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during dreamtime

There is one superpower every ordinary person can do:
     D R E A M .
DREAMER is currently under development– in some ways, it's been worked on the longest of any of our products: DREAMER is a sequel game to CºNTINUUM and NªRCISSIST, and explores the realm and practices of Dreamers that are part of both games. No date has been set for the release of DREAMER, and a pre-release version will only begin to be available for purchase some time after the release of NªRCISSIST.
To Dream is to explore other worlds– we've found Dreaming to be an intrinsic part of time and dimensional travel, and we want to be certain it will work on its own once NªRCISSIST is released. So be one of the first to play DREAMER at GenCon 2002. Or play any one of our four different games there– check out our game track on the CºNTINUUM pages.
If you can't decide which one to play first, that's okay. Sleep on it.
Uploaded 2002.07.24

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