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Updated: AD 2012.06.20  Page cleanup 2023.08.07

Our Obscure Time Travel lists unsung and odd games and pages devoted to the real and fictional pursuit of travelling time..
For the best in time travel video, span over to our The Big List.
Not all of the works listed below are genuinely obscure; their inclusion here is for a number of reasons; often it's simply that this stuff is overlooked on other time-travel link pages, and even the best search engines make finding time travel a challenge.
Many of these links have fallen into such obscurity, that only the Internet Archive still remembers them. In such cases, follow old link marked by the Archive logo:
Internet Archive
Inclusions and updates to this page are likely to be rare and infrequent, but if you spot something time travely that you deem needs a better page rank, feel free to let us know: aethertales@gmail.com.
Happy time-hunting!

Obscure Time Travel Games.

The Chaos Engine (1993) and Chaos Engine 2 (1996)
Wiki  Wiki  Computer games from The Bitmap Brothers. SEGA awards, 1994. Released as Soldiers of Fortune in US, March 1998.

Dinosaur Safari (1996)
Bring 'Em Back Kodachrome! as you span millions of centuries to the past to... take pretty snapshots of big lizards. Sponsored by the National Chronographic Society. (CD-ROM from Creative Multimedia)

HISTORY (1997)
Internet Archive  Homemade board game. "The real time traveling game". As if!

The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time (1998)
Wiki  Internet Archive  Time cops battle time aliens.

The Lost Vikings 2: Norse by Norsewest (1997)
Wiki  Bionic time traveling vikings with killer flatulence in a 2-D CD-ROM from Interplay.

Millennia: Altered Destinies (1995)
Wiki  Internet Archive  CD-ROM from Microware. "The ultimate God Game has arrived."

A Night at the Museum of Forever
Chris Angelini's text-based game [.zip 51k], was once archived at Snacky Pete's Text Adventure Archive, but seems to have vanished from the net. Please contact us at aethertales@gmail.com if you know where to find it.
Internet Archive  (Archive of Snacky Pete's, sans the Museum of Forever)

Putt-Putt Travels Through Time (1997)
Wiki  Internet Archive  Kids' educational interactive game from Infogrames.

Rascal (1997) aka Bubblegum Kid
Wiki  Internet Archive  From Psygnosis, Travellers Tales and Jim Henson Creature Workshop for the Sony Playstation.
Kid steals his dad's time machine. Wackiness ensues.

Time Commando (1996)
Wiki  From Activision. Naked guy fights everyone he meets through time for some lost data chips. "Fortunately, there's none of the related temporal problems to worry about in Time Commando, since it's all simulated."
Internet Archive  Review by Strategy Plus

Time Travel Clyde Game
More about the late housecat, Clyde, than you may want to know. There's a song, too.

Time Traveler
Online game from WGBH Boston's Nova. Produced by "?! Productions". (Requires Shockwave)

Timelapse (1996)
Wiki  Internet Archive  Wikipedia: "Timelapse is a first-person graphic adventure patterned after games such as Myst."

Tym Keeper (1998?)
Internet Archive  "Tym Keeper is a Time travel roleplaying game I developed. This page will soon contain everything you need to join into the Tym Keeper Universe."
Internet Archive  Full description on his The Foundations page.

Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress (1982)
Wiki  Internet Archive  Review from classicgaming.com

Where In Time is Carmen Sandiego?
Wiki  Internet Archive  She began as a game, and became one of the lady thieves that kids love the most...


Obscure Time Travel Pages

"Wherever you go, there you are."
                  –Professor Irwin Corey

The Best

Stephen Hawking's homepage. Just thought you needed to know.

Uchronia's Alternate Histories site.

And All the Rest

"By virtue of the intention of everybody practicing the Rinri Project, as well as all of those participating in the Day-Out-of Time meditation, there is no one who will wake up on the morning of Yellow Overtone Seed who is not aboard the fourth-dimensional Timeship."
That quote vanished with earthascending.org, but the Rinri project lives on at lawoftime.org.

Central Time Travel Network
Internet Archive  From Jason Shields and "the Brotherhood": "The goal of CTTN is to explore the possibilities of the existence of time travel and the hopes of making contact with those who have the ability of chronomotion."

Chronos Technologies, Inc.
The "ultimate information resource on time travel and other applications of transdimensional theory" - Well, it's pretty good, with ninth-dimensional theory and other stuff, but ultimate? Call me yesterday and we'll discuss "ultimate".

MegaEpix Enormous Presents:
The Cron Vortex The Initiation of a Revolutionary Revelation
"A team of researchers is gathering to conduct experiments in this field. Members include a physicist, engineer, mathematician, statistician, logician, and philosopher."

Everything you always wanted to know about Time Travel...
John Gribben's Time Travel for Beginners. [1996 Dec 02]

Experiments to change the time direction and the rate of time
by Dr. Vadim A. Chernobrov
"Published in Proceedings of International Scientific Conference 'New Ideas in Natural Sciences' 1996, St.-Petersburg"
Plus his designs for his time machine.
"By my theory it is the way (one of many other ways) to create the 'energy pumping' for some local space-time."

Time Travel down to Grateful Dead concerts, and only to Grateful Dead concerts. And only with this guy.

Justin B Rye's investigation of how time travel works in SF. [1997 Jun 16]

KOALA, Montauk and Inter-Dimensional Time Travel
Internet Archive  Thoth/Tehuti: "This is code name for an Inner Light Network (ILN) research center located in 8885 A.D. in Australia." [2000 Nov 06]

Is Time-Travel Possible? by Bill Wisdom
Internet Archive  "This article appearred in the June 1996 issue of Phactum. -last updated 6-22-96" Observational model with all the surprises of a police procedural.

Keelynet presented Genuine incident/machine claims through January 1998...
And then came out with the Time Traveller Challenge: Show Yourselves! "Now it's time for all 'Time Travellers' to FISH or CUT BAIT." Sorry, Keelynet, that information isn't available here...

Mass Dreams of the Future
Caycesque predictions from Chet Snow.

Mathemagicians Circle
Internet Archive  Dr Mark Colyvan tortures kids' minds with the grandfather paradox:
"...So if you had died as a baby, you would not have died as a baby."
Then kids post responses, ie:
"Julie Green: I think there could be more than one me. Like when I'm asleep and dreaming, there is one me who is busily doing things in the dream, and another who is in bed with my eyes closed, doing nothing much at all."
–But watch out with that information!
"Please do not give your solution to the problem, as that will spoil it for others. You can discuss the problem by submitting your comments. If you think that you have a solution then mail it to the Mentor, Dr Mark Colyvan."

Nasty Little Truth About Spacetime Physics
Internet Archive  Check out the fever pitch of the Now of Nemesis-thought:
"The nasty and shocking little truth is that time does not change, a million wormhole and time travel fanatics wearing their little Klingon and Ferengi outfits notwithstanding."

Non-Linear Time-Series Prediction by Systematic Data Exploration on a Massively Parallel Computer
Kurt Thearling, Ph.D., attempts to predict the future...

The Pataphysics pages of Hampshire College once featured
Internet Archive  How to Construct a Time Travel Machine by Alfred Jarry (1873-1907).

The Philadelphia Experiment and Time with Drue
A 1995 interview. [1995 Dec 06]

Project Galactic Guide
Arguments for and against whether time travellers are among us. [1997 Mar 03]

Dan Quayle's Time Travel Machine
Internet Archive  Quotes of Indiana's favorite idiot, involving the spacetime continuum. [posted 1994]

Ram Samudrala
A Stanford post-doc's "ramblings" on time travel. Nice, intelligent synopses of contemporary thought, with references:

Jack Sarfatti's Stardrive and Post-Quantum Physics of Consciousness
Internet Archive  "Inspired by Richard Wagner's opera, Tanheuser, on the radio, having just seen Travolta and Sedgwick in Phenomenon, I realized that the post-quantum local decoding of nonlocal form-dependent intensity-independent future forces of destiny is the fundamental act of creative imaginings of a richer and more perfect reality."
Actually, this sentence isn't posted on Sarfatti's site anymore. But it was once. Enjoy your stay.

Sev Trek: The Comic Strip
Internet Archive  Sev Trek may have had a hard a time wrestling with time travel humor– but that's partially because Star Trek's time travel was already just too funny.

Tasmanian Time Travel
Aussie educator's site–
"Keep in mind that your character has special powers to go back to the beginning of the Aboriginal times and into the more recent history of the colonization of Tasmania by the white man. You will want to include the positive and the negative aspects of living during both times." Uhh... like being able to travel time is good? And, uh, wiping out entire tribes on Tasmania, is, uh, bad. [1999 June 25]

Temporal Research at Geocities
Internet Archive  "Welcome fellow Deltachronologist..." Once-Solid Links, Weird Time Devices, Quotes and Electric Piano Accompaniment.

Internet Archive  Timelab conducted experiments to flush out time travellers or time "seers" with an odd but methodically scientific approach. Will the Timelab team have success after 40 minutes of revealing secret code in a graveyard?
Internet Archive  ...Apparently not. (Experimental results through 2008 Apr 18.)

Time Travel
Some child/lesson plan level questions at BlueNose's pages.

Time Travel at Crystalinks
"Man is the seeker - always looking for answers beyond third dimensional paradigms - for that is the Road Home!
...As as child I had a clear vision of grid programs that exist as parallel experiences. Within one of those programs I saw myself in Germany - as a physicist working on time travel technologies in a lab of some kind. From there I moved into our current reality - as if I moved my conscious awareness from that time grid program to the one I currently am experience." [2012 May 26]

Time Travel - A Discussion
Prof. John Wheeler's site filled with tidy musings amidst easy-eye graphics. He's gotten through explaining meeting yourself, and actually made a few sapient points about how unlikely the same atoms will ever encounter each other. Hate to be the traveller who had such simple conversations with himself, though.
Plus some of his Time Travel Links, which are mostly standard car and racing links. Odd mix. Time travelling cars? Nah. [2007 May 07]

TIMETRAVEL - A Temporal Brain Drain
Internet Archive  "(we're only using 5%)" Chuck Buckley's lengthy, if basic, wonderings and assertions. [Site closed 2009 Apr 01]

Time Travel & Einstein, Mysteries of the Universe & Aliens
Internet Archive  Homemade but informative site on the late great GeoCities.

Beware! The complete lyrics to
The Time Travel Cha Cha (from the Nickelodeon series Roundhouse)
Internet Archive  lurk somewhere at this link!! Richard O'Brien this ain't:

We've watched enough of sci-fi that Lost In Space has taught us the knack.
I could use my parent's hi-fi to get us back.
I'm so very happy, here's our final destination.
Tumbling through time and space to catch our generation.
Now it's time to have a universal celebration.
Do the time travel cha-cha.

Time Travel = End of the World
Anti-time travel spin from Chris Minnick:
"Imagine that a 24 year old person develops time travel in 2101. Let's call him Jerknose." Jerknose creates an infinite number of himself = End of the World.
But Minnick already has a diagram of Jerknose's time machine here, so perhaps fate is leading him to inspire said Jerknose. Oh the irony.

The Time Traveler's Information Kiosk
Internet Archive  Many links here went moribund early on, but it was still an interesting curio by the side of the road.

"This essay is about TIME, DURATION and MOTION. I venture to argue that our current theory of TIME is wrong, that duration is impossible and that MOTION is everything." In fact, Craig D. Hanks gets pretty passionate about it. [2001 Feb 24]

Timewave Zero
Terrence McKenna's revelation in the Amazon in 1971 of an alien intelligence timewaving him.

Twain: Time Traveler
Internet Archive  "You are looking at a man who has serious cause to be angry.
"A man who has journeyed across the span of one hundred and twenty-one years on an invitation to discuss and debate the subject of Time Travel."
Which "Marc" Twain never did, at least not before his site went down. [2005 Feb 16]

A virtual space-time travel machine
A site continually updated since 1994 with lots of great images and links from physics and the natural sciences. The time travel gets a bit lost in the menagerie, but it's got all those wonderful toys... [2012]

Wormholes and Time Machines
Fredrik Berndtson, John Gunnarsson and Johan Johansson's project in the 1990s course Black Holes at Chalmers University of Technology.

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