Aug 10; 2008 Mar 23 -
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Hulu  fan site  Philip J. Fry, 20th Century pizza delivery boy, gets himself frozen for 1000 years, and awakens into Matt Groening's bent vision of the future. Despite the cryogenic impetus, only a few eps are really about travelling time. Cancelled by Fox, the series kept running on Cartoon Network until the world was rightly convinced to have it back on the air. This seems to have confused the numbering of seasons, with some sources saying the interim movies are season 6, with others skipping them and calling the 2010-2011 season Season 6. You're all making future time travellers very angry.

6  "Space Pilot 3000"
  Season 1; Episode 1; 1999 Mar 28
TV.com  Wiki  Opening episode of awakening to a new cartoon world.
7  "Anthology of Interest I"

  Season 2; Episode 29; 2000 May 21
TV.com  Wiki  Al Gore, Nichelle Nichols, Stephen Hawking and Gary Gygax all guest star as guardians of time.
Not Reviewed  "Time Keeps On Slipping"

  Season 3; Episode 43; 2001 May 06
TV.com  Wiki  A plan to beat the Harlem Globetrotters results in annoying but humorous time slips.
7  "Roswell that Ends Well"

  Season 4; Episode 80; 2006 May 21
TV.com  Wiki  The Planet Express winds up crashing in New Mexico in 1947, and Fry gets to be his own grandparent.
Not Reviewed  "The Late Philip J. Fry"

  Season 7; Episode 95; 2010 Jul 29
TV.com  Wiki  The Professor invents a time machine that only goes forward in time. Then he, Fry and Bender have to keep going farther into the future until a pastward machine can be invented.
Not Reviewed  "All the President's Heads"

  Season 8; Episode 111; 2011 Jul 28
TV.com  Wiki  TV.com: "Professer Farnsworth licks George Washington's head and it sends him on a trip to the Revolutionary War." That is not the 18th Century spelling of 'professor', TV.com.

3  Future Hunters
  1986 - aka Deadly Quest; Spear of Destiny
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  A man seizes the Spear of Destiny in 2025, and is sent back to the 1980s, where he begs a couple, with his dying wish, to seal it back in its sheath in order to stop its evil. One might wonder if the junior version of the spear is already in said sheath... if the movie itself wasn't causing such excessive waves of pain.

Not Reviewed  The Future Is Wild
  animated series; 2007 Oct 13 - 2008 Jul 05
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  Clever reworking of concepts from the original 2002 speculative documentary series of the same name. In this series, CGI teens zoom around the future in a "time flyer" looking for a new home for humanity among all the strangely-evolved creatures there.

Not Reviewed  Future War
  1997 Jan 28
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  MST3K  YouTube  Slaver cyborgs and their dino trackers hunt an escaped human from the past. Crow T. Robot's take: "It's not the future, and there isn't a war."

Not Reviewed  Future Zone
  1990 Jul 18
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Wiki  YouTube  David Carradine's 21st Century cop is doomed to die in an ambush– if not for his son Billy travelling back in time to save him. But the rewrite of the timeline causes its own problems for them.


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7  Galaxy Quest
  1999 Dec 23
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    fan site  Hugo Award-winning "valentine to fandom". Adequately spoofs the time travel climaxes of many of the other vids on this list.

Not Reviewed  Garth and Bev
  animated series; 2010 Jan 11 -   - Ireland
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  official  official  Twitter  Cartoon for preschoolers where two Bronze Age kids are sent by a druid around time to discover how nature has influenced technology.

Not Reviewed  The Georgian House
  series; 1976 Jan 02 - Feb 13 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Dimensional Decade: "Two students who work at a georgian house in Bristol are transported back in time to the year 1772 where they help a young slave boy called Ngo to return home."

Not Reviewed  The Girl From Tomorrow
  miniseries; 1991 May 03 - Australia
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Time travel malfunction lands a 31st century teen and a 26th Century criminal in 1990.

Not Reviewed  The Girl From Tomorrow
  1992 - Australia
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Movie culled from the miniseries...?

Not Reviewed  The Girl From Tomorrow Part Two: Tomorrow's End
  miniseries; 1993 Jun 13 - Australia
IMDb  Wiki  Jenny and Silverthorn have to fix the year 2500, and give up time travel for good.

Not Reviewed  The Girl, the Gold Watch & Dynamite
  1981 May 25
IMDb  YouTube  Obscure sequel to The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything. IMDb: "A magical watch that can stop time becomes the focal point in a land swindle."

4  The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything
  1980 Jun 13
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  Kirby inherits a watch that can stop time, and bad guys want to seize it from him. One of many possible inspirations for Clockstoppers.

4  Gojira vs Kingugidora
  1991 Dec 14 - Nippon - aka Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Hulu  Gary Hoffman writes: "Time travellers from the 23rd century came back to warn that Godzilla will cause a major catastrophe (something bigger than his usual catastrophes)." In fact, the Caucasians from the future are secretly attempting to use King Ghidorah to destroy Japan before it becomes the most powerful nation on Earth. Oh, and be warned: "Do not drive in vehicles when King Ghidorah is in your area."

Not Reviewed  Gong
  series; 2011 Jan 31 - Mar 06 - Zhōnghuà Rénmín Gònghéguó
aka Gong Suo Xin Yu; Palace; Palace: The Locked Heart Jade; Jade Palace Lock Heart

Wiki  YouTube  Viki  official  Wikipedia: "Luo Qingchuan... accidentally travels through time and ends up in the 1700s, in the Forbidden City, during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor." The New York Times reported in April, 2011 that Beijing sought to censor time travel on television after this show aired, but that assertion has been contested as a bad translation. What is certain is that time travel has become really popular in Hunan province.

Not Reviewed  Gong 2
  series; 2012 Jan 20 -   - Zhōnghuà Rénmín Gònghéguó
aka Gong Suo Zhu Lian; Palace II; Palace: The Locked Beaded Curtain

Wiki  YouTube  official  Luo Qingchuan brings her husband, the Eighth Prince, back to 2012, where she writes a screenplay called Gong, which becomes ridiculously successful... and then some other lucky lady gets to go back to the Qing Dynasty in her stead.

7  Goodnight Sweetheart
  series; 1993 Nov 18 - 1999 Jun 21 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  1990s man finds an alleyway that leads to the WWII era, and starts leading a double life, loving different women in each decade.

Not Reviewed  Gost'ya iz budushchego
  miniseries; 1984 - CCCP - aka Guest from the Future
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  official  Young Kolya Gerasimov finds a time machine in a Moscow basement, and discovers adventure in the 21st Century.

7  Grand Tour: Disaster in Time
  1992 May 09 - aka Disaster in Time; The Grand Tour; Timescape
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube    A troop of strange tourists arrive at a bed and breakfast seeking rooms before it is ready to open. Based on the short story "Vintage Season" by Henry Kuttner and Catherine L. Moore.

4  Grizzly Mountain
  1997 Oct 31
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes    Time Warner Cable sez: "1990s children meet an 1870s Oregon mountain man." For a sequel of heartwarming family time-travel nature rescue, see Escape to Grizzly Mountain...

7  Groundhog Day
  1993 Feb 13
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  BB  Andy's  YouTube    Bill Murray plays a weatherman who is forced to repeat the same day until he gets it right.


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7  Happy Accidents
  2000 Aug 24
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Ruby Weaver keeps picking losers for boyfriends, until she meets this great guy... who says he's from AD 2470. And fleeing the murder of his sister.

7  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  2004 Jun 04
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    official  True to the book, Hermione handles horological hijinks at Hogwarts.

Animated Series  He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  animated series; 1983 Sep 25 - 1984 Dec 08 - aka He-Man
IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  YouTube  fan site  fan site  Time travel visited the classic '80s cartoon about Prince Adam, Skeletor, and the glorification of action figures with good morals.

Not Reviewed  "The Time Corridor"
  Season 1; Episode 5; 1983 Sep 12
TV.com  Hulu  Skeletor travels to the past and hides a bomb to blow up Castle Grayskull.
Not Reviewed  "The Time Wheel"

  Season 2; Episode 32; 1984 Oct 26
TV.com  Hulu  Tamask, ancient King of Eternia, is brought into He-Man's time and starts feeling cheated.
Not Reviewed  "Time Doesn't Fly"

  Season 2; Episode 50; 1984 Nov 17
TV.com  Hulu  Hexon has captured the Emperor of Sinba and the Keeper of Time, and made Eternia's sun stop moving in order to gain the throne through a legal technicality.

Not Reviewed  The Hector Heathcote Show
  animated shorts/series; 1959 Jul? - 1965?
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  BCDB: "Based on cartoons originally shown in theatrical release, this show combined Hashimoto, Hector Heathcote and Sidney re-runs with new productions made just for the Television show." TVAcres.com: "the animated misadventures of a time traveling scientist who bumbled about in America's past..."

Series  Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
  series; 1994 Apr 25 - 1999 Nov 27 - USA/New Zealand
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  fan site  And a few of those journeys were through time...

Not Reviewed  "The End of the Beginning"
  Season 3; Episode 56; 1997 Apr 01
TV.com  fan site  Autolycus steals the Chronos Gem, sending Herc and himself back five years to relive painful events.
Not Reviewed  "Armageddon Now, Part 1"

  Season 4; Episode 72; 1998 Feb 09
TV.com  YouTube  fan site  Among other transdimensional hijinks, Hope sends Callisto back in time to kill Hercules' mother before he is born, and Iolaus convinces Ares to send him back too. Ares seems more worried about using time travel itself than defying Hope and Callisto.
Not Reviewed  "Armageddon Now, Part 2"

  Season 4; Episode 73; 1998 Feb 16
TV.com  YouTube  fan site  Callisto manages to kill not only Hercules' mother, but her own parents before she's born. Iolaus gets ahold of the Chronos stone, and with Herc's help, tosses Callisto into a vortex that somehow fixes everything.
Not Reviewed  "Once Upon a Future King"

  Season 5; Episode 100; 1999 Apr 26
TV.com  Merlin sends an evil Arthur and Mab back a thousand years, where Hercules straightens Mr. Pendragon out.

Animated Series  Herculoids
  animated series; 1967 Sep 09 - 1968 Jan 08; 1981 Sep 12 - Nov 21
IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  YouTube  Tales of a faraway planet with a unique ecosystem and sociopolitical structure, ruled by an athletic family and their intelligent creature pals, who attract a range of villains whose sole intent is to defeat them.

Not Reviewed  "The Time Creatures"
  Episode 26; 1967 Nov 18
TV.com  BCDB  Fliiby  Oton, from 5000 years in the future, desires to destroy everything in the past. First stop: his own planet, Amzot.

Not Reviewed  Here Comes Peter Cottontail
  animated; 1971 Apr 04
IMDb  BCDB  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Time Warner: "Peter oversleeps and must go back in time to fulfill his Easter Bunny duties..." and to stop the fascist takeover of the holiday by the evil January Q. Irontail. Danny Kaye's character lets him borrow the Yestmorrowmobile to help kick said Irontail.

Not Reviewed  Herrliche Zeiten im Spessart
  1967 Sep 21 - Bundesrepublik Deutschland - aka Glorious Times in the Spessart Inn
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Wiki  Second sequel to Das Wirtshaus im Spessart which was a ghostly redemption comedy, but this one seems to have astronauts, time travel and cross-dressing.

Not Reviewed  Heroes
  series; 2006 Sep 25 - 2010 Feb 08
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  Internet Archive  Uncanny ensemble cast of everyday people with incredible powers struggle to elude one of their kind who is eating their brains to absorb said powers. One Indian geneticist plainly had a hard time finding them, since they live in disparate areas of the globe– but they seem to coincidentally cross each others' paths a lot. Perhaps this isn't an example of a classic faux pas of dramatic writing after all, since one of them, Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) can stop and/or travel time at will. Another, Isaac Mendez (Santiago Cabrera) paints clairvoyant comics of future events, like a nuke going off in Manhattan.
Early promise of the series seemed to sour the longer it dragged on.

Series  Hex
  series; 2004 Oct 17 - 2005 Dec 18 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Boarding school girl gains the unwholesome attention of Azazeal, but she has a lesbian ghost pal to help her cope.

Not Reviewed  "Where the Heart Is"
  Season 2; Episode 13; 2005 Nov 13
TV.com  YouTube  Angelic/infernal meddling leads to a date in 1928 Berlin.

Series  The Highwayman
  series; 1987 Sep 20 - 1988 May 06
IMDb  TV.com  epguides  Wiki  Short-lived series about a high-tech semi and its crew.

Not Reviewed  "Summer of '45"
  Episode 4; 1988 Apr 01
TV.com  YouTube  Lightyear writes: "one episode had the guys travelling back to 1945 in their futuristic Big Rig... I can't remember much about it but I do remember I really liked that episode and I risked failing my exams because I stayed up to watch it."

Series  Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show
  series; 1997 Sep 01 - 2000 May 01
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Wayne Szalinski (Peter Scolari) is the kooky inventor and absent-minded dad we all loved from the series of Disney family films about his invention of a matter-shrinking machine. But did you also know he invented a means to travel time? It's true.

Not Reviewed  "Honey, We're Stuck in the 70's"
  Season 1; Episode 4; 1997 Oct 18
TV.com  YouTube  The Szalinski Time Hopper seems to hold one important flaw: the traveller stands the risk of crystalizing.
Not Reviewed  "Honey, You're Living in the Past"

  Season 1; Episode 11; 1997 Dec 15
TV.com  YouTube  How about an invention that lets you "see yourself in the past"? Only it makes you that person.
Not Reviewed  "Honey, Meet the Barbarians"

  Season 1; Episode 13; 1998 Jan 07
TV.com  YouTube  Losing Diane's election at her school board, Wayne decides to travel time to run a recall on his actions, resulting in an invasion of Conan-like warriors. Maybe this is just how they do things in California.
Not Reviewed  "Honey, We're Past Tense"

  Season 2; Episode 29; 1998 Nov 14
TV.com  YouTube  Tent invention drops the Szalinskis in prehistory.
Not Reviewed  "Honey, the Future's Coming Back to Me"

  Season 2; Episode 35; 1999 Feb 06
TV.com  YouTube  TV.com: "Amy and Nick are kidnapped by a cyborg from the future, a result of Jennings' misuse of Wayne's environment-friendly car."
Not Reviewed  "Honey, Name That Tune"

  Season 3; Episode 45; 1999 Sep 25
TV.com  YouTube  The pursuit of the origin of a song results in crosstime espionage.
Not Reviewed  "Honey, You Won't Believe What Happens Next"

  Season 3; Episode 56; 2000 Jan 15
TV.com  YouTube  Wayne accidentally invents glasses that can see the future.
Not Reviewed  "Honey, It's An Interplanetary, Extraordinary Life"

  Season 3; Episode 61; 2000 Feb 19
TV.com  YouTube  The Time Hopper is broken, and unleashes mayhem.

Not Reviewed  Honoo Torippa
  animated; 1986 Mar 21 - Nippon - aka Fire Tripper; Rumik World 1: Fire Tripper
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Explosion throws girl 500 years into the past.

Series  Horizon
  series; 1964 Sep 01 -   - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BBC  BBC2's long-running science documentary series.

7  "The Time Lords"
  Season 33, Episode 20; 1996 Nov 29
TV.com  PBS  An hour filled with explanations and interviews with the leading thinkers in time travel, circa the mid-1990s. Later sold to PBS' Nova series, and TechTV's series Secret, Strange & True.

5  Hot Tub Time Machine
  2010 Mar 26
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Simple proof that the 1980s were a decade to use your time machine to escape from, and never to. Transparent brofest trapping otherwise beloved comedians in a sad male-inadequacy what-if. Time travel tropes range from the amusing abuse levied on Chevy Chase's repairman for being so damn blatanly cryptic, to the disturbing abuse a timelost husband deals over the phone to his still-minor future wife. It all makes the unintentional point that everyone from the 1980s doesn't really deserve anything nice that they have now.

Not Reviewed  The House in the Square
  1951 Dec 07 - UK - aka I'll Never Forget You; Man of Two Worlds
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Scientist travels to the 18th Century, falls in love. Remake of Berkeley Square.

Not Reviewed  Hua yue jia qi
  1995 - Hong Kong - aka Love in the Time of Twilight
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Love HK Film.com  Lightbulbs allow for time travel along the entire lengths of their existence in spacetime, in this romantic comedy.


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6  Idaho Transfer
  1973 Jun 15 - aka Deranged
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  The Unknown Movies  YouTube  A team of isolated scientists in Idaho discover that their matter transference research has yielded up a time machine. But their research leads them to believe mankind is soon to be wiped out in an ecological disaster, so they send the smartest teens they can find 56 years into the future to start anew. Notable for its prescience of the 1973 oil crisis.

Not Reviewed  If Only
  2004 Jul 15 - USA/UK
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  YouTube  Man loses his love and has the chance to live that last day with her over again.

Not Reviewed  In His Father's Shoes
  1997 Jun 15
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Grieving son is given magic wingtips to travel back in time, and learn about his father's life.

Not Reviewed  Into the Labyrinth
  series; 1981 May 13 - 1982 Sep 08 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  IMDb: "Three children stumble upon the imprisoned sorcerer Rothgo and are drawn into a mysterious search through time for the magical Nidus which has been stolen by the evil witch Belor." Part of The Third Eye series when brought to the US by Nickelodeon.

Animated Series  Invader ZIM
  animated series; 2001 Mar 30 - 2002 Dec 10
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  The insane Nickelodeon series about the least competent alien conqueror ever.

7  "Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy"
  Season 1, Episode 15; 2001 Aug 24
TV.com  YouTube  Veoh  official  ZIM builds a "space-time object-transfer device", which only accepts rubber piggies for travel to the past. His attempts to destroy the timeline of his nemesis, Dib, merely results in making Dib a mighty, and furious, cyborg..

6  It Happened Tomorrow
  1944 May 28
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Reporter receives tomorrow's news today. Likely inspiration for Early Edition.

Not Reviewed  It's About Time
  series; 1966 Sep 11 - 1967 Aug 27
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Two astronauts in the spaceship Scorpio get stuck in prehistory, and have wacky adventures with a cave family. Then the show changes from Gilligan's Island into The Beverly Hillbillies, once the crew brings the Cro-Magnons into the 20th Century. Theme song at tvparty.com [Realaudio]

Not Reviewed  Ivan Vasilyevich menyayet professiyu
  1973 - CCCP - aka Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation; Ivan Vasilyevich: Back to the Future
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  IMDb: "Ivan Bunsha, an apartment complex manager, and George Miloslavsky, a petty burglar, are transferred to the 16th century Moscow, while Tsar Ivan the Terrible goes into the year 1973."

Not Reviewed  Izo
  2004 Aug 21 - Nippon - aka Izô: Kaosu mataha fujôri no kijin; Izo: The World Can Never Be Changed
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Time Warner Cable: "After being crucified by the Shogun, Izo travels through the space-time continuum to present-day Tokyo where he becomes a killing machine." His method of time travel seems to be pure rage. dbborroughs writing at IMDb: "You will either find this to be a philosophical tour de force or you will find it a load of dingos kidneys."


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6  The Jacket
  2005 Jan 23 - USA/Deutschland
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube    Internet Archive  Veteran locked in an asylum has visions of his impending death.

Animated Series  Jacob Two-Two
  animated series; 2003 Sep 01 - 2006 Jul 28 - Canada
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BCDB  Nelvana Studios' adaptation of Mordecai Richler's tales of the boy who has to repeat himself to be heard.

Not Reviewed  "Jacob Two-Two's Time Trials"
  Season 2; Episode 15; 2004 Feb 22
TV.com  BCDB  YouTube  Jacob's theme of repetition takes the trifecta as he travels time to fix a broken record.

7  Je t'aime, je t'aime
  1968 Apr 26 - France
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  Time travel experiment goes awry.

7  La Jetée
  short; 1962 - France
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  Post-WWIII experiment to send a man back before the collapse of civilization results in heartbreak. Inspiration for Twelve Monkeys.

5  The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones
  animated; 1987 Nov 09
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  Boy Elroy is just fooling around, making a time machine, when the ultimate in "stunting" happens– decades after anyone in the audience would be expected to care.

Not Reviewed  Ji dong ji xia
  1989 Aug 18 - Hong Kong - aka The Iceman Cometh; Time Warriors
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Tibetan prayer wheel transports Ming Dynasty subjects to 20th Century British Hong Kong.

Not Reviewed  Jikuu tantei Genshi-kun
  animated series; 1998 Oct 01 - 1999 Jun 24 - Nippon - aka Flint: The Time Detective; Time Detective Genshi
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Wikipedia: "Flint's job as a Time Detective was to go back in time and convince a race of time-shifters to ally with him to protect the timeline."

Not Reviewed  Johnny and the Bomb
  miniseries; 2006 Jan 15 - 29 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Internet Archive  BBC Adaptation of the Terry Pratchett children's novel.

Video Series  Josh Kirby... Time Warrior
  series; 1995 Jan - 1996 May
Wiki  YouTube  YouTube  Internet Archive  IMDb: "Irwin 1138 separates the Nullifier into 6 pieces which he scatters throughout time. When the evil Dr. Zoetrope goes after the pieces, Irwin 1138 must try to stop him, with the help of a 20th century teenager, Josh Kirby, and a half-human warrior named Azabeth Siege." At 88 min. apiece, they're more a series of small movies, which is perhaps why the IMDb has them listed separately:

Not Reviewed  Chapter 1, Planet of the Dino-Knights
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Young Josh Kirby battles stop-motion dinosaurs and the ignorant who sacrifice to them, in this first installment.
Not Reviewed  Chapter 2, The Human Pets

IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Josh, Erwin and Azabeth become human pets in mediaeval England. It's where all the better time travellers get their human pets.
Not Reviewed  Chapter 3, Trapped on Toyworld

IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  cooperlewis at IMDb: "In this chapter, Josh randomly and inexplicably flies out of the spaceship and lands on a Toy (here, toys apparently include Mexicans) planet where he is assaulted by an extremely horny ragdoll and a semi-retarded bear." And what, pray, is so wrong about time-traveling Mexican toy people?
Not Reviewed  Chapter 4, Eggs From 70 Million B.C.

IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Azabeth Siege's people are encountered.
Not Reviewed  Chapter 5, Journey to the Magic Cavern

IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Rotten Tomatoes: "Josh swings into another adventure, this time crashing into an underground cavern populated by mushroom people who are suffering at the hands of 'the Muncher.'".
Not Reviewed  Chapter 6, Last Battle for the Universe

IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  The mushroom people hold the key to defeating Dr. Zoetrope.

4  Journey to the Center of Time
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Stomp Tokyo  YouTube  The new CEO of Stanton Industries is pressuring his researchers for big results from their temporal projects, and fast. Pretty soon the cohesion of spacetime is in jeopardy from corporate foolishness. Stiffly shot and performed, the film still has some value as period camp.

6  Journeyman
  series; 2007 Sep 24 - Dec 19
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Hulu  Internet Archive  Successful newspaper reporter, occasionally thrown back and forth in time, finds himself forced to meddle in other people's lives, and his own timeline. Possible hat tip to CºNTINUUM (he carries a spanner for no reason in one ep), and was a good effort overall. NBC did not option a new season during the 2007 Writers' Strike.
The series still failed the consistency test, even in such matters as whether his vanishing can't be seen by others (frequently he appears/disappears in the middle of a crowded San Francisco street) or whether it easily can (when he's driving a car, which crashes, or whenever else the writers decide a character or crowd needs to witness his antics). Boils down to a Bush-era Quantum Leap: a prettier and more helpless "Al", selectively enforced rules of time, and the suggestion that his personal missions are decided by a favorites-playing God.

6  Jubilee
  1977 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  official  fan site  Richard O'Brien does the time warp again as Dr. John Dee, who is called upon by Elizabeth I to reveal the secrets of the universe, including England's future.
   And behold! a post-punk wasteland does unfold, for Her Majesty's subtle pleasure.
   This arthouse oddment's dated, we measure.

Not Reviewed  Judas Kiss
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Hulu  official  Student and teacher filmmakers become lovers and then rivals submitting films of the same name ("Judas Kiss") to same festival, but in different years. A solution, if it is that, is suggested by a campus tour guide: Reedit the timeline.
First shown at the Phoenix International Flm Festival (2011 Apr 01), it was released on DVD 2011 Oct 25.

5  Just Visiting
  2001 Apr 06
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  American remake of Les Visiteurs with the lead time travellers reprising their roles. Critically panned, the film has a lower audience expectation than the original.

Animated Series  Justice League
  animated series; 2001 Nov 17 - 2006 May 13
IMDb  TV.com: Wiki  DC Comics' super-squad in their first incarnation of the millennium.

Not Reviewed  The Savage Time
  2002 Nov 09
TV.com  The League prevents the Axis from winning WWII. TV.com: "Originally aired as a feature length movie - divided into three separate episodes for subsequent reairings."

Not Reviewed  Justin Time
  2009 Dec 01
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  A young man of Native American descent gets to try clockstopping via Native American artifacts.


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Not Reviewed  Kappatoo
  series; 1990 May 23 - 1992 May 21 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Internet Archive  TVRage  23rd Century kid trades places with a 20th Century one. BBC: "A children's sci-fi comedy show, not noticeably high on laughs, that combined the time-travel element of Doctor Who with the gadgetry of Star Trek, the futuristic speak of Luna and the role-switching of The Prince And The Pauper."

7  Kate and Leopold
  2001 Dec 25
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  A rift in time results in a chance at romance for Meg Ryan's character. Some nice commentaries on the nature of time, and on those who dream of traversing it. But the old saw of a woman choosing love in some un-air-conditioned century over breaking the glass ceiling is pretty tiresome.

6  The Kid
  2000 Jun 25 - aka Disney's The Kid
IMDb  Wiki  Andy's  Bruce Willis' eight-year-old junior self appears, reinvigorating his existence.

5  A Kid in King Arthur's Court
  1995 Aug 11
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Merlin-induced time tunnel results in another modern teen summoned to save Camelot.

6  Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time
  animated; 2003 Nov 28
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  The Tempus Simia Idol (aka Time Monkey) falls into the hands of Shego, giving Kim & Co. a temporal headache. Time travel gets the usual Buffy Lite treatment the series is famous for. Presented in 2004 as three separate Kim Possible episodes, "Present", "Past", and "Future".

Not Reviewed  The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow
 series; 2003 Jan 27 - Feb 21 - Hong Kong
Wiki  YouTube  official  The Qing Emperor nearly falls to a Ming lady assassin, when they suddenly find themselves in 2003 Hong Kong. Later they make an uneasy alliance against their co-workers at the tile company they end up employed by.

Not Reviewed  Kiteretsu Daihyakka
 animated; 1987 Nov 02 - Nippon
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  TV special based on the manga. Schoolboy builds robot and time machine, has adventures.

Not Reviewed  Kiteretsu Daihyakka
 animated series; 1988 Mar 27 - 1996 Jun 09 - Nippon
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  331 episode anime based on the manga. Schoolboy and robot have more time machine adventures.

Not Reviewed  A Knight in Camelot
  1998 Nov 08
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Whoopi Goldberg and Michael York in yet another take on Twain.


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6  The Lake House
  2006 Jun 16
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  official  Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock portray residents of the same house, two years apart, who correspond and fall in love, thanks to a mailbox that sends their letters through time. Typical time travel romance fare. One scene stands as a charming, understated establishment that this relationship can alter events: He plants a tree in 2004 that quietly appears in 2006 to shelter her from a downpour.

Not Reviewed  Lancelot: Guardian of Time
IMDb  An Arthurian Knight in John Major's England... Lancelot has to guard Arthur's butt all across spacetime.

3  The Langoliers
  1995 May 14 - aka Stephen King's The Langoliers
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes    It's got Dean Stockwell, so time travel must be involved. But time travel was never so unrewarding; horror, never so dull.

5  Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
  2001 Jun 11
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes    The Illuminati are about to get their hands on an artifact with the power to control time, and it's up to a woman with an incredible package to look good stopping them. The game is said to be better by most critics.

5  The Last Day of Summer
  2007 July 20
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Labor Day becomes Groundhog Day as young Luke Malloy makes a wish for summer vacation to never end, and to be totally left behind.

4  Last Exit to Earth
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Women in 2500 are in charge, but can't figure out how to propagate without sperm, which apparently no longer works in the 26th Century. So they time travel to 2100 to get... well, to get some male villains and an action hero. Not without its moments: sound clip [MP3 1 Mb]

5  The Last Mimzy
  2007 Mar 23
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  official  Time travel toys enter the lives of two ordinary children, and they're not playing around. But the screenwriters are, as a nicely-anticipated link to ancient mandalas quickly goes uncomfortable. And stupid. Based on the 1943 short story "Mimsy Were the Borogoves" by Lewis Padgett.

Not Reviewed  Lensman
  animated; 1984 Jun 07 - Nippon - aka Lensman: Secret of the Lens; SF Shinseiki Lensman
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  BCDB  Wiki  MagicDragon says: "Excellent Japanimation combining Space travel and Time travel in unexpected and poignent way."

6  Life On Mars
  series; 2006 Jan 09 - 2007 Apr 10 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  BBC  BBC series featuring a DCI who's thrown back in time from 2006 to 1973 via a motor accident. Miraculously, he already has a job, an apartment and a car waiting for him in the seventies. Or maybe he's just in a coma...
Has a sequel series, Ashes to Ashes (see above), and an American remake (see below).

6  Life On Mars
  series; 2008 Oct 09 - 2009 Apr 01 - USA
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  American remake, set in New York 1973, with Harvey Keitel as the hardass boss.

Not Reviewed  Lilovyj shar
  1987 - CCCP - aka The Purple Ball
IMDb  YouTube  Edited from MagicDragon (who edited from Boris Shafir): Spacefaring scientists discover a planet where the inhabitants have all perished from a virus, then realize they somehow left said virus on Earth 26,000 years in the past: "The only chance to save the Earth is to travel 26000 years back in time - to the epoch when witches, dragons and magicians lived along with usual people."

Series  Logan's Run
  series; 1977 Sep 16 - 1978 Feb 06
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Short-lived series based on the movie, where the main problem the characters have with time is that their society forbids anyone to live beyond the age of 30.

Not Reviewed  "Man Out of Time"
  Episode 5; 1977 Oct 17
TV.com  fan site  A time traveler from the runners' distant past (AD 2118) makes contact, and desires to prevent the disaster that led to Logan's world. Episode written by David Gerrold, of The Man Who Folded Himself fame.

Series  Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
  series; 1993 Sep 12 - 1997 Jun 14
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  The WB  Quirky idea based around some guy from another planet disguising himself as a member of the American press corps.

Not Reviewed  "Tempus Fugitive"
  Season 2; Episode 40; 1995 Mar 26
TV.com  The WB  H. G. Wells' time machine starts playing a role in the life of Superman.
Not Reviewed  "Tempus Anyone?"
  Season 3; Episode 58; 1996 Jan 21
TV.com  The WB  Lois is taken to a timeline where she died before meeting Clark.
Not Reviewed  "Soul Mates"
  Season 4; Episode 70; 1996 Oct 13
TV.com  If you could choose one person to interrupt your wedding night, it would be H. G. Wells and his time machine, right? No?
Not Reviewed  "'Twas the Night Before Mxymas"
  Season 4; Episode 77; 1996 Dec 15
TV.com  The WB  Mxyzpltlk time loops Christmas Eve.
Not Reviewed  "Meet John Doe"
  Season 4; Episode 80; 1997 Mar 02
TV.com  AOL: "An evil time-traveler seeking the presidency brainwashes the country."
Not Reviewed  "Lois and Clarks"
  Season 4; Episode 81; 1997 Mar 09
TV.com  TVTome.com: "Lois needs to find a way to bring Clark back to this world, and she will count with the help of H.G. Wells and the Clark from the alternate world, but they need to act quickly, or the real Clark will disappear in time, forever."

9  Lola Rennt
  1998 Aug 20 - Deutschland - aka Run Lola Run
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube    official  Lola has twenty minutes to get 100,000 marks, or her boyfriend Manni will lose his life. Fortunately for her, she seems to have a special power over time and fate. Even more fortunately for the boys in the audience is watching Franka Potente getting all that exercise. The girls, however, will wonder what she's doing with such a jerk like Manni.

Not Reviewed  Looper
  2012 Sep 28
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Ain't It Cool News  IFC  YouTube  official  Tumblr  Twitter  IMDb: "A killer who works for the mob of the future recognizes one of his targets as his future self."

Not Reviewed  The Lords of Magick
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  IMDb: "A pair of sorcerer brothers from 10th-century England show up in modern-day California and wreak havoc."

5  Lost In Space
  1998 Apr 03
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Oh, the pain... the pain. As if being Lost In Space weren't enough, Dr. Smith gets himself lost in time, and emerges as some hideously mutated... Well. Who cares. A pointless film.

Not Reviewed  The Lost Saucer
  series; 1975 Sep 06 - 1976 Sep 04
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Sid and Marty Krofft escapade wherein robots (played by Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzi) drag a couple kids around time.

Not Reviewed  The Love Letter
  1998 Feb 01
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Antique desk delivers mail between lovers separated by 130 years.

Not Reviewed  The Low Budget Time Machine
  2003 May
Premise  IMDb    fan site  Internet Archive  It doesn't get much lower budget than a glowing hula hoop, does it?

Not Reviewed  Lunopolis
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Hulu  official  Documentarians learn of the agenda of the Church of Lunology, founded by moon people from the future, and run for their lives.


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Not Reviewed  Magic Müller
  1993 Nov 02 - Deutschland
Premise  IMDb  Müller borrows his roomate's time machine, but fails to heed his roomate's warnings.

Not Reviewed  Les Maîtres du temps
  animated; 1982 Mar 24 - France - aka Time Masters
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Synopsis from dvdplanet.com (now gone): "Jaffar, a hero for hire, finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime as he races across the galaxy to save a young boy from a menacing evil. Can he stop the heartless Masters of Time from turning back the clock and stealing his home planet?"

Not Reviewed  The Man with Rain in His Shoes
  1998 Aug 30 - USA/UK/France/Deutschland/España
aka If Only...; Lieber gestern als nie; Lluvia en los zapatos; Twice Upon a Yesterday

IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube    Magic sanitation workers give actor another chance with a girl by allowing him to relive some of the past.

Not Reviewed  Mandog
  series; 1972 Jan 03 - Feb 07 - UK
IMDb  EOFFTV  Internet Archive  Dimensional Decade (now gone): "Three children - Kate, her brother Duncan and her friend Sammy, after discovering a timewarp in a junkyard, help a group of scientists from the 26th century escape capture from the secret police of the future by transferring the mind of their leader, Levin, into Sammy's dog Radnor."

Not Reviewed  Manhunt of Mystery Island
  serial; 1945 Mar 17 - aka Captain Mephisto and the Transformation Machine
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  IMDb: "A young couple journeys to Mystery Island to rescue the girl's father, who is being held prisoner by the evil Captain Mephisto, a pirate from 200 years ago who uses his Transformation Machine to travel forward in time and disguise himself as one of the four owners of Mystery Island."

7  Manor House
  miniseries; 2003 - UK - aka The Edwardian Country House
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  officialPBS  "This house has become a time machine..." Another reality show sequel to Channel Four's 1900 House, this time recreating household life in an Edwardian manor, with moderns taking the roles of a titled man's family and their staff. Brilliant insights into the labor and social tensions of the day.

Not Reviewed  Marching Out of Time
  1993 - aka Back to the Fuehrer
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  An attempt to invade 1940s Britain lands fascist troops in 1990s US suburbia. What did we say about not bringing Nazis through time? And we're sure Mr. Spielberg just adores that homage...

4  The Meeksville Ghost
  2001 Aug 26
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Sub-standard evil land developer yarn, with a helpful-but-annoying ghost. However, the titular spirit can drag the kid that can see him back to 1878, with interesting results. The kid believes it's just another spectral illusion, until he gets knocked over by a horse. "I'm the ghost," chortles his tormentor. "You're real!"

5  Meet the Robinsons
  2007 Mar 30 - aka A Day with Wilbur Robinson
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes    official  Disney ignored all challenges from the Lost in Space and Jimmy Neutron franchises in its bid for retro boy genius/time travel entertainment dominance. They even threw in an unnecesary rip-off of Futurama. Plot hinges upon villains bent on destroying Wilbur by stealing his ideas. Bald-faced and irony-free, folks.

Not Reviewed  Megas XLR
  animated series; 2004 May 01 - 2005 Apr 26 - aka LowBrow
IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  Veoh  Gamer discovers mecha rusting in junkyard since the 1930s; performs mod, encounters its sexy creatrix from the future and some enemy aliens. Since he's broken the mecha's time travelling element, don't expect a lot of it during the series.

Not Reviewed  Men in Black 3
  2012 May 25 - aka Men in Black III; MIB3
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  official  Productionweekly.com via movieinsider.com: "When the world is threatened by an evil alien, Agent Jay travels back in time to 1969, where he teams up with the younger Agent Kay to stop an evil villain named Boris from destroying the world in the future."

6  Mentors
  series; 1999 Jun 12 - 2004 Apr 05 - Canada
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  Young Oliver Cates has invented a time portal– the "VisiCron"– through which he brings famous figures of the past to teach him heartwarming lessons for 36 hours at a time.

Not Reviewed  Metal Mickey
  series; 1980 Sep 06 - 1983 Jan 15 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  Robot exhibits wacky powers (including time travel) resulting in presumed hilarity for his respectible British owners. The title character first appeared in the summer of 1978 on STV's Saturday Banana.

7  Midnight in Paris
  2011 Jun 10
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  For Woody Allen, the future means being baked like a TV dinner, and served into a world of mostly unwelcome people and giant chickens. So it follows that to him, the past is full of all the best company and urbane conversation. Owen Wilson portrays Allen's proxy who is magically transported to the 1920s upon the titular moment, to meet the storied creatives of the day. To his credit, Allen makes all the name-dropping work in his favor, and his introspection ultimately penetrates his own hubris of idolizing a bygone era.
Thanks to Steve Eppley for sending this one in!

5  Millennium
  1989 Aug 24
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  Future humans kidnap airline passengers in an effort to restore the genome.

7  Minority Report
  2002 Jun 21
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  official  fan site    Many exciting and frightening possibilities are explored for a civilization with a tech that can show what mortal crimes lay in the near future... But then there are scenes like the one where Tom Cruise is trying to catch his severed eyeballs as they bounce away with great speed down a corridor. Please.

Not Reviewed  Minutemen
  2008 Jan 25
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  official  Disney live-action yarn of high schoolers who bond through snowsuit-clad time travel. Thanks agan to Mike H. for sending this one in!

Not Reviewed  Miraklet i Valby
  1989 Oct 06 - Danmark - aka The Miracle in Valby
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  Motorskallen at IMDb: "...the time machine is a - caravan. That's right - a caravan! What more can I tell you? Well, it's fun to see a bunch of kids go back in time and fight against middle age soldiers. It's fun to see how they change history in many ways."

Not Reviewed  Mirror, Mirror
  miniseries, 1995 Sep 30 - Dec 23 - Australia/New Zealand
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Mirror allows two girls– one in 1995 and the other in 1915– to visit each others' decades.

Not Reviewed  Mirror, Mirror II
  miniseries, 1997 Oct 11 - 1998 Mar 20 - Australia/New Zealand
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Now the mirror has a 130-year time differential, and is in the lives of two other families.

Not Reviewed  Miss Morison's Ghosts
  1981 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Two women stray down a path in Versailles in 1901, and visit the 18th Century. Based on actual claims. Shown on PBS' Mystery.

Not Reviewed  Miu haan fook wood
  2002 Jan 11 - Hong Kong - aka Wu xian fu huo; Second Time Around
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Vegas gambler stumbles upon the legend of stones with powers over time and parallel universes.

Not Reviewed  Moondial
  miniseries; 1988 Feb 10 - Mar 16 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Minty is a teen who really hates being thrown into her old aunt's house. Being thrown back in time is sure to lighten her angst. IMDb and TV.com can't seem to agree when this was first broadcast, so there's a time rift there, too.

4  Morlocks
  2011 Sep 24
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  US military messes up time travel, morlocks pursue. Syfy Original effort to make up for not having a Stargate to kick around anymore.

Not Reviewed  Mosura 3: Kingu Gidora raishu
  1998 Dec 12 - Nippon - aka Rebirth of Mothra III; Mothra 3: King Ghidorah Attacks
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  King Ghidorah is in it, so time travel must be involved. IMDb: "While Mothra's powers are no match for the dragon, he is sent to the past, in the time of the dinosaurs, to battle a younger, and apparently less powerful, King Ghidorah."

Not Reviewed  Mud
  series; 1994 - 1996 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  Wikipedia: "In the second series, the children... travelled into the past, thanks to a time-travelling ambulance, in order to prevent Mrs Dears becoming a witch in the first place."

Series  Murder Most Horrid
  series; 1991 Nov 14 - 1999 Apr 02 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Dawn French vehicle featuring murder, mirth and mystery.

Not Reviewed  "A Determined Woman"
  Season 1, Episode 4; 1991 Dec 05
TV.com  YouTube  TV.com: "Scientist Rita Proops brings her equipment home to start working on the ultimate invention - the time machine. But this causes friction at home with disastrous results."

4  My Science Project
  1985 Aug 01 - aka Timebuster
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Teen automotive aficianado digs up device that generates time warps and eighties tomfoolery.

Series  Mystery Science Theater 3000
  series; 1988 Nov 24 - 1999 Sep 12 - aka MST3K
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  Clock ratings below are of course rating the MST3K episode, not rewarding the film itself.

8  The Undead
  Season 8; Episode 162; Experiment 806; 1997 Mar 08
TV.com  official  YouTube  Hooker hypnotised to travel to a previous life, to meet the devil and his witches, and to enjoy the musical stylings of Digger Smolkin.
Not Reviewed  Terror From the Year 5000!
  Season 8; Episode 163; Experiment 807; 1997 Mar 15
TV.com  official  YouTube  MST3Kinfo.com: "The increasingly whiny and oleaginous Victor manages to use his time machine to summon a human from the year 5000, the above-named Terror, who in a gesture of good will rips the face off an unsuspecting nurse and hits on Victor, accidentally irradiating the poor dope."
9  Prince of Space
  Season 8; Episode 172; Experiment 816; 1997 Aug 16
TV.com  official  YouTube  Wormhole distortion in the host segments is entertaining overall– but the Chicken Puppet Sketch is a time-travel masterpiece.
7  Time Chasers
  Season 8; Episode 177; Experiment 821; 1997 Nov 22
TV.com  official  YouTube  Man builds time machine out of a Cessna and some 286-or-earlier computer. If any film was destined to be MSTied, it's this one.
Not Reviewed  Future War
  Season 10; Episode 199; Experiment 1004; 1999 Apr 04
TV.com  official  YouTube  MST3Kinfo.com: "Meanwhile, killer dinosaurs from the future are tracking down Runaway... fitted with special collars which cause the dinosaurs to explode and disintegrate if they are harmed. The reason for this isn't clear, but I'm sure the filmmakers knew what they were doing."


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Not Reviewed  Nautilus
  1999 Jan 18
IMDb Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Submarine crew tries to prevent century-old catastrophe. Chas Lane at IMDb: "There is one interesting scene where a scientist sees himself commit suicide in the future. Don't think I've seen that before!"

10  The Navigator: A Mediaeval Odyssey
  1988 Nov 16 - Australia/New Zealand - aka The Navigator: An Odyssey Across Time
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Time travel as seen from inside the minds of realistic mediaeval peasants. Story takes refugees of a Mercian village to a modern New Zealand city, and doesn't let up for a second. Brilliant achievement.

Not Reviewed  Nem Sansão Nem Dalila
  1955 - Brasil
IMDb  YouTube  Jeep crashes into time machine, propels protagonists back into the "Gaza kingdom, circa 1153 B.C., where they get involved in many funny situations." –lukejoplin, IMDb. A notable chanchada, directed by Carlos Manga.

Not Reviewed  Nemesis 2: Nebula
  1995 Sep 26
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Human and Cyborg clash across time in this derivative straight-to-video sequel.

Animated Series  The New Scooby-Doo Movies
  animated series; 1972 Sep 09 - 1973 May 27
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Not so new now, are they? They never were very movie-like. But the Scoobies were present, and occasionally past...

Not Reviewed  "Mystery in Persia"
  Season 2; Episode 19; 1973 Sep 08 - aka "Scooby-Doo Meets Jeannie"
YouTube  AOL: "The gang travels back in time with Jeannie to help a prince battle ghosts."

7  Next
  2007 Apr 27
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  official  Nicholas Cage plays a Vegas entertainer who can see a few minutes into the future. Based on the Philip K. Dick short story "The Golden Man".

Series  Night Gallery
  series; 1970 Dec 16 - 1973 May 27
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Hulu  Rod Serling's latter foray into macabre storytelling presented works framed for the observer.

6  "The Little Black Bag"
  Season 1; Episode 2; 1970 Dec 23
TV.com  Hulu  21st Century experiment foolishly sends a medical bag from their era into a 20th Century trash can, where it is found by a disgraced doctor-turned-mendicant played by Burgess Meredith.
Not Reviewed  "Lone Survivor"
  Season 1; Episode 5; 1971 Jan 13
TV.com  Hulu  A Titanic survivor is rescued at sea in 1915. Yes, that is a bit late to be rescued.
5  "The Diary"
  Season 2; Episode 14; 1971 Nov 10
TV.com  Hulu  Precognitive diary drives Patty Duke's character off the deep end.
6  "Tell David..."
  Season 2; Episode 20; 1971 Dec 29
TV.com  Hulu  A woman visits a couple with strange tech in their house, and only afterward realizes it was her son, grown and married, providing some kind of warning of impending murder.

7  1900 House
  miniseries; 1999 Sep 22 - UK
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  officialPBS  Channel Four selects a real millennial family and makes them live as if it was 1900. Then videotapes all their trials, complaints, and responses. Inspiration for the American miniseries Frontier House.

7  The 1940s House
  miniseries; 2001 Jan 01 - Feb 01 - UK
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Sequel to Channel Four's 1900 House, this time with a family living, in speeded up time, the privations of a wartime British family. Not as fresh as the original, and the harmlessness of the pretend buzzbomb attacks border on a disservice to those who truly lived through the blitz.

Not Reviewed  El Niño Invisible
  1995 - España
IMDb  YouTube  IMDb: "A group of children find a magic stone that transports them to the XII century."

Not Reviewed  Non ci resta che piangere
  1985 Jan 15 - Italia - aka Nothing Left to Do But Cry
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Teacher and companion emerge from a storm in Tuscany to find themselves in the 15th Century. Then they go about harrassing Leonardo and Columbus.

Not Reviewed  Norman's Awesome Experience
  1989 Sep - USA/Canada - aka A Switch in Time
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  Canadians are thrown into the Roman Empire during the Gallic conquest. MagicDragon points out: "The only known Sci-Fi feature with Latin dialogue."

5  Nostradamus
  2000 Sep 22
IMDb    He's a modern cop, having bumbled back to the 16th Century and gotten his timeline erased. Betcha never knew that.


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7  Odyssey 5
  series; 2002 Jun 21 - 2004 Oct 14
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Internet Archive  fan site  YouTube  A space shuttle team witnesses the destruction of Earth, and then is sent back five years with full memory, and the chance to stop it.

Not Reviewed  Of Tomorrows Unknown
IMDb  Student film that borrows heavily from The Terminator.

Not Reviewed  The Olden Days Coat
  short; 1982
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Girl whisked to Christmas past after donning an old piece of granny's outerwear.

5  100 Million BC
  2008 Jul 29
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Navy SEALS are sent back to Gondwana to rescue Navy time travellers from the 1940s. The time travel explanations are okay, but it falls a bit short of its premise's promise of Greatest Generation cavemen. Plus, some terrible CGI.

6  Onésime horloger
  1912 Nov 01 - France - aka Onesime, Clockmaker
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Carl Bennett writes at silentera.com: "...a Gaumont production starring comedian Ernest Bourbon. Onésime inherits a fortune but cannot collect it for twenty years. To speed up the passage of time, he alters the pneumatic central clock to a time-speeding clock." Early exploration of speeded-up motion via an undercranked camera.

Not Reviewed  Out of This World
  series; 1987 Sep 17 - 1991 May 25
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  SciFi Television Database: "This show was syndicated in the US and was about a teenaged girl whose mother was the mayor of a small California coastal town and whose father was an alien... This dual-parentage gave the girl (Evie) strange powers, such as the ability to suspend time." Brian Boone at SplitSider: "Perhaps the worst sitcom ever, or at least the most '80s sitcom ever."

6  Out of Time
  1988 Jul 17
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Bill Maher plays an LA cop/inventor whose cop great-grandson is temporally incorrect. The time travel effects are simple but effective in this well-paced procedural, but purists can enjoy gnashing at the trivia that the major action takes place on "Saturday, October 19, 1988" –which was a Wednesday.

Series  The Outer Limits
  series; 1963 Sep 16 - 1965 Jan 16
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Hulu  "There is nothing wrong with your television set..." that a few weird stories wouldn't cure.

6  "The Man Who Was Never Born"
  Season 1; Episode 6; 1963 Oct 28
TV.com  YouTube  Hulu  TV.com: "An astronaut travels to the 23rd century, where he finds the Earth a blasted wasteland inhabited by monsters." Actually, he lands in a desert of obelisks to find one mutated Martin Landau, with a tale of humanity's end that surprisingly doesn't include atomic war, but genetic tinkering leading to disaster. Then they come up with a plan to go back in time and change things, as if that idea had no drawbacks.
7  "The Forms of Things Unknown"
  Season 1; Episode 32; 1964 May 04
TV.com  YouTube  Hulu  Mr. Hobart has invented a "time-tilting device" which allows him to slide things from the past into the present– including people who have been murdered. Edited from a failed pilot for a series titled "The Unknown".
6  "Demon With a Glass Hand"
  Season 2; Episode 37; 1964 Oct 17
TV.com  YouTube  Hulu  Robert Culp in a classic turn as a traveller who has come back 1000 years in order to save future humanity from his alien pursuers, with the help of his talking artificial limb. Said to be the inspiration for The Terminator, it likely seemed less silly back in the sixties.
7  "The Premonition"
  Season 2; Episode 48; 1965 Jan 09
TV.com  EOFFTV  YouTube  Hulu  EoFFTV: "When a test pilot is involved in a crash, he recovers to find that he and his wife are caught in a time warp and the rest of the world is moving much slower than them. As the rest of the world slowly catches up with them, they have to get back to the places they were when the accident happened or they'll be trapped in limbo."

Series  The Outer Limits
  series; 1995 Mar 26 - 2002 Jan 18
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Hulu  official  Internet Archive  "We shall control all that you see and hear..." down to repeating the original series' stentorian narrator that rammed The Moral Of The Story down your throat at the beginning and end of each episode.

Not Reviewed  "Virtual Future"
  Season 1; Episode 8; 1995 May 05
TV.com  Hulu  YouTube  Young scientist accidentally invents a time viewing device out of his VR set, then struggles to save his future."
6  "A Stitch In Time"
  Season 2; Episode 23; 1996 Jan 14
TV.com  Hulu  Dr. Givens' minority report issues from the barrel of a 9mm in this well-executed tale. Why 7-month-old fetuses are needed to travel time is explained.
Not Reviewed  "Falling Star"
  Season 2; Episode 41; 1996 Jun 30
TV.com  Hulu  A fan from the future shares a suicidal pop singer's mind, saving her. Then the time police move in to murder the poor thing.
6  "Vanishing Act"
  Season 2; Episode 43; 1996 Jul 21
TV.com  Hulu  Newlywed man goes for some champagne on New Year's Eve, 1949, encounters a bright light, and begins a process of reappearing at 10-year intervals.
6  "Tribunal"
  Season 5; Episode 100; 1999 May 14
TV.com  Hulu  Meet Nicholas Prentice, witness to history, as he watches the Holocaust and rescues a wayward survivor's descendant, for his future humanitarian tribunal.
Not Reviewed  "Deja Vu"
  Season 5; Episode 104; 1999 Jul 09
TV.com  Hulu  Wormhole teleportaton device is sabotaged, creating a time loop.
Not Reviewed  "Gettysburg"
  Season 6; Episode 127; 2000 Jul 28
TV.com  Hulu  Prentice transports Civil War buffs back to the great battle, to see if history can be tweaked after all.
6  "Patient Zero"
  Season 7; Episode 134; 2001 Mar 23
TV.com  Hulu  Veoh  Internet Archive  Time traveller arrives to kill the first carrier of a doomsday disease.
Not Reviewed  "Time to Time"
  Season 7; Episode 147; 2001 Aug 21
TV.com  Hulu  YouTube  Internet Archive  TV Tome: "A dedicated daughter trips back in time to change her Dad's destiny." The last of the Prentice trilogy.

Not Reviewed  Outlaws
  series; 1986 Dec 28 - 1987 May 02
IMDb TV.com Wiki  YouTube  The Pike Gang and the sheriff that hunted them are sent forward 100 years to open a detective agency. (Thanks to EmeraldIsle for tipping off Timelinks.)


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Not Reviewed  Past Perfect
  1996 Oct 11
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Trailer  Gang members start turning up dead, and officer Dylan Cooper begins to realize he's facing killers from the future, attempting to improve their timeline.

7  Paycheck
  2003 Dec 25
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  official  Trailer  2003's amnesiac movie bears a time travel twist, as Ben Affleck's character's erased memory holds the building of a time-viewing device, and its dire warnings from the future (including the finality of a President launching pre-emptive strikes based on information from the device). Intelligent, it's still a John Woo action flick– though the action tropes feel stale whenever prescience is not involved.

7  Peggy Sue Got Married
  1986 Oct 10
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Trailer  Kathleen Turner's Peggy Sue faints at her high school reunion, and awakens with full memory as her teen self in 1960, with the seeming chance to undo all her youthful mistakes.

4  The Peter Potamus Show
  animated series; 1964 Sep 16 - 1966 Feb 06 - aka Peter Potamus and So-So; Peter Potamus and His Magic Flying Balloon
IMDb  BCDB  Wiki  YouTube  official  Hippo and monkey sidekick travel time via a special compass installed on their combination balloon-boat. Any backstory written for this would simply boggle minds.
Donald Markstien at Toonopedia: "Also on the subject of corrections, many animation reference works list the show's original title as Peter Potamus & His Magic Flying Balloon. But Mike Tiefenbacher, who also has strong credentials as a cartoon historian, has thoroughly researched the topic, and concludes the balloon was never a part of its official name."

Not Reviewed  Peut-être
  1999 Nov 10 - France - aka Maybe; Perhaps
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  A man, left to ponder whether he should start a family, winds up meeting his decendants.

Not Reviewed  Phil of the Future
  series; 2004 Jun 18 - 2006 Aug 19 - aka The Out of Timers
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Disney sitcom about a future family trapped in our time.

Not Reviewed  The Philadelphia Experiment
  1984 Aug 03
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    WWII naval experiment accidentally throws sailors into the future.

Not Reviewed  The Philadelphia Experiment II
  1993 Nov 12
Premise  IMDb   Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Stealth aircraft sent back to Nazi Germany. Nazi 1993 ensues.

Not Reviewed  Piratas en el Callao
  animated; 2005 Feb 24 - República del Perú
IMDb EOFFTV  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Internet Archive  Peru's animation industry kicked off in 2005 with a time travel pirate adventure: "De pronto cae, accidentalmente, por un portal del tiempo y aparece en el puerto del Callao del siglo XVII, el cual està a punto de ser atacado por el temible pirata Jacques L'Hermite (quien, por si no lo saben, existó en la vida real)."

5  Pirates of the Plain
  1999 Dec 31
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Tim Curry plays Jezebel Jack, a pirate made to walk the plank, who falls into 20th Century Nebraska. Then he's pursued there by his mutinous crew.

8  Planet of the Apes
  1968 Feb 08
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  fan site    SF classic where Charlton Heston's lost astronaut begins as a sardonic realist– aware that he's travelled so far ahead in time that planting the US flag is laughable– but ends up crying over lost Liberty.

6  Planet of the Apes
  2001 Jul 27 - aka The Visitor
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  Internet Archive  Marky Mark's astronaut has dimensional problems out by Saturn. Time dilations are in effect, since he arrives on the planet centuries after the space station he left from crashed there, but before the test chimp he sent out arrives, late in the film. The "surprise" ending stands dumb beside the original's.

Series  Play for Today
  series; 1970 Oct 15 - 1984 Aug 28 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BBC anthology series with a notable time travel entry:

Not Reviewed  "The Flipside of Dominick Hide"
  1980 Dec 09
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  fan site  fan site  Comedy/drama about Dominick Hide from 2130. He's only supposed to observe while visiting 1980– but falls in love.
Not Reviewed  "Another Flip for Dominick"

  1982 Dec 14
IMDb  TV.com  YouTube  fan site  fan site  Dominck's student, Pyrus Bonnington, tries to save a princess from terrorists in 1982.

Not Reviewed  Playing Beatie Bow
  1986 Aug 07 - Australia
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Lace collar transports girl to Victorian Era Sydney.

Not Reviewed  Pokémon 4Ever
  2002 Oct 11 - Nippon/USA - aka Pokémon 4: The Movie; Pokemon 4Ever: Celebi - Voice of the Forest
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Meet Celebi, the pokémon who can travel time. If you capture him, you can erase all the others from existence and win.

5  Portrait of Jennie
  1948 Dec 25 - aka Jennie; Tidal Wave
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  John Seavey at IMDb: "Every time he sees her, she is older, and talks of things that happened long ago."

Not Reviewed  Power Rangers: Time Force
  series; 2001 Feb 03 - Nov 17
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  The ninth series of the Power Rangers franchise capitalized on millennial angst by fighting it in multicolored costumes.

Not Reviewed  Power Rangers Time Force - Quantum Ranger: Clash for Control
  2001 May 05
IMDb  TV.com  Rotten Tomatoes  Presumably a mashup of a two-part Power Rangers: Time Force episode of the same name, designed for home video sales.

Animated Series  The Powerpuff Girls
  animated series; 1998 Nov 28 - 2004 Aug 27; 2005 Mar 25 - aka PPG
IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  officialCartoon Network  PPG continued the time travel mayhem tradition begun in Dexter's Laboratory. Besides, we have a theory about why we never see Ms. Bellum's face... Let's just say we suspect her irises are hot pink.

7  "Speed Demon"
  Season 2; Episode 25; 2000 Jun 02
TV.com  YouTube  A race home from school results in the girls travelling 50 years into a dark future ruled by Him.
7  "Get Back Jojo"

  Season 4; Episode 42; 2001 May 4
TV.com  YouTube  The Professor shows off a time machine for the Pokey Oaks class, which Mojo attempts to use to prevent the junior Utonium from becoming interested in science in the first place.

7  Prehistoric Park
  miniseries; 2006 Jul 22 - Sep 24 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  official  official  Real-world 'wildlife adventurer'/'zoologist' Nigel Marven gathers extinct species and brings them live through a time portal in this clever mashup of genres from the creators of Walking With Dinosaurs. Don't step on that butterfly, Nigel.

3  Prehistoric Women
  1967 Jan 25 - UK
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Trailer  Hammer Films sends a lucky explorer back through time via a magic rhino horn to an era when brunettes enslaved blondes.

Not Reviewed  Premonition
  2007 Mar 16
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  official  YouTube  Normally, we don't include merely prophetic stories on The Big List, but this one looks like Sandra Bullock's character damn well pre-lives future events. Early debut at the European Film Market, Feb 8 2007.

9  Primer
  2004 Oct 08
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  official  Trailer  Young engineers accidentally invent a time machine in their garage, and distrust ensues. While critics have compared it to Kubrick, it actually falls just shy of true time travel (and storytelling) perfection– but still one of the finest entries to the genre. Best line: "He reverse engineered a perfect moment." Shown at the 2004 Sundance (Jan 16); winner of the Grand Jury Prize.

6  Primeval
  series; 2007 Feb 10 -   - UK - aka Primaeval
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BBC America  official  Nick Cutter and crew chase after creatures falling into our time through an anamoly in the Forest of Dean. Then the anamolies start popping up all over the damn place.

6  Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  2010 May 28
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  official  If we were console players, our thumbs would have been twitching during every action scene of this videogame-inspired Disney entry. Pastward time travel is possible because of some pent-up vengeance of the gods being installed in a hand controller in the shape of a magic dagger.

6  Punching Hitler
  short; 2004 Mar 26
Premise  IMDb  MySpace  Beer-drinking buds discover time machine. IMDb: "After a quick jaunt to 1908 Austria to punch an 8 year old Adolf Hitler, the trio go on a madcap journey across Hitler's timeline to punch him every single day of his life."

Not Reviewed  La Puppé
  short; 2002 May 15
Premise  IMDb  Internet Archive  Internet Archive  A toy dog relives his fate in this charming spoof of La Jetée.


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6  Quantum Leap
  series; 1989 Mar 26 - 1993 May 05
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  YouTube  Hulu  Dr. Sam Beckett steps into the quantum accelerator, and into TV time travel history. He trades bodies and recent eras at the behest of an unknown force, "setting right what once went wrong," but never explains how that doesn't rewrite everything else he is and does– except at the bittersweet end. It's got Dean Stockwell, so time travel must be involved.

Not Reviewed  Queen In-Hyun's Man
  2012 Apr 18 - - Daehanminguk - aka Queen and I
Wiki  YouTube  official  17th Century scholar finds himself aiding a 21st Century actress who has taken the role of his queen in a Korean TV series. This promises to get mightily meta indeed.


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Series  The Ray Bradbury Theatre
  series; 1985 May 21 - 1992 Oct 30 - France/UK/Canada/USA/New Zealand
  aka The Bradbury Trilogy; Le Monde fantastique de Ray Bradbury; Mystery Theatre; Ray Bradbury présente

IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  fan site  The late great SF grandmaster hosted a showcase of his life's work in fiction.

Not Reviewed  "A Sound of Thunder"
  Season 4; Episode 24; 1989 Aug 11
TV.com  YouTube  Masterpiece about why you should never step on a protozoic butterfly.
Not Reviewed  "Touch of Petulance"

  Season 5; Episode 36; 1990 Oct 12
TV.com  YouTube  Man encounters his elder self, and a future headline.
5  "The Toynbee Convector"

  Season 5; Episode 38; 1990 Oct 26
TV.com  YouTube  innermind.com: "A man time travels to the past to perfect the future."
TVTome: "A man time travels to the future and returns to show the people what they have to look forward to."
Hmm... unless he's faking out everyone.

Series  Red Dwarf
  series; 1988 Feb 15 - 1999 Apr 05 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  Classic series of misfits in space.

Not Reviewed  "Future Echoes"
  Season 1; Episode 2; 1988 Feb 22
TV.com  YouTube 
Not Reviewed  "Stasis Leak"

  Season 2; Episode 10; 1988 Sep 27
Not Reviewed  "Backwards"

  Season 3; Episode 13; 1989 Nov 14
TV.com  YouTube 
Not Reviewed  "Timeslides"

  Season 3; Episode 17; 1989 Dec 12
TV.com  YouTube 
Not Reviewed  "The Inquisitor"

  Season 5; Episode 26; 1992 Feb 27
Not Reviewed  "Out of Time"

  Season 6; Episode 36; 1993 Nov 11
TV.com  YouTube 
Not Reviewed  "Tikka to Ride"

  Season 7; Episode 37; 1997 Jan 11
TV.com  YouTube 
Not Reviewed  "Ouroboros"

  Season 7; Episode 39; 1997 Jan 31
TV.com  YouTube 
Not Reviewed  "Cassandra"

  Season 8; Episode 50; 1999 Mar 11

Animated Series  The Ren and Stimpy Show
  animated series; 1991 Aug 11 - 1996 Nov 14
IMDb  TV.com BCDB  Wiki  official  One of the earliest and best deconstructive cartoons, created by the master of the form, John Kricfalusi.

7  "Space Madness"
  Season 1; Episode 3; 1991 Aug 25
TV.com BCDB  Wiki  official  Ren loses his mind on a 36-year-long space journey, and assigns Stimpy to guard the History Eraser Button. What happens if you push it? "Maybe something bad... maybe something good! I guess we'll never know..." An ironic production note: Nickelodeon editors kept the Button, but deleted a time travel climax where our heroes would try to fix it all.

Not Reviewed  Repeat Performance
  1947 May 22
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Actress gains the chance to relive the previous year of her life. Remade as Turn Back the Clock (1989).

6  Repeaters
  2010 Sep 13 - Canada
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Atonement or lack thereof haunt three twentysomethings in Canadian rehab as they learn that their Wednesday is repeating. Time for mayhem without consequences! Awful lot of laid back rapists and rapist wannabes, though, so have a care. Maybe it's a Canadian thing.

6  Retroactive
  1997 Jan 01
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  Disgraced Chicago police psychologist winds up using a lone scientist's time machine to pop back and stop a homicidal Texan from killing everyone in sight. –Except for a videotape that travels early in the film, consciousness is all that ever makes the trip. But annoyingly, the cop seems to know more about the ramifications of time travel than the physicist doing the experiment.

Animated Series  The Ripping Friends
  animated series; 2001 Sep 15 - 2002 Oct 13 - USA/Canada
IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  Kricfalusi's demented take on supers included a time travel villain...

Not Reviewed  "The Man From Next Thursday (1)"
  2002 Jan 19 - aka "Thursday Man (1)"
TV.com  YouTube  A miscarried thumb operation turns a fan into a foe.
Not Reviewed  "The Man From Next Thursday (2)"

  2002 Jan 26 - aka "Thursday Man (2)"
TV.com  YouTube  Thursday Man's revenge!

6  Ritaanaa
  2002 Aug 19 - Nippon - aka Returner
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    official  Internet Archive  Girl from 2084 is sent back to 2002 to warn the world of an impending alien invasion. Action hero shoots her shortly after she arrives. Being a time traveler, she manages to get even. (Premiered in US theaters 2003 Oct 15.) Read our full review.

Not Reviewed  Roman Scandals
  1933 Dec 25
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  A man dreams of Rome in this grand old musical.

5  Running Against Time
  1990 Nov 21
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Professor David Rhodes wishes to go back and save JFK, thereby saving his brother killed in the Vietnam War.

Not Reviewed  Running Out of Time
IMDb IMDb: "A teen-age girl returns to the times of slavery, segregation and the civil rights movement through her dreams."

Not Reviewed  Russkij Kovcheg
  2002 - Rossiyskaya Federatsiya - aka Russian Ark
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes    Modern filmmaker finds himself 300 years in the past, unable to be seen, but able to record some of Russia's lost history.


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Not Reviewed  S. Darko
  2009 Jul 10
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  official  In this sequel to Donnie Darko, Samantha Darko is racing away her youth, and her grief for her late brother, across Clinton-era America. Then the future starts haunting her, too.

Not Reviewed  Safety Not Guaranteed
  2012 Jun 08
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  official  IMDb: "Three magazine employees head out on an assignment to interview a guy who placed a classified ad seeking a companion for time travel." Thanks to Liz for alerting Timelinks!

5  Saint Sinner
  2002 Oct 26 - aka Clive Barker Presents Saint Sinner
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Internet Archive  A monk from 1815 is sent on the "Wheel of Time" to hunt down a couple succubi he let loose on us 21st Century types. Half-hearted, retread Clive Barker freakfest.

7  Samurai Jack
  animated series; 2001 Aug 10 - 2004 Sep 25
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  Internet Archive  YouTube  Achieving time travel ("back to the past") is mainly Jack's motivation rather than something that happens to him every week, or the show would earn an even higher rating. But the most profound comment on time in this series is not the premise of a samurai displaced by a demon to a future ruled by the fiend, it's the pacing of the show itself. Perhaps the only show on television that actually demonstrated the strength of being able to wait, rewarding a patient viewer.

6  Sanatorium pod klepsydra
 1973 - Polska - aka Sanatorium Under the Hourglass; The Hour-Glass Sanatorium; The Sandglass
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Wojciech Has' interpretation of Bruno Schulz' paean of surreal decay, set in a sanatorium where they "reactivate past time". Lavish production, dreamlike and disturbed, the film's jumbling of events is not mere dadaism; it warns against revisiting the past– "time vomited back by humans"– and makes efforts like The Langoliers look like childish pranks.

6  Sapphire and Steel
 series; 1979 Jul 10 - 1982 Aug 31 - UK
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  YouTube  BF  Dimensional agents Sapphire and Steel intrude on the lives of those assaulted by an insane universe. New audio adventures from Big Finish are set before the last story of the TV series.

3  Scontri Stellari Oltre la Terza Dimensione
 1979 Jan - Italia - aka The Adventures of Stella Star; Female Space Invaders; Star Crash; Starcrash; Stella Star
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Stomp Tokyo  YouTube  Christopher Plummer as the Emperor of the First Circle of the Galaxy intones the immortal words: "Imperial battleship! Halt the flow of time." Thus allowing our heroes to escape a time bomb. Plus, one character can see the future for no useful reason.

Animated Series  Sealab 2021
  animated series/shorts; 2000 Dec 21 - 2005 Apr 25
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  officialCartoon Network[as]  A fan favorite among Adult Swim's many recycled Hanna-Barbera sardonifests, the show is set a year after the original series, after budget cuts and insanity have swept Sealab.

7  "Lost in Time"
  2001 Sep 30
TV.com  BCDB  [as]  Stormy and Quinn are caught in a time loop, but keep being imprisoned with more and more of themselves. Save it for Queen Dopplepopolous!

Series  SeaQuest DSV
  series; 1993 Sep 12 - 1996 Jun 09 - aka SeaQuest; SeaQuest 2032
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  fan site  Internet Archive  Spielberg-produced series about a supersub of the near future.
Aetherco offers condolences to the family and friends of the late Jonathan Brandis (1976 Apr 13 - 2003 Nov 12)

5  "Playtime"
  Season 2; Episode 29; 1994 Oct 23
TV.com  SeaQuest is drawn into the 23rd Century, where the crew discovers that mankind has nearly videogamed itself into oblivion.
Not Reviewed  "Second Chance"

  Season 3, Episode 55; 1995 Dec 27
TV.com  A "space-time sphere" sends the SeaQuest back to October 1962, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

4  Search for the Jewel of Polaris: Mysterious Museum
 1999 Dec 21 - aka Mysterious Museum
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes    official  Kids travel via magic painting back to 1632, where danger awaits. A few funny lines do nothing to offset the surprise-free plot.

Series  The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
  series; 2000 Jun 18 - Dec 16 - Canada/UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Jules Verne and Phileas Fogg encounter many famous real and fictional extraordinary gentlemen as they steampunk their way around the world for Her Majesty's secret service. A marvelous series overall, but since the real Verne never wrote about time travel (considering it unachieveable fantasy) their stab at the genre doesn't quite fit.

5  "The Cardinal's Design"
  Episode 4; 2000 July 09
TV.com  YouTube  Alexander Dumas has written a code into The Three Musketeers hiding a secret which international spies will kill for. It takes up a lot of screentime, and seems to have nothing to do with the time machine he's built from plans signed by Cardinal Richelieu. By the end of the ep, the crew are in the 1620s, and the time travel plot seems well under weigh...
4  "The Cardinal's Revenge"

  Episode 5; 2000 July 16
TV.com  YouTube  ...but then it devolves into a "parallel history" mistaken-identity yarn, and a lame excuse to swashbuckle with D'artagnan. And no clue as to how or if Richelieu ever designed the infernal machine, or was even much out for revenge, adding up to a pretty but pointless episode.

Not Reviewed  The Secret World of Polly Flynt
  series; 1987 Feb 18 - ? - UK
IMDb  SciFi Television Database: "The adventures of a girl in a village lost in time."

Not Reviewed  See Ya Later Gladiator
  animated short; 1968 Jun 29
IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  YouTube  Time machine whisks Daffy and Speedy to AD 65, where Nero awaits.

Not Reviewed  The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising
  2007 Oct 05
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Boy travels time as part of his initiation into the order of The Light. Based on The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper.

Not Reviewed  Sengoku Jieitai
  1979 Dec 05 - Nippon - aka Time Slip; G.I. Samurai
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Modern platoon sent back in time to feudal Japan.

Not Reviewed  Sengoku Jieitai 1549
  2005 Jun 11 - Nippon - aka Samurai Commando Mission 1549
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Modern platoon sent back in time to feudal Japan.

5  Seven Days
 series; 1998 Oct 07 - 2001 May 29 - aka 7 Days
Premise  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Andy's  Internet Archive  Frank Parker travels back in time, and phones in to the Project: "This is Conundrum". You got that right. He should be at the office every time he calls in, but no, he's just not there. Shouldn't we be facing a Frank Parker glut as elder Franks arrive to fix problems and hang around with juniors who have no need to go back and fix any problems?
Dave Fooden's theory: Every time Frank phones in, the Project offs the Frank at the base. Must be a meadow somewhere stuffed with bodies of extra Franks...

Series  Shadow Chasers
  series; 1985 Nov 14 - 1986 Jan 16
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  A stuffy anthropologist and a gregarious tabloid reporter are thrown together to investigate the paranormal.

Not Reviewed  "Ahead of Time"
  Episode 14; unaired in US?
TV.com  TV.com: "A student journeys back in time to prevent an assassination." Also according to RieSheridan at TVTome: "Only nine episodes were actually shown in the U.S. Four others were only shown overseas on the Armed Forces network in the original run of the series." Including, apparently, this one.

Not Reviewed  Il Signor Rossi cerca la felicità
  animated; 1976 Mar 04 - Italia/Bundesrepublik Deutschland
aka The Fantastic Adventures of Mr. Rossi; Mr. Rossi Looks for Happiness

IMDb  YouTube  Rossi and his dog Gastone are whisked off across space and time by a fairy godmother.

Animated Series  Silent Möbius
  animated series; 1998 Apr 07 - 1998 Sep 29 - Nippon
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Internet Archive  Anime series about an all-girl demon-fighting squad of the 21st Century: the Attacked Mystification Police Department. Based on the manga by Kia Asamiya.

6  "Labyrinth"
  Episode 16
TV.com  official  Yuki is thrown from 2027 into 1997 armed only with an antique coffee grinder, and meets the guy of her dreams. A few espresso moments amidst the usual anime grind.

Animated Series  The Simpsons
  animated series; 1989 Dec 17 -
IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  Matt Groening's interest in SF themes surfaced long before Futurama, in the longest-running comedy series in the world.

7  "Treehouse of Horror V: Time and Punishment"
  Season 6; Episode 109; 1994 Oct 30
TV.com  YouTube  Ned Flanders becomes the ruler of an Orwellian world after Homer adversely uses a toaster to change the past.

Not Reviewed  Sky
  series; 1975 Apr 07 - May 19 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  fan site  Time travelling youth finds himself stuck on Earth, pursued by the evil Goodchild.

9  Slaughterhouse-Five
 1972 Mar 15
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  Vonnegutweb  Faithful and arresting version of the Vonnegut classic about Billy Pilgrim, who has come unstuck in time.

7  Slipstream
 2005 Feb 03 - USA/South Africa
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  official  Internet Archive  Internet Archive  Sean Astin plays a scientist with a handheld time machine that lets him trip back ten minutes into the past. Premiered on Sci Fi Channel, February 12, 2005.

6  Somewhere In Time
 1980 Oct 03
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    official  Playwright hypnotizes himself back to 1912 in pursuit of romance. The love story and most of the time travel elements are presented movingly, and for many this film remains their favorite of the genre. But this reviewer can't believe that hypnotism is quite that powerful a medium.

6  A Sound of Thunder
 2005 May 15 - USA/Deutschland
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  official  YouTubeTrailer  Yahoo! Movies reported the release date had been pushed back to August 20, 2004, then October 8, then March 11, 2005... it finally premiered in the US on September 2nd. Movie loosely based on the Ray Bradbury short story of a time safari having dire (albeit muddled) consequences.
Production company Crusader Entertainment originally had the following synopsis on their site, until, it seems, the company itself vanished from the web: "Travis tracks down Allison, the inventor of modern time travel, just as a 'Time Wave' rolls through New York city. Instantly, swarms of bugs overwhelm New York. Whole buildings disappear. People cease to exist. Enlisting Allison's help, Travis deduces that one of the self-indulgent billionaires must have brought a butterfly back from the past, despite dire warnings against this." (The final Warner version sets the safari origin in Chicago 2054, and restores the butterfly-squashing of the original tale.)
Not to be confused with The Butterfly Effect, released in January 2004, the title of which comes from a term partially inspired by the plot of the original Bradbury story.

Not Reviewed  Source Code
  2011 Apr 01 - USA/France - aka 8 minutos antes de morir
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  official  Soldier placed into the consciousness of a doomed Chicago commuter. Suffers love, terror, pods.

Animated Series  South Park
  animated series; 1997 Aug 13 -
IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  official  The vile, ugly– albeit hilarious– tireyard that is South Park takes on time travel with the same satiric bravado it uses to defend selfish human squalor against the forces of progress.

Not Reviewed  "4th Grade"
  Season 4; Episode 59; 2000 Nov 08
TV.com  College students build a time machine out of Timmy's wheelchair, sending him back to some saurian epoch.
7  "My Future Self N' Me"

  Season 6; Episode 95; 2002 Dec 04
TV.com  Stan and Butters are visited by what appear to be their loser future selves.
Not Reviewed  "Goobacks"

  Season 8; Episode 118; 2004 Apr 28 - aka "Goobacks From the Future"
TV.com  Angry, jobless descendants from 4035 illegally emigrate to 2004, resulting in mass homosexuality in order to stop their existence.
6  "Go God Go II"

  Season 10; Episode 151; 2006 Nov 01
TV.com  Cartman cannot wait for the release of the Nintendo Wii, and so has Butters freeze him in a glacier. Buried beneath an avalanche, he awakens five hundred years later in a world of rival atheist organizations.
7  "Go God Go XII"

  Season 10; Episode 152; 2006 Nov 08
TV.com  Trapped in the future, Cartman, known there as "The Time Child," struggles through various adventures to attain the lost Nintendo Wii. He finally resorts to making crank calls to the past, which prove to be mostly useless.

Not Reviewed  Southland Tales
  2007 Nov 14
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Internet Archive  Director Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) presents a vision of world-shattering authoritarian apocalypse.
It sounds like there's a lot we'd want to like about this movie... but an ocean turbine so powerful it disrupts the fabric of space-time? Well, maybe it works as "art".

Series  Space Patrol
  series; 1950 Mar 13 - 1955 Feb 05 - aka Satellite Police
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  TVAcres.com: "Terra V was the last space ship in the series. It was equipped with a Paralyzer Ray and a time drive... Another ship used on the series was the XRC (Experimental Rocket Ship) also called the Rocket Cockpit Ship, equipped with a magnetically controlled time drive."

Not Reviewed  "Lunatics from the Future"
  Season 1; Episode 42; 1951 Oct 13
Not Reviewed  "The Chase in Time"

  Season 2; Episode 103; 1952 Dec 13
Not Reviewed  "Marooned in the Past"

  Season 4; Episode 173; 1954 Apr 17

Series  Space Precinct
  series; 1994 Oct 03 - 1995 Jul 24 - UK - aka Space Police; Space Precinct 88
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Internet Archive  Obscure Gerry Anderson series about cops in space.

Not Reviewed  "Time to Kill"
  Episode 6; 1994 Nov 07
TV.com  Kessler: "Brogan is stalked by a time-travelling cyborg which manages to kill just about everyone but the cop himself." Thanks to Timelinks reader JB for sending this one in!

7  Sphere
 1998 Feb 13
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes    A US spaceship from the future is found buried in coral dating from the 1700s. Intriguing most of the way through, it winds up having a very silly ending.

Not Reviewed  The Spirit of '76
  1990 Oct 12
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes    Americans from the far future confuse 1776 with 1976 in their wacky attempt to recreate the perfection of US culture.

Not Reviewed  Split Infinity
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  official  Hayloft propels a 14-year-old from the 1990s into 1929. FamilyTV.com gives it 5 out of 5 diamonds for Work Ethic. Thanks again to "Mike" for sending this one in to Timelinks!

Not Reviewed  Sport Billy
  animated series; 1982 Jun - Aug - USA/Bundesrepublik Deutschland
aka The Adventures of Sport Billy and Lilly– Space Champions

IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Internet Archive  Strange Filmation effort based around a German sports equipment logo. Sport Billy has a bag filled with an infinite amount of said sports equipment with which he fights the evil Queen Vanda and her plans to spread unsportmanlike behaviour across the Earth. He also has at his disposal a time machine.

Not Reviewed  Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D
  2011 August 19 - aka Spy Kids 4
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    official  The evil Timekeeper is set to speed lazy mankind to extinction using the Armageddon Device. Only time puns and fart jokes can stop him now.

Series  Star Trek
  series; 1966 Sep 08 - 1969 Jun 03 - aka Star Trek The Original Series; Star Trek TOS
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  official  fan site  Julia Huston wrote at about.com: "Whatever people do in the Star Trek universe, as long as they've got a starship, they can undo and redo to their heart's content, so why don't they? ...So instead of chaos -- which makes for a really lousy TV show -- we have denial."
Which makes for really lousy time travel. To its credit, the Original Series delved into some interesting territory– but made no hard-and-fast limits to the effects of travelling time. The subsequent series just keep shooting in the dark whenever time travel comes up– episodes that are nevertheless some of the most popular.

5  "The Naked Time"
  1966 Sep 29
official  After "cold starting" the engines, the Enterprise crew find they've gone back in time a few days.
6  "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"

  1967 Jan 26
official  An unwelcome trip around a black star has landed the Enterprise over 1960s Earth, thus 'inventing' the slingshot effect. Much is made of covering up '60's photographic evidence of the ship– even though the crew seems to have methods of entirely erasing their presence, including the power to beam local witnesses back into their junior selves.
9  "The City on the Edge of Forever"

  1967 Apr 06
official  Classic tale of ensuring the death of one good person, so that uncounted future generations might live. Also the suggestion that time travel is a cornucopia of adventure is rebuffed with cold anger by a heartbroken Kirk –an important lesson the franchise would never quite recapture.
6  "Assignment: Earth"

  1968 Mar 29
official  Slingshot effect is used to spy on the 20th Century, which is also being watched by Mr. Gary Seven. Mr. Seven is from farther in the future, but is surprised to see Kirk and crew there.
8  "All Our Yesterdays"

  1969 Mar 14
official  Mr. Atoz' atavachron sends Kirk, Spock and McCoy into the past of the planet Sarpeidon. Just the thought of bringing to life alien Middle Ages and alien prehistory was pretty neat for TV in 1969.

Animated Series  Star Trek
  animated series; 1973 Sep 08 - 1974 Oct 12 - aka Star Trek The Animated Series; Star Trek TAS
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BCDB  The decanonized orphan series of the franchise had its share of time travel, too.

Not Reviewed  "Yesteryear"
  Episode 2; 1973 Sep 15
official  BCDB  After a visit to the Guardian of Forever, Spock must return to his Vulcan childhood (AD 2237) to restore his timeline.
Not Reviewed  "The Time Trap"

  Episode 12; 1973 Nov 24
official  BCDB  Less a real time travel story than an inspiration for an episode of Voyager ("The Void").
Not Reviewed  "The Counter-Clock Incident"

  Episode 22; 1974 Oct 12
official  BCDB  The franchise's own take on a Bizarro universe, complete with black stars in white space, and a planet called "Arret". People there age backwards, including visitors from the Enterprise, resulting in... Trek Babies. A delightfully silly end to the kiddie series.

6  Star Trek
 2009 May 07 - aka Star Trek XI
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  official  Internet Archive  The Federation would be a great place to live... if it weren't for all the damn time travelers.
It's almost as though someone wants Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future to fail. This time around, some Romulans take a shot at erasing Kirk from existence, only not, since old Spock goes and tells young Spock all about it in this long-anticipated return to the years of Classic Trek.

Series  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  series; 1993 Jan 03 - 1999 Jun 02 - aka DS9; Star Trek DS9
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  fan site 

Not Reviewed  "Past Tense, Pt. I"
  1995 Jan 02
Not Reviewed  "Past Tense, Pt. II"

  1995 Jan 09
Not Reviewed  "Visionary"

  1995 Feb 27
Not Reviewed  "The Visitor"

  1995 Oct 09
Not Reviewed  "Little Green Men"

  1995 Nov 13
official  Ferengi Quark, Rom and Nog crash at Roswell in 1947.
7  "Trials and Tribble-ations"

  1996 Nov 04
official  A Trek tour-de-force where Sisko's crew travels back to insure that Kirk's crew survives the tribble incident. One of the few times that the tech and look of the Original Series is faced by a later series. Most notable: Worf's disinclination to explain why Klingons look so different.
Not Reviewed  "Children of Time"

  1997 May 05
Not Reviewed  "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night"

  1998 Apr 01
official  Kira uses the Orb of Time, and lands in the past, in a Bajoran refugee camp.
Not Reviewed  "Time's Orphan"

  1998 May 20
official  Miles and Keiko's child falls into a vortex, but is rescued only after she has lived without human contact for ten years.

Series  Star Trek: Enterprise
  series; 2001 Sep 26 - 2005 May 13 - aka Enterprise
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  fan site  The Star Trek prequel took the bold move of making a "Temporal Cold War" its widest story arc.

6  "Broken Bow"
  2001 Sep 26
official  In the series opener, much revolves around Capt. Archer's mission to return a lost Klingon home, but in the process he and his crew run afoul of the shape-shifting Suliban, and Archer learns of the existence of the Temporal Cold War.
Not Reviewed  "Cold Front"

  2001 Nov 28
official  Daniels, a humanoid soldier from 900 years in Enterprise's future, reveals himself among the crew, and aids Archer in defeating the Suliban Silik. T'Pol voices doubt that time travel is really possible, but after Daniels disappears, Archer has his room sealed anyway.
7  "Shockwave, Part I"

  2002 May 22
official  The Suliban attempt to frame the Enterprise with the destruction of an alien colony, and Daniels pops Archer around alternate timelines in order to help. But in the ensuing conflict, Daniels strands them both in the 31st Century in a timeline where his time travel equipment no longer exists.
Not Reviewed  "Shockwave, Part II"

  2002 Sep 18
official  Daniels cobbles together a time communication device with some stuff Archer is carrying, and allows him to contact the 22nd Century and plan countermeasures to the Suliban. Bernd Schneider writes: "No matter how we try to justify it, it remains stupid."
6  "Future Tense"

  2003 Feb 19
official  The Suliban and the Tholians attack Enterprise for the 31st Century capsule they picked up. T'Pol keeps dismissing time travel, which is starting to get annoying.
Not Reviewed  "The Expanse"

  2003 May 21
official  Earth is attacked by a one-alien probe, and Enterprise is dispatched to find the perpetrators. Along the way, the Suliban's Mysterious Figure from the future informs Archer that the attack was by the Xindi who have been told that Earth will one day destroy them.
4  "Carpenter Street"

  2003 Nov 26
official  Daniels spends five screen minutes unloading time-travel-Trekspeak to convince Archer to take T'Pol from the Expanse to 2004 Earth in order to steal cars and act like a brownshirt stopping some local stinky guy who's helping the Xindi make a bioweapon.
In the face of this much nonsense and evil, T'Pol's stoic skepticism is suddenly very welcome.
Not Reviewed  "Azati Prime"

  2004 Mar 03
official  On the eve of the Xindi weapon's launch, Archer determines to destroy it in a suicide mission. Daniels chooses this moment to whisk the captain off to the Enterprise-J, four centuries hence.
Not Reviewed  "E2"

  2004 May 05
official  TV.com  The Enterprise encounters a much later version of itself, full of the crew's decendants. T'Pol gets some advice on romance from her elder self.
Not Reviewed  "Zero Hour"

  2004 May 26
official  The cliffhanger episode ends with the Enterprise returning to a Nazified Earth.
6  "Storm Front, Part I"

  2004 Oct 08
official  startrek.com: "Archer and the NX-01 find themselves in Earth's past, with events of World War II altered..." Evil time travellers have built a "stealth time machine" and made the Temporal Cold War hot by helping the Nazis win. On the up side, this has left Daniels a genetic mess, and he's dying.
Not Reviewed  "Storm Front, Part II"

  2004 Oct 15
official  Bernd Schneider writes: "There is no reason why the destruction of Vosk's (1944) facility should reset the timeline, as the damage has already been done before in a logical order of events. The mention of Lenin's unscheduled assassination in 1916 as the original reason for the timeline mess even complicates the rationalization."
Not Reviewed  "In A Mirror, Darkly, Part I"

  Season 4; Episode 94; 2005 Apr 22
official  TV.com  TV.com: "In the mirror universe, Commander Archer mutinies against Captain Forrest in order to capture a future Earth ship found in Tholian space."
Not Reviewed  "In A Mirror, Darkly, Part II"

  Season 4; Episode 95; 2005 Apr 29
official  TV.com  TV.com: "In the mirror universe, Archer commandeers the 23rd-century Defiant from the Tholians and uses it in a nefarious power grab."

7  Star Trek: First Contact
 1996 Nov 22
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes    official  The Borg stop Cochran's maiden warp voyage, and enBorgify Earth, so it's up to Picard's crew to stop their stopping him. Many fine moments.

8  Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  1986 Nov 26
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes    official  Saving the whales was never so entertaining as this entry from the original cast. As excellent as the synergy of the arc, plot and characters is, and with the slough of classic lines and situations, one of the best time travel scenes may simply have never been shot: A child playing Sulu's ancestor kept bawling during the shoot with George Takei, robbing this tiara of a picture the gem of the grandfather paradox.

4  Star Trek Generations
  1994 Nov 18
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes    official  Malcolm McDowell as a twisted scientist opening an unwelcome time gate in the air. Oh, and Kirk and Picard meet somehow to stop him.

Series  Star Trek: The Next Generation
  series; 1987 Sep 28 - 1994 May 23 - aka Star Trek: TNG; TNG
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  fan site 

Not Reviewed  "Time Squared"
  1989 Apr 03
Not Reviewed  "Yesterday's Enterprise"

  1990 Feb 19
6  "Captain's Holiday"

  1990 Apr 02
official  Vorgons from the 27th Century intrude on Picard's trip to Risa and inform him he will unearth the legendary Tox Uthat, which is actually a starkiller from their time. Picard handles the time travel with marvelous nonchalance, and gets lucky with a smart lady.
Not Reviewed  "A Matter of Time"

  1991 Nov 18
6  "Cause and Effect"

  1992 Mar 23
official  The Enterprise is caught in a "temporal causality loop" for 17.4 days during which attacks of deja vu become increasingly uncomfortable for the crew, especially since they keep dying as part of the loop.
8  "The Inner Light"

  1992 Jun 01
official  A probe from a dead civilization forces Picard to live thirty years of the life of one of its citizens in the space of 25 minutes. Not true time travel, but the experience of it for one character who is affected by it for the rest of the series.
Not Reviewed  "Time's Arrow, Part I"

  1992 Jun 15
Not Reviewed  "Time's Arrow, Part II"

  1992 Sep 21
6  "Relics"

  1992 Oct 12
official  Scotty is picked out of a transporter buffer after 75 years, and faces his newfound inadequacy on the Enterprise-D.
Not Reviewed  "Tapestry"

  1993 Feb 15
Not Reviewed  "Timescape"

  1993 Jun 14
Not Reviewed  "All Good Things... Part I"

  1994 May 23
Not Reviewed  "All Good Things... Part II"

  1994 May 23

Series  Star Trek: Voyager
  series; 1995 Jan 15 - 2001 May 23
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  Andy's  fan site  Federation starship stranded in the Delta Quadrant, decades of travel away from home. If only... there were some way... to......

Not Reviewed  "Time And Again"
  1995 Jan 30
official  Janeway's loyalty to the Prime Directive is tested when she finds herself on a planet that she saw explode tomorrow.
Not Reviewed  "Non Sequitur"

  1995 Sep 25
official  Ensign Kim finds himself on Earth in a timeline where he was lucky enough not to get on Voyager in the first place.
Not Reviewed  "Future's End, Pt. I"

  1996 Nov 06
official  The Federation Timeship Aeon helps Voyager get back to Earth by firing on it and sucking them all through to 1996. Or thenabouts.
Not Reviewed  "Future's End, Pt. II"

  1996 Nov 13
official  The Voyager crew are pitted against a Silicon valley mogul until the Aeon returns to strand them back in the 24th Century Delta Quadrant. The Doctor scores some 29th Century swag.
Not Reviewed  "Before And After"

  1997 Apr 09
official  Listen, chronotons make Kes come unstuck in time.
Not Reviewed  "Year of Hell, Pt. I"

  1997 Nov 05
Not Reviewed  "Year of Hell, Pt. II"

  1997 Nov 12
Not Reviewed  "Timeless"

  1998 Nov 18
Not Reviewed  "Relativity"

  1999 May 12
official  Captain Braxton of the 29th century is back with Seven of Nine doing his time policing.
Not Reviewed  "Blink of an Eye"

  2000 Jan 19
official  Voyager orbits a planet where the surface inhabitants experience time at a much faster rate than the rest of the universe.
Not Reviewed  "Fury"

  2000 May 05
official  An aged Kes returns to Voyager to travel time for revenge.
Not Reviewed  "Shattered"

  2001 Jan 17
official  Different areas of Voyager are in different times.
Not Reviewed  "Endgame, Pt. I"

  2001 May 23
Not Reviewed  "Endgame, Pt. II"

  2001 May 23

Series  Stargate SG-1
  series; 1997 Jul 27 - 2007 Jun 06
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  officialSyfy  Atop the wormholes, battle on distant planets, and giving exec producer Richard Dean Anderson all the choice dialogue, the fine long-running SF military series also found room for a few fits of travelling time.

7  "1969"
  Season 2; Episode 43; 1999 Mar 05
TV.com  Expecting to be off to another planet, SG-1 finds itself back on Earth in 1969, and needing the help of then-Lt. Hammond to find a gate... and get back to where they once belonged.
7  "Window of Opportunity"

  Season 4; Episode 72; 2000 Aug 04
TV.com  Jack and Teal'c are aware they're caught in a perpetual 10-hour time loop, and go through the trouble of warning everyone else, again and again.
7  "2010"

  Season 4; Episode 82; 2001 Jan 12
TV.com  By 2010, a race called the Aschen have allied with Earth and defeated the Gou'ald– but they've been secretly sterilizing us, too. The only solution is to warn the past, and keep the SGC from ever contacting the Aschen in the first place.
7  "Moebius, Part 1"

  Season 8; Episode 173; 2005 Mar 18
TV.com  SG-1 goes to 3000 BC to grab a ZPM from RA but all goes FUBAR. Their nerdy alternate selves are summoned to save them, solely on the strength of a five-millennia old VHS.
6  "Moebius, Part 2"

  Season 8; Episode 174; 2005 Mar 25
TV.com  The alternate SG-1 goes and gets the alternate Teal'c, who still works for the Gou'ald, and hire him to rescue our crew. They travel time some more.
Not Reviewed  "Unending"

  2007 Jun 22
TV.com  TV.com: "The SG-1 team extends a small time frame to several years to survive an attack of the Ori and tries to find a solution to solve their problem."

Not Reviewed  Stargate SG-1: Continuum
  2008 Jul 29 - aka Stargate: Continuum
IMDb  TV.com  Rotten Tomatoes  Straight-to-DVD movie ender for the series. The Goa'uld attempt to sink the ship carrying the Terran stargate as it crosses the Atlantic in 1939.

Not Reviewed  Starhyke
  series; 2009 Nov 30 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  official  YouTube  Captain Belinda Blowhard and the crew of the 31st Century stardreadnought Nemesis pursue their enemies, the Reptids, back to the 21st, and get in touch with their emotions. Efforts to market this British SF comedy series resulted in it going straight-to-DVD. Thanks to Liz for sending this one in to Timelinks!

Animated Series  Static Shock!
  animated series; 2000 Sep 23 - 2004 May 22
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BCDB  Superhero series with an electric soul...

6  "Future Shock"
  Season 4; Episode 40; 2004 Jan 17
TV.com  Static falls through a hole in the Batcave, and winds up stunting with Batman Beyond, and rescuing his elder self.  

7  Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story
  animated; 2005 Sep 27 - aka Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  A special DVD release, the movie was later reedited into three Family Guy episodes.
The story is untold because the time travel completely erases it by the end.

7  The Sticky Fingers of Time
  1997 Sep 09
Premise  IMDb  YouTube  Rotten Tomatoes  Internet Archive  "But let me tell you, as a hetero male sci-fi geek, I have no problem at all settling down to watch a story about time-traveling lesbians." –Michael Bennett Cohn

Series  Studio One
  series; 1948 Nov 07 - 1958 Sep 29 - aka Studio One Summer Theatre, Studio One in Hollywood, Summer Theatre, Westinghouse Studio One, Westinghouse Summer Theatre
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  CBS radio and television anthology series.

Not Reviewed  "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"
  Season 4; Episode 36; 1952 May 19
TV.com  YouTube  Boris Karloff as the noble king who marvels at the clever American technologist who has landed in his lap.

Series  The Suite Life on Deck
  series; 2008 Sep 26 - 2011 May 06
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Spinoff of the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Not Reviewed  "International Dateline"
  Season 1, Episode 6; 2008 Oct 24
TV.com  YouTube  Wikipedia: "Cody believes the time loop is caused by fate giving him another chance with Bailey, but eventually realizes that lightning striking the ship as it crossed the International Date Line was what caused the time reversal, so he reduces the ship's speed to break the time loop. In the end, he still fails to impress Bailey."

Not Reviewed  The Sun Is One Foot Wide
  short; 2003 May
IMDb  IMDb: "A man discovers that by looking in the sun he can travel in time."

5  Superman
  1978 Dec 15
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    "It is forbidden for you to interfere in their destiny," warns the Big Dad Head In The Sky (Marlon Brando) to Kal-El (Christopher Reeve), who's deciding time travel is just another one of those, y'know, superpowers he's got. Okay, okay, he was really upset that Lois Lane died, and he had to keep her not dead. And that zipping around the earth was a neat effect for 1978. But this is a classic case of deus ex chronomachina– time travel solving today's problem, only to be ignored tomorrow. An annoying irony of bad continuity that usually only plagues TV series. (See Star Trek).


 T   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z - top

6  Taken
  miniseries; 2002 Dec 02 - 13 - aka Steven Spielberg Presents Taken
IMDb TV.com Wiki  YouTube    Internet Archive  Allie Keyes (played by gifted child actor Dakota Fanning) is the culmination of the ETs' breeding program, and learns so much about time and destiny that she is heart-wrenchingly unable to make a wish over her birthday cake– but for all the many brilliant moments, the climax is unrealistic, unrewarding and unsurprising. For a story based on kidnapping and government conspiracy, it ends with too much saccharine and not enough Schindler's List.

Series  Tales of Tomorrow
  series; 1951 Aug 03 - 1953 Jun 12
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Internet Archive  Early ABC-TV sci-fi anthology series, spun off from a radio precursor.

Not Reviewed  "The Little Black Bag"
  Season 1, Episode 35; 1952 May 30
TV.com  Internet Archive  Down on his luck doctor discovers a medical bag from the 25th Century at a pawnshop. Likely inspiration for the Night Gallery episode of the same name.
Not Reviewed  "Ahead of His Time"

  Season 1, Episode 41; 1952 Jul 18
TV.com  Internet Archive  A 21st Century scientist discovers a slow chain reaction begun in the 20th Century is going to destroy the world. Solution: time travel.
Thanks again to "Michael" for calling this to our attention!
7  "Past Tense"

  Season 2, Episode 33; 1953 Apr 03
TV.com  Internet Archive  Dr. Harry Marko (Boris Karloff) is neglecting his practice in order to build a time machine in his basement. Best line comes as Karloff grinningly strokes his new invention and proclaims, "So she thinks I'm losing my mind, eh? I'll show her more money than she's ever dreamed of!" To which he matter-of-factly adds, "I'll show her that the past can really be profitable."
Thanks again to "Michael" for calling this to our attention!

Not Reviewed  Teen Knight
  1998 Oct 01
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes    Modern teens drawn back to 1583 via a spell, find themselves battling a bad guy.

Not Reviewed  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
  1993 Mar 17
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    fan site  The Renaissance reptiles go ronin– for real.

7  Tenchi Muyô! In Love
  animated; 1996 Apr 20 - Nippon
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  The kid with the most incredible plethora of potential mates in all Japan finds himself battling an ancestral enemy.

8  The Terminator
  1984 Oct 26
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube    James Cameron's original dark vision of fate and doom and a cybernetic assassin from the future.

8  Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  1991 Jul 01 - aka T2
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube    Cameron recants his apocalypse with a user-friendly Terminator vs. the evil 'Liquid Metal' guy. Sarah Connor finds a new credo: "No Fate".

Not Reviewed  Terminator 2: 3-D
  1996 - aka T2 3-D: Battle Across Time
IMDb  Universal Studios theme park ride. MagicDragon points out: "Minute for minute, the most expensive feature ever filmed in Hollywood."

7  Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
  2003 Jul 02 - aka T3
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's    Fofficial  ine sequel with many nice time travel moments like Kate Brewster asking the Terminator how John Connor dies... right in front of John Connor. The good bot vs. bad bot action is fine, but the concept was fresher in T2. The outcome, however, is a bit more clear-eyed than Cameron's films. Click the title link above for our complete review, which, as always happens in time travel, is utterly spoilered up.

Not Reviewed  Terminator Salvation
  2009 May 22 - aka Terminator 4; T4
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Ain't It Cool News  official  official  The fight is on as John Connor wars with the creations of man.

Not Reviewed  Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  series; 2008 Jan 14 - 2009 Apr 10
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  The WB  Sarah and John have a sexy new Terminatrix to bop them around time naked, and generally cause trouble for the nascent SkyNet. Wikipedia: "The pilot was publicly screened for the first time on July 28, 2007 at the 2007 Comic-Con International convention."

6  Terra Nova
  series; 2011 Sep 26 - Dec 19
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  22nd Century civilization on the brink of collapse finds a rift to the Cretaceous, and tries to start anew. Intrigues abound between the factions of Terra Nova settlement and some seemingly-rogue colonists called the Sixers. Future cop Jim O'Shannon finds himself doing detective work in the midst of this, while struggling to keep his family life darlingly wholesome. Someday maybe Jim will win the fight, then that ovisaur will stay out for the night.

Not Reviewed  Terror from the Year 5000!
  1958 - aka Cage of Doom; Girl from 5000 A.D.
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  MST3K   IMDb: "Latest find, a statuette, radiometrically dates to 5200 AD!"

Not Reviewed  Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000
  1994 Jul 27 - aka Virgin Hunters
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  Andy's Anachronisms: "...little more than soft-core porn masquerading as light comedy. A sort of Playboy Channel meets Mystery Science Theatre."

4  That Lady in Ermine
  1948 Aug 24
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  19th Century countess facing invasion receives unexpected help from an ancestress from 300 years before, who springs alive from a painting. Other ancestors also appear and act as the ancestress' Greek chorus.
The film quickly devolves into an unclear fable, as it is never stated whether these ancestors are ghosts or what-all, and the plot meanders through a confusing mess of scenes. Not enough music to really rank this as a musical, nor enough romance to expunge the undercurrent of rape. The 15th Century Countess does stop and reset time, but otherwise it all comes off as a bad dream. Which maybe it is?
Some films get lost to time for a reason.

Not Reviewed  That Was Then
  series; 2002 Sep 27 - Oct 04
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  Time-travel drama series that lasted for all of 2 episodes on ABC.

Not Reviewed  This is America, Charlie Brown
  animated series; 1988 Oct 01 - 1989 May 01 - aka You're On Nickleodeon, Charlie Brown
IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  EOFFTV  YouTube  The Peanuts gang travel across American history.

5  The Three Stooges Meet Hercules
  1962 Jan 26
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  The underpaid nitwits take a ride with a 90-pound weakling on his makeshift time machine to ancient Ithaca; some quality time aboard a galley turns the wimp into a he-man, but does nothing for the aging trio.

Animated Series  The Tick
  animated series; 1994 Sep 10 - 1996 Nov 30
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Ben Edlund's contribution to making the world safe for the completely insane.

7  "Leonardo Da Vinci & His Fightin' Genius Time Commandoes!"
  Season 2; Episode 17; 1995 Sep 30
TV.com  YouTube  Villainous man calling himself the Mother of Invention has imprisoned many of the greatest inventors from across time in his lab; all part of his scheme to rewrite history in his favor.
9  "The Tick vs. Prehistory"

  Season 3; Episode 35; 1996 Nov 16
TV.com  YouTube  Unexpected encounter with a portable time machine strands the Tick and Arthur 3,500,000 years in the past with some australopithecines. Then snotty big-brained humans from the far future press them all into service at their local time tourist resort.

Not Reviewed  Tigerstreifenbaby wartet auf Tarzan
  1998 Feb 16 - Deutschland - aka Tigerstripe Baby Is Waiting for Tarzan
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  In the future, men are immortal and women are extinct, so to get some action time travel is a must. Probably not approved by the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate.

Not Reviewed  De Tijdscapsule
  series; 1963 Oct 06 - 1964? - Belgium - aka The Time Capsule
Premise  IMDb  YouTube  Travellers from the turn of the 26th Century visit the 13th and the 20th. Zeppos.co.uk: "Peter Bergen, an archaeologist, is sent to the past in a time machine which he activates with his pocket watch. He travels to the Middle Ages to save Isolde, the daughter of a witch, from being burned at the stake. He falls in love with her and they continue their journey together."

9  Time After Time
  1979 Aug 31
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube  Well-crafted tale of H.G. Wells as the inventor of a real time machine that gets hijacked by Jack the Ripper. Excellent period insights into the 1890s as well as a realistic time capsule of the late 1970s.

Not Reviewed  Time & Again
 short; 2002
IMDb  official  IMDb: "Steve Peters has found a way to control time, but how can he cheat death if fate has a mind of his own?"

Not Reviewed  Time and Again
  2004 Dec 31
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Internet Archive  Convict escapes into the past to July 14, 1958—the day of the murder he was supposed to have committed.

6  Time and Again
  2007 May 05
IMDb  Musicbox repeatedly alters the past of a successful interior designer who has lost her family.

Not Reviewed  Time at the Top
  1999 Jan 17 - Canada
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Teen girl takes Philadelphia elevator between 1999 and 1881.

9  Time Bandits
  1981 Jul 13
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube    Gilliam warming up for 12 Monkeys with a tale about a kid nabbed by a troupe of dwarves who have a map to Time stolen from the Almighty. A fun bit of goofy.

3  Time Barbarians
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Villain commits murder, time travels to modern LA. Buff swordsman follows for revenge.

Not Reviewed  Time Bokan
  1975 Oct 04 - 1976 Dec 25 - Nippon - aka Time Fighters
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  Seventies anime crew face off villains in their chronobattlemecha. Which should totally be a word by now. Various eps were stitched together in 1984 into two US-released movies, Timefighters and Timefighters in the Land of Fantasy.
Special thanks to George A. H. for sending this one into Timelinks!

4  Time Changer
  2002 Oct 25
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  official  A 19th Century Bible scholar gets thrown into the 21st to get taught a Christian lesson in this independent film.

3  Time Chasers
  1994 Mar 17 - aka Tangents
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  MST3K   Man builds time machine out of a Cessna and some 286-or-earlier computer. Tries to sell it to an evil corporation, and becomes sad once he discovers they want to do evil with it.

Not Reviewed  Time Crimes
Premise  IMDb  official  DreamWorks-crafted American remake of Los Cronocrímenes.

Not Reviewed  Time Express
  series; 1979 Apr 26 - May 17
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  YouTube  fan site  Jason and Margaret Winters (Vincent Price and Coral Browne) invited various guests to travel back to pivotal events in their past, aboard the Time Express. Cancelled by CBS after four episodes.

Not Reviewed  Time Flies
  1944 May 08 - UK
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  IMDb: "A minor music hall star uses a professor's time machine to go back to the days of Queen Elizabeth I."

4  The Time Guardian
  1987 - Australia - aka Time Guardians
Premise  IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube      fan site  Carrie Fisher fights for mankind and a place to land her time city in the Australian outback in this rightly forgotten film. It's got Dean Stockwell, so time travel must be involved. I think at one point the hero yanks out the time travel unit and uses time as a gun. Please don't make me watch it again to find out.

Not Reviewed  Time is Money
  animated; 1988 Nov 25
BCDB  Wiki  Disney's quack crew take a time machine around to preserve Uncle Scrooge's riches. Later split into episodes of Duck Tales.

Not Reviewed  Time Is the Enemy
  series; 1958 Mar 18 - Apr 29 - UK
Premise  IMDb  EOFFTV  LostShows.com  Man steps through his attic door in 1958 London and finds himself in 1808. He is soon accused of working for Napoleon. This 1950s programme is believed to be lost, or performed live and never recorded.

Not Reviewed  Time Keepers
  series; 1997 - Nippon
Premise  IMDb  Dailymotion  A "Time Hole" is created in 2040 that leads to 1997. Brave young members of the Time Police battle against perverted villains who want to abuse the Hole.

Not Reviewed  Time Kid
  animated; 2003
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes    Nickelodeon sends kid off to rescue his timelost widower dad, in their take on Wells' Time Machine.

Not Reviewed  The Time Lord from U.N.C.L.E.

Not Reviewed  The Time Machine
  1949 Jan 24 - UK
Premise  IMDb  EOFFTV  Early TV adaptation of H.G. Wells.

6  The Time Machine
  1960 Aug 17
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    The George Pal classic.

Not Reviewed  The Time Machine
  1978 Nov 05
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  TV version of the Wells classic.

6  The Time Machine
  2002 Mar 04
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube    Internet Archive  Brilliant young scientist watches girlfriend die, builds time machine, goes back in time, watches her die in a different fashion, somehow decides this means the past can't be changed, and so goes into the future to find help. He gets distracted by a cute babe in the 80th millennium, and her Morlock infestation; saves her life, and forgets about old girlfriend. Not a strong statement on fidelity– either of Love, or Causality.

3  The Time Machine (I Found at a Yard Sale)
YouTube  LA IT guy uses his amazing garage sale find to hook up with a berry-picking nun of the future, whereupon they become the least exciting couple to have a first date that involved a stolen starship and a time machine, ever. The use of professional music and NASA photography in this amateur YouTube feature stand in high relief against the film's reviving of the lost art of filling screentime with people walking and piloting vehicles. Nun She-Ba pretty much sums it up: "Why don't you give me the time machine? I'll wait outside."

Not Reviewed  Time Machine: The Journey Back
Premise  IMDb  Straight-to-video mix of a documentary of the George Pal classic, as well as an epilogue to the movie itself, with Rod Taylor reprising his role.

Not Reviewed  Time Riders
  series; 1991 Oct 16 - Nov 06 - UK
Premise  IMDb  fan site  SciFi Television Database: "Low-budget rip off of Back to the Future, where the mad-scientist rides a Yamaha instead of driving a Delorean."

4  Time Runner
  1993 Mar 17 - aka In Exile
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Mark Hamill as a two-fisted astronaut who flees an alien invasion of Earth on October 6, 2022, and winds up 30 years earlier in the midst of the conspiracy that leads to our conquest. He has visions of the near future for some reason, which allows him to make changes while managing to convince a helmet-haired, part-alien Rae Dawn Chong to betray her space masters.

Not Reviewed  Time Shifters
  1999 Oct 17 - aka Thrill Seekers
IMDb  Andy's  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes    Reporters on the trail of a time tourist with the typical taste for great disasters.

7  Time Squad
  animated series; 2001 Jun 08 - 2003 Nov 26
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  Trio of future misfits have an ongoing mission to ensure historical figures act appropriately– or at least approximately. (Stop Lincoln from a life of mischevious pranks; get Eli Whitney to invent the cotton gin, not flesh-eating robots, etc.) They even explain in one episode why they have to fix the past– it slowly unravels under the burden of increasing years– thus doing in fifteen interesting cartoon seconds what it takes The Langoliers three tedious "horror" hours to imagine.

6  Time Thugs
  short; 2007
Funny Or Die  official  James Murray won NBC's $100,000 It's Your Show challenge with this infomercial about a past-enhancement service.

Not Reviewed  Time Tracers
  1995 - aka Time Chasers
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  The Kronos Project is the pet hobby of a billionaire, and threatens to undo the universe.

Not Reviewed  Time Trackers
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  YouTube    Stolen time machine leads a cop, a girl and some guy on a quest to mediaeval England.

Not Reviewed  Time Trackers
  series; 2008 Sep 27 - Dec 15 - Australia/New Zealand
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  Kid's series with a future boy, a modern boy, and a cavegirl forming an alliance to save man's greatest inventions from erasure.
They also have a talking robot dog named Balls. We just want you to know that going in.

6  The Time Travelers
  1964 Oct 29 - aka Depths of the Unknown; The Return of the Time Traveler; The Return of the Time Travelers; This Time Tomorrow; Time Trap
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Stomp Tokyo  YouTube  Scientists build a time viewing device, and are startled to discover that it opens a door onto a bleak future.

6  Time Travelers
  1976 Mar 19
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  Attempt to cure a plague leads time travellers to Chicago just days before the Great Fire.

3  Time Travelers
  2003 Jul 09
Internet Archive  Pilot for a tame, lame, extremely low-budget "reality" game show where contestants pretend they're in some period of history vying for vaguely period prizes via vaguely period feats of skill and luck. If this was the best NBC News and Discovery Channel could come up with, it wasn't their past they should have been worried about...

Not Reviewed  The Time Traveler's Wife
  2009 Aug 14
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Film based on Audrey Niffenegger's hit 2003 novel.

6  Time TRAX
  series; 1993 Jan 20 - 1994 Dec 03
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Very watchable, but very formulaic, series about a policeman sent back to the 20th Century to round up fugitives from his own era.

7  The Time Tunnel
  series; 1966 Sep 09 - 1967 Apr 07
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  YouTube  Hulu  fan site  fan site  Irwin Allen's show about "America's greatest and most secret" operation, Project Tic Toc. It's kakked from Day One, trapping two hapless government employees in a kind of chronal hopscotch. Back in the day, it was a fave of us sixties kids, right up there with the first-run Trek.

6  The Time Tunnel
  2002 - Canada
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  Unaired pilot for a Fox series.
We had a few responses to our query as to what happened to this pilot, thanks to everyone who wrote in. Reader "Nicola" wrote: "I have a not very good copy of a time tunnel made in 2002 called timeslip, it certainly seems like a pilot to me and I would have enjoyed seeing the series if they made one."
But Wikipedia has also provided the answer as to where to find it: "The unaired pilot episode is available on DVD from Fox Home Entertainment on The Time Tunnel Season One, Volume Two."
This 2005 announcement mentions a new Time Tunnel being on SciFi's 2006-07 slate. According to Wikipedia, this pilot was not the one being considered; a whole new pilot was being made for that potential series, which never materialized.

4  Time Under Fire
  2003 Jul 09 - Australia - aka Beneath the Bermuda Triangle
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes    Submarine wades through a time hole under the sea, and embroils action hero in transchronal political intrigue, none of which is presented believably.

6  Time Warp Trio
  animated series; 2005 Jul 09 - 2006 Sep 02
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  official  YouTube  Three boys acquire a magic tome that lets them travel time, three at a time. Then their three granddaughters from 2105, who are the same age as they are, show up using the book as well. Then they all take turns harrassing historical figures.

Not Reviewed  Timeblazers
  series; 2003 Jul 05 - 2005 Apr 23 - Canada
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  official  A pair of "daredevil historians" whisk young Shakira across the ages to show her the origins of modern stuff in this educational series.

5  Timecop
  1994 Sep 16
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Van Damme vehicle that illustrates perfectly why timecops make no sense: Their job has to be stopping alterations to the timeline– but if they fail, how would they ever know? As usual, the movie is unaware of how pointless it makes its own time enforcement endeavors look.

Not Reviewed  Timecop
  series; 1997 Sep 27 - 1998 Jul 18
Premise  IMDb  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Jack Logan, the title timecop from 2007, hunts down those pesky timerobbers. Inspired by the 1994 film.

6  Timecop 2
  2003 Sep 30 - aka Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision
Premise  IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes    This went straight-to-DVD, until SciFi picked it up. The inablity for Timecop HQ to believe or even understand that their timeline has "changed" whenever an agent tells them, may leave you slamming your head repeatedly against the coffee table. But Jason Scott Lee is charming in the lead role, and the generational intrigues are fairly well played.

Not Reviewed  Timeless
IMDb  IMDb: "A widower looks to travel back in time to solve a matter with his wife and he learns she has left him her fortune."
Shooting July 2012 in Manhattan, so seemingly unrelated to the upcoming UK production...

Not Reviewed  Timeless
  2014 - UK
IMDb  official  ...which looks like it's set in London. "Live in the past. Die in the Past." Well, maybe it's the same movie. IMDb has like a baker's dozen of films called "Timeless", and the Pro paywall isn't helping sort them all out.

Not Reviewed  Timeless Man
  2011 Sep 10 - Ireland
IMDb  YouTube  24th Century fan disrupts his favorite ancient rock star's timeline.

8  Timeline
  series; 1989 Feb 22 - Dec 20
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  TV news team conducts live broadcasts and interviews from famous mediaeval battles. All perfectly authentic except... for that televison thing. An awesome, overlooked PBS series. Click link above for our complete review, and links to RealVideo snippets.

6  Timeline
  2003 Nov 26
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  Trailer  official  fan site  The adaptation of Michael Crichton's novel of modern researchers trapped in 1357 has slightly less plot than Colonial House, and notably smaller battles than The Two Towers. The Scots characters seem to exist just so the party can have an in with the mediaeval French army.

4  Timemaster
  1995 Jul 21
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Time Warner Cable: "Orphan goes back in time to prevent father's death." Pat Morita in the titular role of a guy fighting his own people's most notable vice: Destroying worlds via time travel VR games, through which are created yummy longevity potions.

Not Reviewed  TimeQuest
  2002 Apr 13 - aka Second Chance; Nobody Knows
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Fulvue    jinniann at IMDb writes: "The world premier showing of this film, made here in Michigan, was truly a very entertaining experience. The plot took us into a world that might have been if the assasination of John Kennedy was foiled by information given to Jackie that morning in November, 1962..." Now on DVD as TimeQuest. Thanks to Jesse Mazer for sending this one in to Timelinks!

Not Reviewed  Timerider
  1982 - aka Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes    Fred Ward and his dirt bike are shot back to 1877 courtesy a couple rogue "time cannons". Wikipedia: "In the South Park episode 'Goobacks,' where various time-travelling techniques in movies are compared, this movie's time-travel rules are described as being 'Just plain silly.'"

Not Reviewed  Timeslip
  1956 Mar 04 - UK - aka The Atomic Man
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Scientist's consciousness is transported 7 seconds into the future, and becomes embroiled in a standard mystery.

Not Reviewed  Timeslip
  series; 1970 Sep 28 - 1971 Mar 21 - UK
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  EOFFTV  official  fan site  Andy Thompson at TV.com: "Uniquely the series tackled some heavy issues for a 'mere' children's series - some of which (like cloning, global warming and laser tracking defence systems) were years (or decades) ahead of their time."

Not Reviewed  Timeslip
  series; 1985 - UK
IMDb  SciFi Television Database: "Not a remake of the original."

5  Timestalkers
  1987 Mar 10
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Hulu  Time Warner Cable sez: "The daughter of a 26th-century scientist takes a 1980s professor on a manhunt to the Old West." Many fine moments; mainly marred by the villain's motivation being uncomplicated, power-mad spite. He's plainly too wicked to win.

6  To the Ends of Time
  1996 Jul 11
IMDb  YouTube  Time is the ultimate weapon in this unusual fantasy.

Not Reviewed  Toki wo kakeru shôjo
  1983 Jul 16 - Nippon - aka The Girl Who Cut Time; The Little Girl Who Conquered Time
IMDb  Wiki  Schoolgirl Kazuko Yoshiyama faints at the scent of lavender, and awakens with the ability to leap time.

Not Reviewed  Toki wo kakeru shôjo
  animated; 2006 Jul 15 - Nippon - aka The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Animated sequel to the original, set twenty years later.

5  Tomorrow Always Comes
YouTube  Internet Archive 
Sponsored film from the Manhattan Undergarment Co. pushing the wonders of Burlington Mills' Rayon®. A wife and mother in 1920 is whisked to the far future year of 1941, to experience Rayon®, television, Betty Furness, and all that peacetime America promises to provide.
"Don't tell them you're from the past!" commands the male voice in her head, terrifying her. Oh, fashion industry. Don't you ever change.

Not Reviewed  The Tomorrow Man
IMDb  YouTube  Unsold pilot about an android sent from the future to try and stop a world-shattering disaster, all while learning not to act like a robot. Hammerman8699 at YouTube: "It was a change of pace for Alan Spencer, creator of the cult comedy 'Sledge Hammer!' Despite it being a more serious piece, the writing still maintains a sharp sense of humor. 'The Tomorrow Man' has never been shown in the U.S. but has been broadcast in overseas markets to acclaim."

6  The Tomorrow Man
  2001 - aka Doug Campbell's The Tomorrow Man
Premise  IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  1970s dad gets entangled in a case of the Shifter Project, learns of his son's criminal destiny, and struggles to set things right. The time travel logic is predictably nonsensical, but much of the fourth-dimensional family drama is well done.

Series  The Tomorrow People
  series; 1973 Apr 30 - 1979 Feb 19 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Their tomorrow-ness primarily referred to their being "Homo superior"– kids with genetically enhanced powers of telekinesis, telepathy, and other X-men-like goodies. While not the overall premise of the series, time travel did play a lead role in certain episodic story arcs. (The series was 'remade' in the 1990s, but the new episodes did not seem to touch on time travel at all.)

Not Reviewed  "The Medusa Strain, Part One"
  Season 1; Episode 6; 1973 Jun 11
TV.com  Dave Johnson: "Jedikiah tricks Peter (a telepath from Earth's future) into operating Rabowski's Time Key to take them back to the 20th Century to the Tower of London."
Not Reviewed  "The Medusa Strain, Part Two"

  Season 1; Episode 7; 1973 Jun 18
Not Reviewed  "The Medusa Strain, Part Three"

  Season 1; Episode 8; 1973 Jun 25
Not Reviewed  "The Medusa Strain, Part Four"

  Season 1; Episode 9; 1973 Jul 02
Not Reviewed  "A Rift In Time, Part One: Vase of Mystery"

  Season 2; Episode 19; 1974 Mar 11
TV.com  YouTube 
Not Reviewed  "A Rift In Time, Part Two: Turn of the Thumb"

  Season 2; Episode 20; 1974 Mar 18
TV.com  YouTube 
Not Reviewed  "A Rift In Time, Part Three: From Little Acorns..."

  Season 2; Episode 21; 1974 Mar 25
Not Reviewed  "A Rift In Time, Part Four: Rise of the Roman Empire"

  Season 2; Episode 21; 1974 Apr 01

Not Reviewed  Tom's Midnight Garden
  miniseries; 1974 Jan 07 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  Three-episode adaptation of the Philippa Pearce novel about young Tom, who discovers a new playmate from a previous century.

Not Reviewed  Tom's Midnight Garden
  miniseries; 1989 Jan 04 - UK
IMDb  Wiki  YouTube 

6  Tom's Midnight Garden
  1999 May 15 - USA/UK/Nippon
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  English boy discovers a means to "exchange time for eternity" in this charming outing of the Philippa Pearce novel.

Series  Torchwood
  series; 2006 Oct 22 - 2008 April 04 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  BBC  BBC America  "Outside the government, above the police" and imploding from its ongoing ethical void, Torchwood is Russel T. Davies' take on what would happen if the X-Files weren't run by two people railroaded by a conspiracy, but instead by five people who could play around with all the alien tech and people's lives any way they damn well please... in the Doctor Who universe.
Set atop a spacetime rift in Cardiff, timelost immortal Captain Jack Harkness herds the cats that are his team from one alien threat to the next, and sometimes even does that thing the TARDIS does. Series title is an anagram of "Doctor Who", not a reference to all the men Captain Jack seems to land. A couple of miniseries followed its extended hiatus in 2008.

7  "Out of Time"
  Season 1; Episode 10; 2006 Dec 17
TV.com  YouTube  BBC  BBC America  Three aeroplane travellers arrive from 1953, and find it difficult to adapt. Excellent episode, save for the requisite senseless ethics-lapse, in this case: assisted suicide of an entirely healthy man.
6  "Captain Jack Harkness"

  Season 1; Episode 12; 2007 Jan 01
TV.com  BBC  BBC America  Toshiko and Jack enter a haunted dance hall, and discover they've actually walked back to 1941. Would have had a higher rating except the mathematical clues left in the past by Tosh are hidden in coffee tins and in antiquated boiler sheds where no one would ever really look, and/or would have been long since thrown away.
Not Reviewed  "End of Days"

  Season 1; Episode 13; 2007 Jan 01
TV.com  YouTube  BBC  BBC America  The Rift opens, and "The Thing in the Darkness" arrives along with other stuff from across time.

5  Total Reality
  1997 Apr 04
IMDb  YouTube  Rotten Tomatoes    Rotten Tomatoes: "David Bradley stars as the roguish soldier Anthony Rand, who follows a ruthless general back through time in a last ditch attempt to save the universe." Actually, four prisoners outfitted with Snake Plissken-style neck exploder devices are sent from the 22nd Century to stop some rebels from stopping a self-help cult from destroying Earth. ...And actually, it gets pettier: The cult leader's ex-wife's financial interests become an important part of the plot. The time travel is handled with center stage indifference.

Not Reviewed  Trancers
  1985 May - aka Future Cop
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Trooper Jack Deth from 2257 follows his evil master back to 1985, and then tries to stop him from "trancing" the weak-willed into serving him. Helen Hunt stars as a punker who is not at all weak-willed.

Not Reviewed  Trancers II
  1991 Aug 22 - aka Future Cop II; Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth; Trancers II: The Two Faces of Death
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Happily married to Helen Hunt (as "Lena Deth"), Jack Deth now battles the brother of the guy he defeated last film.

Not Reviewed  Trancers III
  1992 Oct 14 - aka Death Lives; Future Cop III; Trancers 3: Deth Lives
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Jack and Lena are drawn back to 2247 to stop another camp o' trancers.

Not Reviewed  Trancers 4: Jack of Swords
  1994 Feb 02 - aka Trancers 4: Journeys Through the Darkzone
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Jack has lost Lena, but is now in bigger trouble as the time machine malfunctions, throwing him into an alternate dimension. Helen Hunt is no longer in the series, as she was too busy at the time winning a Golden Globe award.

Not Reviewed  Trancers 5: Sudden Deth
  1994 Nov 09
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Time travel for Jack may involve a magic evil king returning to haunt him in the fairyland in which he is trapped. Meanwhile, Helen Hunt was on her way to winning another Golden Globe and an Emmy.

Not Reviewed  Trancers 6
  2002 Jul 23 - aka Trancers 6: Life After Deth
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Jack Deth travels time, and into the body of his daughter, to fight even more trancers. In the meantime, Helen Hunt won two more Golden Globes, three more Emmys, and an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Not Reviewed  A Traveller In Time
  series; 1978 Jan 04 - Feb 01 - UK
IMDb  20th Century girl tries to save Mary, Queen of Scots.

6  Tree Shade
  short; 1998 Jun
IMDb  WMM  Time Warner Cable: "While constructing a family tree, a high school student travels through time to witness family history." Savannah Mayfield faces the truths and fancies of the lives of three convicts in her family's past in this award-winning short by Lisa Collins.

7  Triangle
  2009 Oct 16 - UK/Australia
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Survivors of a yacht capsized in the Bermuda Triangle encounter the deserted ocean liner Aeolus from 1933. Deserted except for various maimed corpses of themselves. Bears a striking resemblance to a 1998 X-Files episode of the same name.

Not Reviewed  Der Trip
  1996 Jan 11 - Deutschland - aka Die Nackte Gitarre 0,5

Not Reviewed  A Trip Through Time
  short; 1997
IMDb  A very short trip, since the IMDb lists its runtime at 1 minute. Any info about this obscure minimovie would be welcome: aethertales@gmail.com.

Animated Series  Tripping The Rift
  animated series; 2004 Mar 4 - 2007 Dec 27 - Canada/USA
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  official  Internet Archive  SciFi borrowed some of the Spike TV demographic for their lowbrow trash comedy series. A 2008 straight-to-DVD movie did not bring the series out of orbiting its hiatus.

4  "God Is My Pilot"
  Season 1; Episode 1; 2004 Mar 04 - aka "God Is Our Pilot"
TV.com  YouTube  In the unfunny opener, Chode and Gus steal a 'timeplane' and go back to the Big Bang, where they accidentally run over God while landing. Upon their return, everyone and everything is happy and nice. But still unfunny.
5  "The Devil and a Guy Named Webster"

  Season 1; Episode 5; 2004 Apr 01
TV.com  YouTube  Chode sells his soul for 6 hours, 6 minutes and 6 seconds of extra life, and a plasma TV. The crew travels time to find Daniel Webster to get Chode out of his contract, but pick up contract-savvy Emmanuel Lewis instead.
Not Reviewed  "Roswell"

  Season 2; Episode 21; 2005 Sep 14
TV.com  YouTube  Surely the creators had more to say about this incident than anything Star Trek: DS9 or Futurama could come up with. Because "time travel" isn't supposed to be a synonym of "derivative".

Not Reviewed  Tru Calling
  series; 2003 Oct 30 - 2005 Apr 21 - USA/Canada
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  Tru Davies hears the voices of the corpses at the morgue she works at. Then she wakes up on a previous day in time to stop their deaths.

Not Reviewed  Turn Back the Clock
  1933 Aug 25
IMDb  Struggling tobacconist has the chance to relive 20 years of his life, and discovers that happiness doesn't come with wealth. A fine message for Depression audiences to enjoy.

5  Turn Back the Clock
  1989 Nov 20
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  An unexplained chance to relive 1989 leaves an actress finding that destiny isn't so easy to reverse. Remake of Repeat Performance.

10  Twelve Monkeys
  1996 Jan 05 - aka 12 Monkeys
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Andy's  YouTube    fan site  fan site  Internet Archive  Internet Archive  Internet Archive 
Bucephalus' Comprehensive Guide - Demetri's FAQ
The Gilliam masterpiece of an unwilling conscript in a post-apocalyptic society sent back to the 20th Century to discover the origin of the virus that wiped out mankind. Inspired by La Jetée.

6  12:01
  1993 Jul 05
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Office worker and the girl he hopes to win get caught in an infinite time loop. Apparently based on the short 12:01 PM, it lowers the concept into a standard action picture, with the added problem of appearing on TV the same year Groundhog Day was in theatres.

8  12:01 PM
  short; 1990
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  YouTube  The universe is caught in a time loop, eternally repeating the same hour, and only one– very ordinary– man notices it happening.

Not Reviewed  Twice in a Lifetime
  series; 1999 Aug 25 - 2001 May 30 - Canada
IMDb  TV.com  epguides  Wiki  Andy's  Angelic guides allow recently-deceased sinners three days to kick their living junior selves into shape.

Series  The Twilight Zone
  series; 1959 Oct 02 - 1964 Jun 19 - UK
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  Syfy  fan site 
Rod Serling's landmark series revisited the "dimension of mind" that is time travel, again and again...

Not Reviewed  "Walking Distance"
  Season 1, Episode 5; 1959 Oct 30
TV.com  Wiki  Successful executive harrasses himself as a child.
6  "The Last Flight"

  Season 1, Episode 18; 1960 Feb 05
TV.com  Wiki  Cowardly Great War pilot discovers his destiny and his courage after a visit to a Cold War air base.
6  "Execution"

  Season 1, Episode 26; 1960 Apr 01
TV.com  Wiki  Three small-time criminals find a camera that takes pictures from five minutes in the future and put it to their small-minded ends.
Not Reviewed  "A Most Unusual Camera"

  Season 2, Episode 46; 1960 Dec 16
TV.com  Wiki  Instant camera reveals events five minutes into the future.
7  "Back There"

  Season 2, Episode 49; 1961 Jan 13
TV.com  Wiki  Peter Corrigan pooh-poohs the notion of time travel at his 1961 Washington gentleman's club... until he inexplicably steps into 1865, only hours before Lincoln is to die.
5  "The Odyssey of Flight 33"

  Season 2, Episode 54; 1961 Feb 24
TV.com  Wiki  Passenger airliner bops around vast stretches of time by passing through a jet stream.
7  "A Hundred Yards Over the Rim"

  Season 2, Episode 59; 1961 Apr 07
TV.com  Wiki  Pioneer leaves his wagon train in search of medicine, discovers a modern diner by an equally modern highway.
8  "The Rip Van Winkle Caper"

  Season 2, Episode 60; 1961 Apr 21
TV.com  Wiki  Brilliant mix of honor among thieves, cryogenic time travel, and the relativity of value.
7  "Once Upon a Time"

  Season 3, Episode 78; 1961 Dec 15
TV.com  Wiki  Delightful comedic detour in the series, with Buster Keaton as a janitor unhappy with 1890, who counts his blessings after a trip to 1962.
Not Reviewed  "A Quality of Mercy"

  Season 3, Episode 80; 1961 Dec 29
TV.com  Wiki  Soldier is swapped between bodies, sides, and years in the Pacific Theater of WWII. It's got Dean Stockwell, so time travel must be involved.
7  "Valley of the Shadow"

  Season 4, Episode 105; 1963 Jan 17
TV.com  Wiki  Time Warner Cable: "Townspeople can manipulate time, energy and matter" as a reporter discovers after taking a wrong turn into "the capital of the Twilight Zone".
7  "No Time Like the Past"

  Season 4, Episode 112; 1963 Mar 07
TV.com  Wiki  Paul Driscoll tries to change three important historical events– having failed, he decides to retire to 1881 Indiana. Then he gets entangled with a pending school fire, and the assassination of James Garfield.
7  "Of Late I Think of Cliffordville"

  Season 4, Episode 116; 1963 Apr 11
TV.com  Wiki  The excesses of greed destroy a rich man granted the chance to go back to 1910 Indiana and change things around.
6  "The Bard"

  Season 4, Episode 120; 1963 May 23
TV.com  Wiki  Shakespeare is summoned with black magic to aid a hack TV writer. Parable marred only by the fact that the real W.S. would have understood the backstage politics of running a show better than the symbol-on-a-pedestal Serling presents.
Not Reviewed  "A Kind of a Stopwatch"

  Season 5, Episode 124; 1963 Oct 18
TV.com  Wiki  Down-on-his-luck bore is given a time-stopping stopwatch.
Not Reviewed  "The 7th is Made Up of Phantoms"

  Season 5, Episode 130; 1963 Dec 06
TV.com  Wiki  War games in Montana lead three National Guardsmen to their doom.
7  "Spur of the Moment"

  Season 5, Episode 141; 1964 Feb 21
TV.com  Wiki  "Warnings to the past must be accepted in the past..."
5  "What's in the Box"

  Season 5, Episode 144; 1964 Mar 13
TV.com  Wiki  NYC cabbie witnesses his recent past and his dark, inevitable future on TV.

Series  The Twilight Zone
  series; 1985 Sep 27 - 1989 Apr 15 - aka The New Twilight Zone
IMDb TV.com Wiki  A special thanks goes out to "Mike" for reminding us of this eighties iteration of the Serling series, which turns out to have quite a few time travel episodes.

Not Reviewed  "Shatterday"
  Season 1; Episode 1; 1985 Sep 27
TV.com  Wiki  Man unexpectedly calls himself on the telephone.
Not Reviewed  "A Little Peace and Quiet"

  Season 1; Episode 2; 1985 Sep 27
TV.com  Wiki  Housewife discovers a time-stopping pendant. But the US and the Soviets aren't getting along.
Not Reviewed  "A Message From Charity"

  Season 1; Episode 15; 1985 Nov 01
TV.com  Wiki  Teens separated by 285 years share a telepathic link.
6  "One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty"

  Season 1; Episode 27; 1985 Dec 06
TV.com  Wiki  Bitter screenwriter travels back to his boyhood in a Pyrrhic effort to make it happier.
Not Reviewed  "A Matter of Minutes"

  Season 1; Episode 38; 1986 Jan 24
TV.com  Wiki  Suburban couple stumbles across the union labor responsible for maintaining spacetime.
Not Reviewed  "Quarantine"

  Season 1; Episode 43; 1986 Feb 07
TV.com  Wiki  Cryogenic sleeper awakens to a future Earth threatened by a spaceship experiencing time dilation, with the promise he'll be reconfigured to travel space and time with his mind.
Not Reviewed  "Profile in Silver"

  Season 1; Episode 49; 1986 Mar 07
TV.com  Wiki  Time travellers muck about the assassination of JFK. JFK himself helps.
Not Reviewed  "Grace Note"

  Season 1; Episode 57; 1986 Apr 04
TV.com  Wiki  Child encounters her elder self, an opera singer.
Not Reviewed  "The Once and Future King"

  Season 2; Episode 60; 1986 Sep 27
TV.com  Wiki  Elvis impersonator travels to 1954, kills Elvis. Guess what he has to do next.
Not Reviewed  "Lost and Found"

  Season 2; Episode 67; 1986 Oct 18
TV.com  Wiki  College student is harrassed by 22nd Century fans, who keep snatching souvenirs.
5  "The Convict's Piano"

  Season 2; Episode 70; 1986 Dec 11
TV.com  Wiki  Convict is the time traveller. Piano is the time machine. If only he can figure out how it operates.
Not Reviewed  "The Junction"

  Season 2; Episode 73; 1987 Feb 21
TV.com  Wiki  1980s miner gets trapped below with a miner from 1912.
Not Reviewed  "Time and Teresa Golowitz"

  Season 2; Episode 77; 1987 Jul 10
TV.com  Wiki  Deathbed lust and musical prowess are rewarded by the Prince of Lies with a trip back in time.
Not Reviewed  "The Girl I Married"

  Season 2; Episode 80; 1987 Jul 17
TV.com  Wiki  Yuppies romance and argue with their hippie junior selves.
Not Reviewed  "Extra Innings"

  Season 3; Episode 82; 1988 Oct 01
TV.com  Wiki  Injured 1980s baseball player finds a new career in 1910.
Not Reviewed  "20/20 Vision"

  Season 3; Episode 92; 1988 Dec 10
TV.com  Wiki  Broken glasses reveal the future to an honest bank officer, who uses his foresight and authority to try to help those in need. Remember, this is the Twilight Zone.

Series  The Twilight Zone
  series; 2002 Sep 18 - 2003 May 21
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  The classic series tried its legs once again on UPN, with Forest Whitaker in Serling's shoes.

6  "Memphis"
  Season 1, Episode 33; 2003 Feb 26
TV.com Ray Ellison is sent back from 2003 to April 2, 1968, and being black, knows what happens on April 4. His method of time travel is being hit repeatedly by cars (he even tries to get hit once) which shows that chronolocomotive equality is still a ways away.

Not Reviewed  Twilight Zone: The Movie
  1983 Jun 24
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Vic Morrow lost his life during production playing a hardened racist who is tossed about time to feel the consequences of intolerance.

6  2009: Lost Memories
  2002 Feb 01 - Daehan-minguk
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Partnered agents find themselves fighting over the outcome of a 1909 assassination and an ancient Manchurian time travel artifact. The stakes: Whether or not the Japanese Empire allies with the US and wins WWII– thus keeping Korea.

5  The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan
  1979 Oct 31 - aka The Double Life of Jenny Logan
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Lindsay Wagner in the title role of a tale of a dress that allows its wearer to travel back in time to meet a doomed artist.


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Animated Series  Ulysse 31
  animated series; 1981 Oct 10 - 1982 Apr 03 - France/Nippon
aka Uchu Densetsu Ulysses 31; Space Legend Ulysses 31; Ulysses 31

IMDb  TV.com  BCDB  Wiki  YouTube  fan site  Internet Archive  31st Century cartoon version of the Homeric saga.

Not Reviewed  "Cronus, Father of Time"
  Season 1; Episode 9; 1981 Oct 31 - aka "Chronos"
TV.com  fan site  Ulysses is trapped by the duplicitous demigod, and must escape his bonds, find the clock that controls all the time in the universe, to return to August 22, 3019 15:15:00 UTC, and make the most of it.
Not Reviewed  "Strange Meeting"

  Season 1; Episode 24; 1982 Mar 13 - aka "Ulysses Meets Ulysses"
TV.com  Telemachus 31 bumbles around in the Palace of Time, and winds up in ancient Greece, where his dad has to go pick him up.

3  The Undead
  1957 Mar - aka The Trance of Diana Love
IMDb  MST3K  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Roger Corman classic, featuring a hooker hypnotised to travel to a previous life, and Digger Smolkin.

5  Unidentified Flying Oddball
  1979 Aug 03 - aka The Spaceman and King Arthur; A Spaceman in King Arthur's Court; UFO
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Nerd and robot twin go Twain in a shuttle rigged for lightspeed. Disney picture; just slightly better in places than the rest of the studio's late-seventies output.


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Not Reviewed  Vampire Time Travellers
  1998 Oct
IMDb  Reviewer xbatmanx at IMDb claims, "No arguments can save this: this is where bad taste ends." With character names such as "Man Who Never Calls Back", "Man Coming Out Of The Closet/Werewolf", "The Voice From Heaven", and "Guy Who Says, 'Bite Her In The Butt'", we see little reason to argue. Apparently features include vampires and time travel.

Animated Series  The Venture Bros.
  animated series; 2003 Feb 16; 2004 Aug 07 -   - aka The Venture Brothers
IMDb TV.com BCDB Wiki  official official[as] Adult Swim's mad popular send-up of Jonny Quest and the sad detritus of culture left over from the Cold War. A mention of "Grover Cleveland's time machine" in the first season episode "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean" doesn't make the list, since there's no actual time travel. But the second season playfully teases the theme to the point where one is unsure whether any time travel ever happens... or can ever be noticed:

8  "Escape to the House of Mummies Part II"
  Season 2; Episode 18; 2006 Jul 16
TV.com  Egyptian cultists trap Team Venture with their time machine, except for Dr. Venture, who escapes and fails to rescue the others. Second part of a three-part story, the other episodes of which do not exist.
8  "Twenty Years to Midnight"

  Season 2; Episode 19; 2006 Aug 06
TV.com  Alien watchers stalk the Venture family, and not in a wholesomely malevolent way, either. The creators again leave it up to the audience to decide whether or not any time travel has occurred. Brilliant work.
7  "Victor. Echo. November."

  Season 2; Episode 20; 2006 August 13
TV.com  Two double dates at the same cafe lead to murder and hilarious disappointment. One of the series' best episodes, it merits a mere "7 o'clock" because the time travel is but one of three conjectural origins of the Phantom Limb and Billy Quizboy.

7  Le Visiteur du Futur
  series; 2009 Apr -   - France - aka The Visitor from the Future
Premise  Wiki  YouTube  official  official  official  Web series that proves that all time travellers are comparable to a part of the human lower torso, take your pick. English site claims, "According to Dailymotion, it's the #1 web series in France." Believe them. Here's what's going to happen: You are going to watch the series on YouTube, then you will literally Laugh Out Loud.
You already have? All part of my plan.

8  Les Visiteurs
  1993 Jan 27 - France - aka The Visitors
Premise  IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  Delightful tale of a knight and his vassal, arriving in our times to discover the outcome of their lineages, and of France. Has a sequel (Les Couloirs du temps)– Also, it was unnecessarily remade, with the same leads, as the second-rate English-language Hollywood slapstick picture Just Visiting.

Not Reviewed  La Voie lactée
  1969 Jul 06 - France/Bundesrepublik Deutschland/Italia - aka The Milky Way; Die Milchstraße; La Via lattea
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Surrealist auteur Luis Buñuel's critique of Catholicism. Denis Maternovsky writes at IMDb: "Milky Way may be called a road movie in a sense: two main characters are on a pilgrimage to Santiago-de-Compostella and while on their way, also travel through time - Milky Way is unique in the way it handles this time travel."

Not Reviewed  Voyager from the Unknown
Premise  IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube  One of those ill-advised movies which are really just two episodes badly reedited from a series; in this case, Voyagers! (see below).

Not Reviewed  Voyagers!
  series; 1982 Oct 03 - 1983 Jul 10
Premise  IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  Andy's  fan site  fan site  YouTube  Well before entertaining the world with Forever Knight, James Parriott gave the world the historically-inept time voyager Phineas Bogg (Jon-Erik Hexum), his pocketwatch time machine the Omni, and sidekick time kid Jeffrey Jones (Meeno Peluce). Timelines were never in so much trouble than when these two were on the loose.


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6  A Walk Through Time With Baxter Smalls
  2007 - aka Baxter Smalls
Premise  Funny Or Die  official Time-travelling documentarian does video anthropology on a Norse family.

7  Warlock
  1989 Jun 02
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  Trailer   As a minion of Satan pursued across time by a 17th Century witchhunter, the warlock's aim is to blaspheme God by destroying Creation via causal paradoxes. A particularly vicious movie for its day.

4  Waxwork
  1988 Jun 17
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes    Cursed dioramas provide mini-time-portals into supernatural evil.

Not Reviewed  Waxwork 2: Lost in Time
  1992 Jun 16 - aka Lost in Time; Space Shift: Waxwork II
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  The couple who survived the first movie seek Bruce Campbell and a "time compass" to aid them in exonerating themselves from the actions of a murderous disembodied hand.

Not Reviewed  Wei Xiao Bao zhi feng zhi gou nu
  1993 - Hong Kong - aka aka Hero from Beyond the Boundary of Time; Hero from Beyond the End of Time
IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes  Kung fu and time travel. Enjoy.

Not Reviewed  W.E.I.R.D. World
  1995 Sep 26
IMDb  The Wilson Emery Institute for Research and Development (WEIRD) has young prodigies creating superscience prototypes, including a means to travel time.

Not Reviewed  We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story
  animated; 1993 Nov 24
IMDb  Wiki  Rotten Tomatoes  YouTube    Captain Neweyes (voiced by Walter Cronkite [?!]) travels back in time, tames some dinosaurs, makes 'em smart, and brings them to modern times where his evil brother Professor Screweyes awaits to show them the meaning of his name.

Series  Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse
  series; 1958 Oct 06 - 1960 Jun 10
IMDb  TV.com  Wiki  "Westinghouse: First With The Future". Desilu's entry into fifties anthology entertainment.

Not Reviewed  "The Time Element"
  Season 1; Episode 6; 1958 Nov 10
TV.com  Wiki  YouTube  YouTube  Man tries to convince his psychiatrist that he actually travels through time involuntarily. Written by Rod Serling, this is considered to be the unofficial pilot of The Twilight Zone.