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AETHERCO was founded in 1987, and its primary goal has always been one of entertainment. Starting with the Yamara comic in Dragon magazine, and now with the CºNTINUUM time travel game produced in association with Dreamcatcher Multimedia, Aetherco has shown its commitment to providing encouragement to free thinkers everywhere.


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-Credits & Thanks-

Creative Team
Chris Adams   Dave Fooden   Barbara Manui


Dave Fooden
Lazarus Chernik
Stephen Barnwell
Chris Adams
Michaelangelo Buonarotti

Special Thanks
Manu Eleihu
Bob Korngold
Liz Holliday
Lara Van Winkle
John Gallagher

Tom Powers and sff.net

Vinny Salzillo, Martha Schultze,
Double Exposure,
and everyone in the Nexus

Compleat Strategist
Neutral Ground
Multigenre, Inc.

Raul Burriel & the Time Travel Institute
Shawn Driscoll & the Time Patrol Agency

Steve Jackson
Steve Fritz
Pyramid online magazine

Alex Benton Cordry
Iizak, Astarte, and Lucy

and the
SciFi Channel


v.0.1 / Open Agenda
Dan Adinolfi
David Bierce
Pete Henderson
Michelle Kelley
Jason Schneiderman
Dering Sprague
James Taylor

v.0.3 / Open Agenda
Ben Handy
Brian Ward
and everyone at Gamers' Con

v.0.5 / Death Hand of St. No One
Frank Lazar
and everyone at our NYC demos
and Spectrum

Jeff Gilmour
and everyone at WorldCon

v.0.5.2 / No Such Thing As Ghosts
Everyone at Shorecon, esp.
Brian McKinley
Joe "If There's A Bug He'll Find It" Palser
slaughterhouse four:
steph (flux)
brandon (log)
remy (dr. chico)
sean (pesto)


And all our players past and yet

Complete Credits  


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YAMARATM and ALCOTT SQUADTM are trademarks of Aetherco.
All Contents Copyright ©1998 Manui & Adams, unless otherwise noted.
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