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Welcome The Chronology
Protection Case
– and to
Timelinks, Aetherco's online guide
to the best in time travel.

Based on the novelette by Paul Levinson
Produced and directed by Jay Kensinger
A Woodspoon Production
 Updated AD 2006 February 01.

We've moved to a new host, and streaming files of the size we had previously is no longer a viable option. So as of now, the run of The Chronology Protection Case at has come to an end. Thanks to everyone who's visited over the years!

To Purchase the DVD or VHS of the movie, contact Jay Kensinger: We've have been in touch with Jay, and we hope to bring you at least a trailer, or a good chunk of the film in the near future.

Find out more about the author, Prof. Paul Levinson at his site:
NEWS February 2006: Paul Levinson has a new time travel novel, The Plot to Save Socrates, coming out this month! Check out his link above for more details.

Read the original story, The Chronology Protection Case, (for about a buck!) at

And check out Aetherco/Dreamcatcher's own contribution to time travel canon with our unique roleplaying game:
CºNTINUUM: roleplaying in The Yet.

Updated AD 2006.02.01