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Serious writers, serious gamers, and serious artists. If one or more of these categories fits you, we want you to contact us.

The Playtester's Fraternity is for everyone interested in providing feedback or creating content for the CºNTINUUM universe.

It provides a central avenue of disseminating information about CºNTINUUM. Whether you're a fan or a pro, player or designer, you'll find the latest information as part of the Fraternity.

Join the Playtesters' Fraternity
You'll receive:
  • Complete Official Guidelines for playing CºNTINUUM, and complete writers' and artists' guidelines.

  • CºNTINUUM Perpetual Calendar

  • Membership card, marked with the CºNTINUUM version number available when you joined

  • Full color sticker/postcard (while supplies last).

  • Free Scenarios sent by mail and email
Span over to aetherco.com , and sign up now.



Once you're a member of the Playtester's Fraternity, you'll receive free scenarios in the mail and/or email. Play these with your group, and please report back your experience to us using the form we'll enclose. You're under no obligation, and we won't give or sell our mailing list to anyone.

Visit our website for the latest details:



story writers
As of this writing we are working on options to present CºNTINUUM as a "shared world" among many writers, a la Thieves' World. Please visit our website for the latest details:



scenario writers
As of this writing we are considering a wide range of possible ways of presenting game scenarios in final form. Please visit our website for the latest details:



This is an official call for portfolios. Please send no more than ten examples of your best work, and resume to:

Dave Fooden
Art Director, Continuum Product Line
c/o Aetherco
PO Box 6392
New York NY 10128-0007
or email Dave your URL at FOOMAN1973@aol.com.


We look forward to hearing from all of you.



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