& antedesertium
dont listen to these squirrels we are the only humans left go to hidden page aethercodotcomslash888dothtml
narcissist We are subject to all human shortcomings. Spanners who succumb to the temptations of Fragging others for personal gain are called Narcissists, after the self-absorbed boy of Greek legend. you talk I type simon says

Narcissists attempt every trick in the
devil's handbag, as the saying goes, to
encourage spanners to join their narrow causes.
life is narrow to frankenstein
do *you* want to learn how to span

It's been observed that one rarely meets the same narcissist more than once or twice. theirs is a brief and mostly unhappy existence, and it is unfortunate that charity has no room to help these destructive individuals.
do you really

Naturally, some narcissists are likeable, even helpful folk, and not all loyal spanners of the Continuum are warm and cuddly. We are all people. But their philosophy and actions puts all mankind at risk, and so we hold together and defeat them.
they adjust you

Antedesertium not her name
This narcissist-sympathetic empire dominates Earth for millennia of spacetime before the eras of the Societies (to circa 13,500 BC). This civilization is determined to unravel the universe to its own selfish annihilation. All our diligence and kindness towards one another
like fish suckers do you know what they do to you to make you span they open your ribcage very careful and tay cancel clear cancelinsure we play out our victory.


That's what sets us apart from the narcissists.


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