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The unique power of spanning creates unique needs and demands. To meet these needs, the Fraternities exist.

Certain corners are centers for one specific Fraternity, though most corners boast members of many fraternities. Members generally enjoy benefits equal to their responsibilities.

While cooperation is the norm between fraternites, some areas of rivalry exist. Foxhorn and the Quicker are known to dispute certain elements of Death, while the arguments between the Antequarians and the Scribes over the meaning of Art is legendary (among spanners, anyway).

These disputes must never get out of hand, lest narcissists take advantage of our polite disagreements. If friendly conflict is what you crave, it's better to get involved in the politics of the Societies, than to stir up trouble between fraternities.

featured fraternity
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This Fraternity is made up primarily of antique dealers and other sedentary spanners who prefer to collect and catalogue items, as opposed to travelling to dangerous eras- though some notably daring members have been known to go on treasure hunts.

Their private catalogues include future items, naturally. If period objects and costumes are required- or the often-needed precise replica of a lost item- Antequarians are the ones to go to.

Prophecy to a leveller is merely a call from a distant friend to a spanner. Those most skilled at dreaming often find themselves drawn to this somnolent Fraternity.

Dreamers are the means of communication across the ages, but are also adept at subtler interpretations of people, their intents, and their destinies.

Foxhorn Foxhorn 1
This Fraternity's preeminent corner is set squarely in 19th Century Britain, and has close ties to that Society. This is a very exclusionary Fraternity, including mainly politicians and big game hunters.

Naturally, narcissists are considered fair game, albeit the most dangerous; those who especially enjoy tracking down and bagging these villains find a home here.

They essentially handle questions of leveller genetic import. Matchmakers, and other personages handling destined marriages and love affairs. Many foundlings and swapped babies are also their doing.

And they keep a watch on spanners to make sure the decisions of the Second Atlantean Council regarding non-level families are observed.

Physicians Physicians
They see to it that spanners are free from contagious disease and other physical ailments pertaining to time travel, including excessive natural frag.

Physicians take advantage of the admonishment of "an ounce of prevention", and are often the spanners who interrupt the hapless from unwittingly harming themselves, friends, and levellers. Certain visitations of mysterious "angels of mercy" recorded throughout history are Physicians.

This Fraternity transcends the Societies, and has members from beyond its borders.
The Quicker seek lost souls and research haunting phenomena. They claim that if ghostly apparitions are psychic records of misfortune, then the only people who can answer such a cry for help would be a time traveler.

Their presence tends to dampen moods, however, as it is said that they often come to collect spanners who have been fragged beyond hope of repair, and take them someplace.

Scribes Scribes
Written information, indeed almost anything containing a deliberately constructed message is the province of this Fraternity. Its conveyance is considered part of the information, so Scribes are often the physical messengers of the Continuum, when such means are deemed safest.

They are experts in discerning the accurate truth from the lies and cobwebs: Sages, reporters, monks, codebreakers and other lovers of the written word in its many forms. Only the most scrupulously honest need apply.

This is almost more an exclusive club than a Fraternity, as the perks are nothing short of magnificent. But then, it is the rare spanner with the skill and discipline to portray an important figure of history. Indeed, the history books are their scripts, as they perform every known act and deed of their role, no matter how mundane, horrible or secret.

Naturally as spanners, they find plenty of opportunities to get away for awhile. It's well known that Thespian parties are the best in spacetime, and almost impossible to crash.

Thespian symbol
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1Referred to erroneously in version 0.5.x as "The Hourglass Club". ha ha
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