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Chi-Chian RPG
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Read Dan Davenport's 2005 review of Chi-Chian, at
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Chi-Chian RPG to Demo in June at Compleat Strategist

Chi-Chian also coming to Dexcon 7, July 2004

New York. AD 2004.05.19
Aetherco/Dreamcatcher will be running a brand new demo adventure of Chi-Chian the RPG at The Compleat Strategist, 11 East 33rd Street, New York City, on Saturday, June 26, 2004 at 11 AM. The game will follow an exclusive screening of the Chi-Chian animated series from SciFi. A demo of the NªRCISSIST™ Beta RPG will run simultaneously at the Strategist.

Dexcon 7 will also be hosting two Chi-Chian events, "The Malodorous Seven" and "The Return of the Dark Guard," along with CºNTINUUM™ and NªRCISSIST games.

Aetherco/Dreamcatcher's compleat Dexcon gaming schedule will be posted soon!

The Compleat Strategist 11 East 33rd Street (between Madison and Fifth Avenue) New York, NY 10016   212-685-3880   June 26th, 11 AM.
Dexcon 7 - East Brunswick Hilton, East Brunswick, NJ; July 14 - 18, 2004.


Autumn 2003 Chi-Chian Demos, Party

New York. AD 2003.10.03 - Updated 2003.10.13
Chi-Chian Details are still developing, but it looks like a special New York debut party for Chi-Chian the Roleplaying Game will be held on October 23rd starting at 8 PM at the Korova Milk Bar 200 Ave. A between 12th & 13th Sts. NYC, in conjunction with the release of the new edition of Matt Webster's Xro Dinn Chronicles rpg. (Not an open bar; 21 and over.) Stay tuned for venue and guest appearances...

Also shaping up is a demo of the Chi-Chian RPG at the Compleat Strategist on Saturday, November 1st starting at 1:00 PM at their 11 East 33rd Street NYC location. Time is probably early afternoon– that little detail along with securing Voltaire to appear and sign copies of the game, are still being finalized. So work off that All Saints' Day hangover, and come on down!

One thing that's completely confirmed is a new demo game at Lollagazebo (November 7 - 9, 2003), at the Sheraton Edison Hotel Raritan Center, Edison, NJ. Titled "Monster Pod Regatta" it puts the moves on the vehicles of the world of Chi-Chian, and since it's all organic tech, you can read that as you please. "The annual Pod Regatta in Manhattan promises to turn ugly as the course runs past angry neighborhoods, and insects can compete for the first time. Is there some freak conspiracy to sabotage the elite games, or something even more sinister?" Please check out our complete Lollagazebo 2003 Game Track.


Chi-Chian RPG Books Arrive

New York. AD 2003.08.27
Chi-Chian We have just received word that the very-long-awaited shipments of Chi-Chian the Roleplaying Game have landed at Dreamcatcher Multimedia offices, just in time to accompany the Aetherco/Dreamcatcher crew to Dragon*Con, where it will debut. Our Dragon*Con 2003 Game Track.

"They've arrived," said a relieved David Fooden, whose long ordeal of game creation has reached another culminative watershed. "I'm happy."

Across the East River, Chris Adams at Aetherco marked the occasion with tears of joy. "I'm so glad to have lived to see this day," he explained, his life opening before him with renewed meaning. "Finally all of our remaining preorders can get their refunds -- and the book itself!" He said that people who have preordered the RPG and are attending Dragon*Con will be able to pick up their books, and any refunds or prizes still owed them at Voltaire's display table. "Bring an ID." All other preorder claims will be resolved shortly after the con.

Voltaire, creator of Chi-Chian, was reported to be delighted at the news of the RPG's arrival from the printer, and will have further comments after he has a chance to peruse the final product.

Copies of the RPG arrived last week at Impressions, Aetherco/Dreamcatcher's fulfillment house, and are in the pipeline heading for distributors and retailers now.


Chi-Chian the Roleplaying Game Proceeding Despite Delays

Note on processing refunds
April 12, 2003.
As of this date, we're still processing through the refunds– some have gone out, but not yet all. Again, our apologies for the delays, but since getting the book out is still our highest publishing priority, it's been dividing our attention and finances. But no pre-order will go unrefunded!
Chris Adams
Asian Alliance

New York. AD 2003.01.27
"Sucks to be late," says Chris Adams VP of Aetherco, "But it's worse for the people who preordered Chi-Chian the Roleplaying Game in good faith. Therefore, as we've already announced on one of Voltaire's Yahoo lists, we're refunding all preorders that we accepted last year. Our apologies to everyone who's been inconvenienced by this."
Refund details.

Aetherco and Dreamcatcher are still working on completing Chi-Chian the RPG in the next couple weeks. In fact, we're confident enough to give everyone a sneak peek of the upcoming release.

Dreamcatcher Multimedia guru Dave Fooden has designed a stellar layout for the book, with suitably gothic backgrounds and text. "There's so much stuff, we may have to use 10-point type," was the only comment that could be elicited from him as he banged away at the book, on his laptop.

So please check out the preview pages... We encourage feedback– write to us here at Aetherco or drop a line to Voltaire.

CHI-CHIAN flipbook winners
Flipbooks won in our preorder contest will be shipped along with the refunds, over the next few weeks.
Fort Monmouth, NJ
Northport, NY
Burlington, MA
Bryn Athyn, PA
Seattle, WA
Apalachin, NY
Baldwin, NY
Marietta, GA
Coram, NY
Cary, NC


Chi-Chian to become Roleplaying Game

New York. AD 2001.12.13

Aetherco and Dreamcatcher Multimedia, Inc. are proud to announce that their first licensed property, "Chi-Chian: the Roleplaying Game", is now in development. The project is to be fast tracked, with an expected release in early to mid-2002.

Created by animation auteur Voltaire, "Chi-Chian" was a hit cult comic before going on to become an award-winning web series sponsored by the SciFi Channel. The title character is a brave young half-Japanese girl with a pure heart and a suit of invincible organic armor, who finds she has to save her city from an assortment of evil foes.

The series is set in a fantastic 31st Century New York City, where giant worms offer a clean form of public transportation, and New Jersey has become an armed and deadly enemy. The story explores the political and spiritual tensions among the City's dwellers: its Japanese elite and their rogue security force, the Patahn Pahrr; sentient insect races like the cultured Cockroaches and the nefarious Caterpillars; and outsiders and freaks like the teddybear scientist Dr. Yoshimoto and Chi-Chian herself.

"Chi-Chian is one of the most recognizable science fantasy characters created in recent years, and many of her fans want an ever closer experience of her delighfully peculiar universe," according to Chris Adams, Aetherco vice-president. "Voltaire's unique vision encompasses it all-- both the emotional character complexities roleplayers would give their left arm for, and the action that drives adventures forward. You couldn't ask for more in a roleplaying game setting."

In the roleplaying game, fans will be able to play their favorite characters from the series or comics, or devise their own, based on the creatures that people Chi-Chian's world.

"Our first challenges are to tailor a game system to suit the milieu, and to gather and create all the background to the universe we can," said Adams. "Voltaire has expressed his desire to see that everything we publish is 'canonical', which is a great inspiration to make the book both a game, and a kind of bible for future Chi-Chian projects. Fans will really want this on their shelves."

"We've been contemplating licensing a property for development for some time," comments Barbara Manui, president of Aetherco. "We believe that if we are able to contribute profitably to Voltaire's creation, it will then open the door to future licensing projects. We can't comment at this time, but naturally there are other properties we're considering."


"I've enjoyed Voltaire's work for years, especially Chi-Chian." said Dave Fooden, head of Dreamcatcher Multimedia Inc., who first saw the potential of a Chi-Chian game, and approached Voltaire with the idea. "We're excited about bringing Chi-Chian to the gaming medium and expanding on such an inspired and provocative story."

"Damn, I'm impressed!" was an assessment by Chi-Chian's creator after seeing early work by the Aetherco/Dreamcatcher team based on extant background material. "I have been living in the Chi-Chian universe since 1989 so needless to say it is an extremely lush and developed world! In Aetherco and Dreamcatcher I have found partners that understand the Chi-Chian universe as well as I do and in some respects better! There is a ton of information in the comic book series and online animated series about Chi-Chian's world. But playing this game will really provide full and total immersion in the Chi-Chian universe for the player, and I find that extremely exciting!"

Progress on the game can be monitored at the Aetherco web site,

Voltaire is a director and animator specializing in stop-motion animation. After 12 years of directing scores of award winning TV commercials he felt it was time to tell his own stories. He embarked on creating the "Chi-Chian" comic book series (published by Sirius Entertainment and later picked up as an animated series for as well as the hysterical "Oh My Goth!" comic book series and its spin off "Humans Suck!" Also a singer/songwriter signed to the popular Gothic record label, PROJEKT, Voltaire enjoys a large following of fans drawn to his dark and whimsical style of story telling.

Aetherco is a company based in New York dedicated to creating fine games and comics. It is best known for co-creating the celebrated time travel game "Continuum: roleplaying in The Yet" and the fantasy satire comic, "Yamara".

Dreamcatcher Multimedia Inc. is based in New York and is a design house and developer of art and publishing projects. Projects to date include the critically-lauded "Continuum: roleplaying in The Yet" series, created and published in association with Aetherco, and fine art prints from noted fantasy illustrators Michael Wm. Kaluta and Tony DiTerlizzi.

-Chris Adams


phone 212-423-0407
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