zodiac eras
zodiac eras
  24,000 years of humanity
When new spanners think of history, they tend to consider only their closest surround, or what they've heard about "ancient" times. Humanity is much vaster than that recorded by levellers in any given span. To this end, novice spanners are reintroduced to the zodiac.

The zodiac exists as a shorthand to human eras during the Societies and just before, for the benefit of spanners considering travel or adventures in such times. It also tends to broaden the minds of new spanners when they consider that people- spanners and levellers- are very much alive and active in each of these times. Despite various conflicting leveller astrological calculations, the zodiacal eras correspond roughly to 2000 years each:

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aquarian era
  c. AD 2000 - 4000
The hallmark of this time is unity and self-discipline, and the inevitable control over all the forces of the universe.

piscean era
  c. AD 1 - 2000
This is the time of the power of Rome, Christendom, and the crossing of the oceans in great migrations.

ariesian era
  c. 2000 - 1 BC
The era of independent states, each with aloof philosophies. The rise of strategic warfare among levellers.

tauran era
  c. 4000 - 2000 BC
The perfection of cattle breeding and the worship of the corralled herd; conformity in levellers and envy of level simplicity in spanners. The Hunt of the Sun brought to an end.

geminid era
  c. 6000 - 4000 BC
A time of narcissist intrigue and great wars between spanners. Time of the elder human gods known to later levellers.

cancerean era
  c. 8000 - 6000 BC
Receding ice and rising seas are the themes of this span, and the hardness of the people. The Hunt of the Sun begins.

leonid era
  c. 10000 - 8000 BC
The time of the first domestication of cats, and of the return of individual prowess as a general standard.

virgin era
  c. 12000 - 10000 BC
The early Societies, of which much is secret, potential, and unwritten.

libran era
  c. 14000 - 12000 BC
The era of decision and measured, meted justice. The collapse of Antedesertium, Interregnum, and the Atlantean Councils.

scorpiod era
  c. 16000 - 14000 BC
The time of the narcissists seeking hellish chaos, revenge, and pain. The great sickening of the level population.

sagittarian era
  c. 18000 - 16000 BC
A more noble time of Antedesertium, but determinedly at odds with the Continuum.


capricornic era
  Further information on this era is not available here.



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